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  • timlickjholly commented on joe's instructable LM3915/LM3916 VU Meter2 months ago
    LM3915/LM3916 VU Meter

    I have been trying to get the lm3915n ic chip to react on an ac audio signal, and can't get it to work at all. All of the l.e.d's light up at the same time as if it is just one big l.e.d. I have tried all different schematics on Google, and switched resistors around with no success. The chip only works on DC voltage. Any ideas? I have 3 chips and they all work the same way. It totally sucks. :(

    The lm3915 should be discontinued, I can never get the thing to work as an audio meter it only works on DC voltage. Audio is in the form of ac voltage. I like the ba6124 better because It works on both ac and DC voltage. It may only use 5 l.e.ds, but uses less parts, and it is still made.

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