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  • Thanks for the advice! I went with gears since I want it to be kind of accurate.So onto the gear ratios, I've been trying different ratios that are relatively close to the original one and also less teeth. However still when I get to far objects like Neptune and Charon, the ratio is so large that a lot of teeth are needed. One question that I couldn't find the answer for is figuring out gear ratios when I'm using multiple compound gear trains. It would be great if someone can enlighten me on that.

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  • I did some research and came up with this:This is a plan for my prototype, when the crank turns, it turns the gear on the sun shaft, which turns the earth gears and the moon gear. (The rectangles with an arrow indicates that it is a gear with the direction of rotation). The sizes are not to scale.This should in theory work I guess, I would like to hear some feedback.Also, I'm trying to figure out gear ratios for the planets, especially those that are far from the sun since they barely move (e.g. Saturn, Neptune). If anyone can help me calculate those ratios while having a relatively small error percentage then that would be great.

    Here's the image

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