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  • zoink9 commented on GroundingStick's instructable Roman Geopolymer Concrete Recipe11 months ago
    Roman Geopolymer Concrete Recipe

    we are now getting 9000 psi on the lowend and 30000 psi on the high end...we always add fiber as these mixes set real fast...yes Im working on using them to print...MICHAEL COLLINS

    Built many geopolymer countertops and used the old grancrete b product then and had good results ...mixed it longer so it came out like marble ..glassy.

    Now Im working on foaming geopolymer cements to replace portland in the aircrete recipe and getting good results.More soon

    your formulation reminds me of gigacrete and its use of the appears that they use the mag oxide with it...curious ..

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      • Roman Geopolymer Concrete Recipe
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  • zoink9 commented on TimAnderson's instructable Outrigger Lashing Buttons3 years ago
    Outrigger Lashing Buttons

    frankly I want to buttonhole a whole lifestyle now...

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