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    How to French Polish

    Hello,Cheese cloth is totally fine for filtering. As long as you fold it multiple times and the fibers are small enough, it should work just as well as old t-shirts.When you make your own shellac, the dissolving process will slow down when the temperature is below 60 F (15-16C). You can put the container in a hot bath to speed up the dissolving process. Same with french polish, being in a cold environment will slow down the cure time.

    Hi there,I wouldn't use french polishing and shellac for outdoor projects since it is not as durable as outdoor lacquer finish. For indoor furniture, using french polishing is just a personal preference and aesthetic choice. But if you want your project to be durable because of the usage, I would suggest to use shellac as a primer, and then put another coat of oil finish or lacquer finish.

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