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  • tmalovich commented on DIY KING 00's instructable DIY Cordless Water Pump2 years ago
    DIY Cordless Water Pump

    he might have been feeding too many amps through the motor by overloading it.

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  • 6.3 kiloWatt Ground Mount Home Solar Array

    electric cars, electric trains, electric airplanes, electric ships, and electric trucks DO exist and hydroelectric and solar power are significant sources of energy.

    25KWh is average but can be lowered with some changes, you likely already know about these.Electric space heaters are only 100% efficient, if you instead installed a mini-split you can get efficiencies over 300% (1W of energy moves 3W of heat inside), they also can provide air conditioning. The heat pump water heater is good in a cooling dominated climate or a heating dominate climate with a basement that requires dehumidifying. I would look into insulation and air sealing to reduce your energy use while considering a wind turbine for gloomy days.

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