Miniature Wool People

Introduction: Miniature Wool People

this instructable will tell you how to make miniature woollen people as picture above. these are great as decorations and for dioramas (the ones in the rooms were made for a school project) as they can be made in a variety of different sizes and colours and are quick and easy to make.

Step 1: Materials

the first thing you need for this project is garden ties. ones that you can choose the length of are best as you can make them in different sizes. you will also need about 4 different colours of wool (hair, face, shirt and shorts). cutting pliers, scissors, a needle, and clear glue (optional) are also used for this project.

Step 2: Cutting the Wire

cut the first length of wire so that it is 2x the desired height of the person plus more to allow for the feet. the second one should measure the same as the desired height (or a little bit less than the first one when it is folded in half. i did it exactly half the first wire which is why my arms are too long). my lengths were 10cm and 5cm (although the second one should be about 4cm). then fold the first one in half.

Step 3: The Hair

cut 5-10 lengths of wool for the hair. i usually do it a little bit longer and then trim it when i am finished, especially if i am making a 'male' figure. put it in in the fold of wire 1 so that the length on each side is even. pinch the wire closed.

Step 4: The Head

put the end of the wool in-between the two wires and then wrap it around them, shaping the head. when you have finished thread the wool onto the needle and secure the end (see 4th and 5th picture of this step). cut the excess wool off.

Step 5: The Top

put the arm wire in place and the secure with the shirt colour. beginning at the end of the arm, work your way back to the body. if you are making bigger figures you may want two layers of wool instead of one like i have done. then wrap to the bottom of the body and back again (so two layers for the torso). secure it the same way as the head.

Step 6: The Legs

pinch the final colour wool against one of the legs and starting from the 'ankle' work your way back towards the body. do the same for the second leg. wrap around the waist a few times and secure.

Step 7: Finishing Off

everything on this step is optional depending on how you want your figure to turn out. use a bit of glue where you have secured the ends. trim and frizz the hair and you are done! hope you liked this instructable and have fun making these. i would love to see your finished products and any suggestions and variations you have. one i have done is make wire stands for dioramas.

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