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  • villagepigmom commented on wilgubeast's instructable 11 Unusual Uses for Baby Oil1 year ago
    11 Unusual Uses for Baby Oil

    OK, Just had to mention our recent 10 day heat wave which included 5 or 6 days over 110. Cookin in Bakersfield, CAPS. BO dissolves make up on brushes to then clean them with dish soap.

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  • villagepigmom made the instructable DIY Cat Tent2 years ago
    DIY Cat Tent

    Made these two years in a row as raffle prizes at our local shelter fundraiser. They were a hit both years! Since then we've discovered that our Pittbull is kitty friendly so we now have a few rescue kittens as part of our family. I guess I'll have to look for some more goofy T shirts! Closed off the sleeves to the interior and used as catnip pockets. Thed used zip ties for all securing of the T shirt.

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