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  • wvdias commented on beegee1962's instructable ESP8266 WiFi Controlled Aircon Remote2 years ago
    ESP8266 WiFi Controlled Aircon Remote

    Good Morning!Congratulations on your project.I am mirroring in this project to control the aircom of my work.I work in a school and we have several aircom, most of the carrie.The purpose of my project is to turn off the aircom at the end of the day.Avoiding that devices are connected.I set up the sp2866 with the programming you did for the slaves, and I intend to set up a master with rtc to control the schedules.I do not have much programming experience in arduino and esp2866.I'm having trouble getting my aircom dump to work. I did not get it to mount the dump buffer.can you help me?Thank you.

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