Introduction: Optimal Phone Temperature

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so I am 17 and I have been trying to get my phone to work fast so I decided to see if the temperature affects its speed.

Step 1: Hypothesis

if I can cool my phone down it will work better because the processor will be able to function faster.

Step 2: Procedure

1 click the optimize button on my phone to close all task. 2 go to settings and check battery temp.3 click on the Angry Birds icon ( I chose this one because I could acuratly time it) 4 start my stopwatch when I click on the app. 5 when the app gets to the select level page then stop timer 6 record time. 7 optimize phone again, put it into freezer to cool it down 8 take out and repeat steps 1-7 for multiple cold and hot tempatures. record data.

Step 3: Data

temp. °f time. in seconds
79° 10
76° 9.4
68° 10.82
61° 9.2
58° 9.38
55° 9.16
48° 9.38
48 is the lowest it would say it was

Step 4: Conclusion

colder does help the phone perform but the optimal temp is about 55°f when the app opened in 9.16 seconds.

Step 5: Other Thoughts

one thing that changed the experiment was the fact that the battery would stop reacting so fast therefore slowing the phone by giving less power to the processor. please vote for me in the contest. and sorry for not having photos

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