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  • DIY Custom Sized Insoles (poor Man's Dr Scholls)

    now this is brilliant. I've got some (4 squares?) of that puzzle type mat that I bought and never used. I will make them today. thanks for the idea! I'm not quite sure how you got away with not slicing them in half, maybe you mentioned it and I missed it. I think i will slice them, myself. the hot knife is a good idea. I know one thing, I am absolutely sick and tired of buying a new pair if insoles every 3 months, at $25/pair

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  • wesley.jackson.75 commented on stuffdone's instructable Garden Tractor to Pickup Truck2 years ago
    Garden Tractor to Pickup Truck

    really cool man!

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  • wesley.jackson.75 commented on jeff.cartwright.562's instructable OpenSprinkler2 years ago

    hello! i bought a sainsmart 8 channel relay with the hope of adding it to my rpi. i have found a few tutorials on the internet, but they are saying i need a 10k ohm you think that is needed? my goal is to have 8 zones (plumbing them this week) hence the 8 channel relay. think i should of just bought the package deal from opensprinkler?

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  • Raspberry Pi Controlled Irrigation System

    umm, you guys do realize that poly will eventually leak, right? mainly from not being winterized properly, it will split and crack, but time alone will also have the same effect. a sprinkler system made out of either schedule 40 or 80 pvc is, hands down, the best way to go....more expensive than poly and installation is more time consuming, but it will be done right. i'm not really sure what some of the comments are referring to....yes, if pvc is exposed to uv rays it will no doubt become brittle but this is a sprinkler system, the pipe doesn't stay above ground lol

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  • wesley.jackson.75 commented on rodski's instructable Old Dead Cellphone Remedy2 years ago
    Old Dead Cellphone Remedy

    .....any idea what benefit there was in pairing a cellphone to a charger at only 300mah instead of 700mah, like yours? maybe even 1ah? i guess cell phone makers thought we had nothing else better to do back then but wait for phone to charge : )

    i wonder why they only put a 300ah battery charger from the factory? why not put something like 700ah

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