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Introduction: Origami Paper Pen Stand

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compiler : Moksham Chhabra

material's required to make a cool origami pen stand are as follows::

minimum5 to 6 sheets of origami paper .
max as much as u possibly want its your wish..

some glue
( if u don't have origami papers u can always use any colourful papers instead but make sure that they are square shaped.)

Step 1: Starting of Pen Stand...

just follow the images..

Step 2: Puting Desing to It..

in fig 9 put the two ends inside one another ....

do the same to the rest of the papers.

Step 3: Joining Them

if u have done the folds perfectely then u will get a hexagon shape.

Step 4: Making Its Base

when all the peices are fixed together take another sheet of paper and outline the hexagon shaped on the paper and cut it and then paste it to the pen stand (hexagon shaoe bottom)

Step 5: Final Touching

cut the extra paper outside the outline and if u want to decorate it even more draw diagrams or any thing in the middle of the shape where the white spot lies..

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