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  • Converting an Old Staircase to Look New and Modern

    Do you have a link / brand / model to the vinyl flooring material used? It is a ~5" plank and a a ~5" plank with a bullnose? Is it the same product and width as your flooring below?

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  • thejaq commented on DrewPaulDesigns's instructable TRIPLE YOUR SOLAR ARRAY'S OUTPUT!3 years ago

    I am curious to see what the energy (integrated power) output would look like, for example, as your light source followed a solar trajectory. Unfortunately I suspect that while you may get high peak power, the overall energy will be much, much lower and it will be very difficult to justify the cost of additional cells. But I am very curious what that number might be.See TenKSolar for a similar design philosophy using a saw tooth arrangement of reflectors and panels. I believe they also use special cell configuration in their modules to minimize shading losses. I would guess their solution (vary with latitude?) is optimized for output per m^2.

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