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  • twotired made the instructable Easy Amazing Pumpkin Bread
    Easy Amazing Pumpkin Bread

    Easy recipe. Had all the ingredients but the canned puree. Tasty! Thanks, Matt!1

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  • If I substitute non-fat milk, will I be disappointed?

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  • twotired commented on K3WFN's instructable Building a Solar Projector

    Questions:A scope with "folded" optics makes for a more compact projector, right? If so, I assume a "monocular" would be too low a power for one of these, correct? Does changing the zoom between 20 - 30X on your projector make the solar image larger and smaller?I'd love to make this: , but there's not enough info --at least for me. I look forward to your reply. I did make this for one of my Meade scopes. It was inspired by an earlier Instructable wedge project.

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  • twotired made the instructable Compost Bin
    Compost Bin

    I got the barrel in Sacramento for $20. Used a mix of scrap and new materials to build it. I had a length of PVC pipe for the "axle". Otherwise I closely followed the original plans. Will transfer compost from my "pile" tomorrow morning. Thanks for the inspiration! This will keep my Boston Terriers from invading the tasty decomposing organics!

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  • What motor, specifically, did you use for the H crayon rocket? I've certified L1 with a scratchbuilt rocket and have built a successful g-powered crayon rocket. I'm not building a crayon with a 38 mm that I'll launch at LDRS37 in a couple of weeks. Would like to know what motor worked for you. I also have 54" crayon that I'll likely use for L2. What motor did you use for that?Cheers,David Takemoto-WeertsDavis, CA

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  • twotired commented on Benstar's instructable Beer-view Mirror

    I've made a number of these. After making a few by cutting out the mirror discs as described (sort of a hassle), I found bags of 1" diameter glass mirrors at Michael's. Cheap! Much easier, and they fit perfectly.

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  • twotired commented on entomophile's instructable Folding Paint Booth

    Something not clear: did the box fan you used have a truly sealed motor or do you use only acrylic paints? I will be painting plastic models (nothing large). I would probably use both acrylic and enamel paints applied by an airbrush. If you found a box fan with a sealed motor, I'd like to know where to find my one.

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