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  • Fading LED With Arduino Analog Output in Tinkercad

    As another EE,. programming since the early '80s (ZX80 etc.) I similarly find the GUI environments painful and highly non-intuitive :-)But clearly Scratch, Block etc. have enough followers to show that there's demand; and if you e.g. check out Scanlime on Youtube, rewriting Robot Odyssey DS, it'll be apparent that some very smart people enjoy GUIs :-)Example Scanlime linky:

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  • Welding Plastics: Instructables Robot Nightlight

    AliExpress has replacement soldering iron tips / bits for around 50c each, so keeping one tip (or repurposing any one for which the iron cladding has worn through, so the copper is exposed and the solder dissolves it) for welding is no great expense.And while friction welding is ingenious (thanks for the suggestion!), I'm certain I can follow nerdyKat's spot-welding steps; I'm skeptical that I can get a good result with my Dremel-equivalent Proxxon :-)

    I'm fairly sure the milk jugs are HDPE (check the stamp) not polypropylene.Wiki: other than that, full agreement :-)

    Thank you, IMO this is great in (at least) *two* ways:#1, excellent robot, I'll be nudging a friend to read your Instructable.#2, I've often re-used HDPE container plastic, but have had difficulty welding the sheets together because I've previously tried to use a hot-air pen or equivalent -- which has caused the surrounding material to deform. Contact spot-welding the sheets completely avoids that deformation, of course -- and afterwards, I can probably still melt-to-seal the edges of the joined sheets, if it still seems necessary :-)

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