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  • FPV Virtual Reality Arduino Controlled Tracked Robot

    Great idea. I got excited to use the FPV Wifi camera you link to for another project so went and got a couple off Ebay. Unfortunately what you link to is not a Wifi camera. May have been at one time and is 'advertised' and described by the 'store' as Wifi but they obviously either don't know or don't care what they are selling. Caveat Emptor to anyone else thinking of this.

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  • How to Make a Dehumidifier (Thermoelectric Cooling)

    Nice idea but have a look at the efficiency of the thermo-electric device. You'll find that the number of 'input watts' is much higher than the number of 'output watts' of cooling. Another way to look at this is the 'hot side' has to dissipate both the 'input watts' from the 12V supply and the 'cooling watts' pulled out of the 'load' (air/water vapor) so will get much hotter than the cold side gets cold. Coolers use these because they 'have to' to make a mobile device. Its far more efficient to use a refrigeration cycle if you don't need portability. If this wasn't the case, a lot of refrigerators would use the same technology.

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