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  • zeesh1979 commented on imjeffparedes's instructable Gyroscope With Arduino 1013 months ago
    Gyroscope With Arduino 101

    hi,theh tutorial looks very simple and easy. i implemented it but my values are very unstable. i didnt connect LEDs but displayed directly gx,gy,gz values and they are very unstable with arduino 101 at rest."gx":-15.00,"gy":-40.00,"gz":-9.00"gx":-8.00,"gy":0.00,"gz":4.00"gx":-18.00,"gy":-1.00,"gz":-9.00"gx":-2.00,"gy":-18.00,"gz":-12.00"gx":5.00,"gy":-26.00,"gz":-13.00"gx":-1.00,"gy":-8.00,"gz":-6.00"gx":-15.00,"gy":-7.00,"gz":-1.00"gx":-3.00,"gy":-8.00,"gz":0.00"gx":0.00,"gy":3.00,"gz":-11.00"gx":3.00,"gy&...

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    hi,theh tutorial looks very simple and easy. i implemented it but my values are very unstable. i didnt connect LEDs but displayed directly gx,gy,gz values and they are very unstable with arduino 101 at rest."gx":-15.00,"gy":-40.00,"gz":-9.00"gx":-8.00,"gy":0.00,"gz":4.00"gx":-18.00,"gy":-1.00,"gz":-9.00"gx":-2.00,"gy":-18.00,"gz":-12.00"gx":5.00,"gy":-26.00,"gz":-13.00"gx":-1.00,"gy":-8.00,"gz":-6.00"gx":-15.00,"gy":-7.00,"gz":-1.00"gx":-3.00,"gy":-8.00,"gz":0.00"gx":0.00,"gy":3.00,"gz":-11.00"gx":3.00,"gy":-11.00,"gz":1.00

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  • Build a Raspberry Pi-Powered Amazon Echo

    Hi. I am having a strange issue. Alexa works perfect but after like 30-45min of usage, when i say Alexa, i see she is hearing but doesnt respond to my command. i need to stop the sample app and start again and it works fine again. but then after 30-45min same issue. Alexa hears as my screen shows lines of code scrolling but nothing after i say the command.

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  • zeesh1979 commented on BoguszJ1's instructable Raspberry Pi With a GSM Module1 year ago
    Raspberry Pi With a GSM Module

    Hi,Is it possible to make a setup that auto switches just like mobile? i want to see if my GSM module is connected to data and if not then the data is send via Ethernet port. this is same life in mobile where we switch between wifi and mobile data....appreciate your support

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  • Using Ethernet Shield to Send ARDUINO Sensors Data to a MySQL Database and Display It on a Website With PHP, HTML & CSS

    your arduino code is incomplete. one file has just output. other file is not using ethernet functionality. you are just displaying data on LCD. attach correct file please...i am waiting

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  • How to Use XBee Modules As Transmitter & Receiver - Arduino Tutorial

    is it possible to connect Zigbee directly to some sensor like temperature sensor? i was thinking to connect the sensor to RX of zigbee which will be sent wirlessly to other zigbee with it possible or i always have to use an arduino on both ends?

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  • distance measurement with 2.4 ftf and ultrasonic sensor

    where are the libraries you used? i downloaded the code but cmpilation gives error for your libraries not found.

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  • DIY Muscle Sensor / EMG Circuit for a Microcontroller

    Hi, Can you share your work till now as how you are doing this?

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  • MPU6050: Arduino 6 Axis Accelerometer + Gyro - GY 521 Test & 3D Simulation

    Hi,I need your help. i am making a quadcopter from scratch which means all codes i am making. i am using GY521 to stabilise the flight. i tried many codes but not getting stable values. i need a simple sketch which gives me stable x,y,z that i feed to my motors to control their thrust. i can use map command to translate the drift.. your instructable hit me and tell me you can help me do this

    also my values are changing when i run your code even my gyro is flat and stable on table:(at first minute)ypr-15.1928.04-15.13ypr-15.2028.00-15.11ypr-15.2027.98-15.08ypr-15.2027.96-15.05ypr-15.2127.94-15.03ypr-15.2227.91-15.00ypr-15.2227.88-14.98ypr-15.2327.86-14.95ypr-15.2427.83-14.92(at 2nd minute)ypr-16.2618.40-5.44ypr-16.2618.40-5.44ypr-16.2618.40-5.44ypr-16.2618.40-5.44ypr-16.2618.40-5.44ypr-16.2618.40-5.44ypr-16.2618.40-5.44ypr-16.2618.40-5.44ypr-16.2618.40-5.44ypr-16.2618.40-5.44ypr-16.2618.40-5.44

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