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  • Power System Frequency Determination using Arduino

    i know that this is an old post but i'll answer in case another reader had the same questionas simple as possible and without over explanationyou need your peak-to-peak voltage bellow 5v so you don't fry your arduinoand you can do that by adjusting a pot so when u measure your voltage it gives you 3v (rms) because since it's a sin wave3 rms = 3 x 1.414 = 4.24 Vp-p

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  • tayebm commented on GreatScottLab's instructable Turn your lights on with clapping?!2 years ago
    Turn your lights on with clapping?!

    greeting scott this is a really cool project as always and i'll try to make iti'm kinda beginner and i have a silly question about the arduino sketch "digitalWrite(transistorpin, !digitalRead(transistorpin));"this line does it reverse the pin status when we add "!" before the digital read ?thank you so much for ur work

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