Introduction: Minecraft Ores(no Mods, for Xbox)

a guide to minecraft ores

Step 1: Coal Ore

coal ore is the most common ore you can find.but on your first day you may not have any so smelt a wood block (not planks)

Step 2: Iron

iron can be found at level 1 or under.when smelted will turn into an ingot which can be used to make tools and armour

Step 3: Redstone

redstone can be found at the same level as diamonds , level 21 and below.It will drop 5-8 piecies of redstone.can be used like an eletric wire to make doors open automatically and anything like that

Step 4: Gold

gold is the weakest thing to make tools out of but the easiest
to enchant.can be found below level 32 used for making minecart rails,clocks and compasses.Golden swords do the same amount of
damage as a wooden sword but have worse durability

Step 5: Lapis Lazuli

lapis can be used for blue dye and can(with 9 pieces) be crafted into
a you a few pieces not just 1.found below level 32

Step 6: Diamond

diamond is the rarest but strongest ore used for tools and armour.found on level 15 and under

Step 7: Finish

hope i helped you finding ores

Step 8: Emerald

emerald ore can be found at level 11 under the extreme hills and roofed forest biomes . their only uses are villager trading and for decorative blocks

Step 9: