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  • Thanks! I happened to be some heavy satin around (scrounged) that I was playing with for something else, but actually I think its thickness was advantageous to create bulk to stand up to the concrete. A thinner fabric may not transmit the details as well, though one could always try. I do think coarser details translate better into the concrete.To fuse the fabric, I used Wonder Web between the satin and a flat piece of muslin. I just put in small pieces of the fusible at a time so I didn't fuse everything at once in a configuration I didn't want! I didn't fuse it to the plexi since I need to re-use that. I just laid it down w/the plastic wrap over it.

    The anchoring cement I used was perfectly smooth. I know what you mean about the gravel, though sometimes that can add an interesting touch.

    Thanks! And yes, making them tile-able is something I'd like to explore too. It would be neat to have a few mold variations to create an interesting larger surface. Hopefully a future project.

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