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  • yonkersplanner commented on TheMasterChef's instructable Cheese Blintzes2 years ago
    Cheese Blintzes

    I'm curious...I would call these ricotta pancakes NOT cheese blintzes. I wonder if it is a matter of what you grew up calling them or where they originated from in your family or group. To anyone, Jewish or not, in the New York City area a cheese blintze is a crepe wrapped around a sweetened cheese filling that is then gently fried. We also make ricotta pancakes and I have to recommend these, your recipe, as being among the tastiest, most soul satisfying things that you can put on your plate! We often wonder at home why fancy restaurants don't serve these wonderful morsels with coffee as a great dessert.

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  • yonkersplanner commented on JohanL39's instructable Iphone dock made with pistachios2 years ago
    Iphone dock made with pistachios

    Your Instructable is in PERFECT English. Truly, every word and all of the sentences were perfectly correct and everything was absolutely clear. It was as good as any Instructable on the site. Bravo.

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  • yonkersplanner commented on misko13's instructable Homemade Pork Lunch Meat2 years ago
    Homemade Pork Lunch Meat

    For those of you jonesing for Canadian pea meal bacon, this recipe is very close to how you can make that delicacy at home. Leave the fat cap on, leave it in the cure for at least 4 days, take it out, let it dry for an hour on the counter and then roll it in coarse corn meal. Slice thinly and pan fry.

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