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  • DIY: A 5 Minutes Arduino Voltmeter With An OLED Display

    Wrote some new code so that 'blinking' of WARNING LOW VOLTAGE happens when v<12.59 (for 14v lipo). Used u8g.firstPage(); to 'clearscreen' for two additional drawings. THX Konstantin, for an GREATprogram!!sse vid at :

    Excellent program. Thank you for posting!! Very robust. I modified the V minimum to 2v which which had less jitter when (vin < 2.0) . I am VERY new to C++ /Arduino. I am trying to make this IF work so that "LOWVOLT" flashes. I have tried variations of the IF statement, added void draw(void) drawStr's, seems to be a really simple operation for the page, but I can't get it to work, any help greatly appreciated! (PS: I could not find the link to post code in this box)if (vin < 2.0)u8g.setFont(u8g_font_profont17r); // select fontu8g.drawStr(18, 12, "LOWVOLT"); u8g.setPrintPos(33, 40);delay(200);

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