Chess Piece (rook)

Introduction: Chess Piece (rook)

I have to make a chess piece with the 3D printer. all first I made ​​a mind map about my self. From this I'm going to invent a chess which fits with my personality. Here is my mind map. 

Step 1: Model + Keywords

I have chosen chess piece  rook  because of its appearance and function. I have as keywords "simple", "helpful" and "hesitation" to make my own chess . the word simple can be found as its easy form. right and left straight line overvlappen together. helpful the word you see on the extended line. these lines pointing in the horizontal and vertical direction. This allows beginners alike know in which direction they should walk. the word doubt you'll see all the intersecting lines. For me it is difficult to make choice. instead of an easy shortcut sometimes I make a long detour. This is my disadvantage.

Step 2: During

In here is the sketch in the program 3D printer added. to the place you will see how much estimated time of making.

Step 3: Printing Process

we can see in the picture that during each print a substrate is, in addition, the content of the print is not completely filled. so the whole process would be ready soon.

Step 4: Final Result

here is the final result. 

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    I was hoping more of your mind-mapped words would appear. Scratch that: I was hoping you'd make a chocolatey milkshake rook.

    Does one need to read simplified Chinese to understand the words you've included? (I hope so, 'cause I'm not seeing any discernible Western characters...)