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  • AT Command Mode of HC-05 and HC-06 Bluetooth Module

    OMG I've spent hours and hours trying to figure out my module - and you've steered me onto the right track - THANK YOU!My module is an un-named un-marked HC-06 from AliExpress, cheapest one I could find.Responds to AT at 9600 baud, AT+VERSION responds with VERSION:3.0-20170609.The command syntax seems to be different from all the tutorials and blogs I've found online.It works only if you set Both NL & CR, in arduino com monitor/Tera term.The syntax for my version:AT+NAME:DesiredNameAT+UART=115200,0,0Hope this is helpful to someone

    This is not true. The HC06 module I have (Firmware version:3.0-20170609) ONLY responds if you send CR LF after your command.

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