Fundraising for Non-profit Organisation?

Dear all, I am currently a Volunteer with an NGO (Aids info service and Sexuality) and we are planning to have activities on the 14th of February which is Valentine's Day to allow to get some funds that we can use to support the activities during the year.  My question would be what can we do in order to make this event very successful as well as to maximise revenue.  What we have plan is to have an event where couples would reserve a table and have dinner then by late night to have a dance party. Here are a list of things that we have/are still being discussed. Place of event Procedures/ Permits DJ Sponsorship Bar Kitchen Tickets Cash Desk Decoration Volunteers Marketing It would be very interesting to add use many cheap and DIY easy things to make the event look very different and more appealing.  For all the points mentioned above it would be nice to have more ideas about those as well and if new categories of things needs to be added you are most welcome to share it with.  Could ywe please shareme more ideas of what can be done to make the event more successful and memorable for everyone

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Rear and front bikelights and road safety

A good bike rider learns from good and bad experiences during the initial rides. I pedal a bike on busy roads of my city. I realized that bikelights, especially the rear ones, are crucial for safety purpose. I got a backpack with solar panels and it has got a LED light as a rear bikelight, but it’s too dim, and the tail light sounds nothing like a good indicator for motorists. Either I would need suggestion on a bikelight safety kit or something else. I could do with my self-powered backpack. Is there is any DIY idea to replace it with a more bright option?

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Best (and inexpensive) way to warm an outdoor disability ramp?

I recently had a disability ramp built for the entrance to my home.  It is made of pressure treated lumber and deck boards.  I am putting down rolled roofing to help with slipping.  I would like to make it so that it could keep it warm to prevent snow and ice build up.  I was thinking of doing a solar water heater to feed piping underneath the ramp, but not sure if this is the best way to go.  I also considered purchasing some sort of heat tape to go under the rolled roofing.  What does the community think?

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Anyone got instructions for making a quail plucker?

 for plucking coturnix (Japanese) quail

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How to refind a lost comment?

Hey Instructables. I just noticed that I had an email saying, I have a new comment (see below), but I can neither reply to it, nor does it show in the comments list of the instructable. What happened? I tried to search for the member directly but apparently this ist not possible either. Please help me to recover the comment. Cheers Nozebra MAIL: Hi Nozebra! To view all your comments in one place please visit your Comment Tracker: --------------------------------------- From: funnyfate Date: Dec 30, 2014. 11:33 AM Subject: Really cool! Silly question, but what font did you use in the cover image? Or is that hand written? I can't tell!(I mean the text that says: "Cutest X-Mas Tree Muffin") reply:;=CFAODTUI49RUYX7 --------------------------------------- Cheers, Instructables Team @ Autodesk To turn off these notification messages, please visit your preferences:

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Any tips on winterizing a boon-docking travel trailer with no electricity?

We've bubble wrapped our windows, covered vents, need a trailer skirt, but what else to keep warm?

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Building a sawing-a-woman-in-half box?

I'm interested in building a box to perform this illusion on the relatively-cheap. Granted, there are many ways of performing this illusion; I'd like to build one that doesn't require two women but uses fake legs instead. I don't need help with the fake legs.

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Portable debris hut frame possibility

I came up with this idea the other night for a portable frame for a debris hut. I was wonder what others thought of it's possibilities. I won't be able to build something like this for a while due to medical issues. If somebody builds this tell me how it worked please.

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What is the best wire for generating heat? Answered

I am making an Instructable for some contests. The basic concept is below: -Put two peltier modules on each bloodline on the neck -Put small heat sinks that takes advantage of wind on the other sides of the peltier modules -Use the electricity generated by the peltier modules (While skiing in ~20F) on a heat-generating device located near the hands -Cover the parts that I can with some fabric and possibly build it into a neck warmer or face mask So my question here is: What kind of wire should I use to generate the heat on my hands? I'm looking for high-efficiency and fast to generate the heat Also, do you see any flaws in my concept that I should change? Lastly, the most important question I feel I should ask here is: Will the peltier modules generate enough electricity to make a significant difference on the heat of my hands? My hands get cold enough to hurt when I go back into room temperature if that helps.

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How to wire a fan to a thermostat? Answered

I have a fan for a greenhouse that I need to turn on at certain times to counteract the Texas heat, I was just wandering if I could just go to a garage sale and buy one then wire it to the power chord or is there a special small one that plugs into the wall socket. Also how would I go about instaling a thermostat in the greenhouse.

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flat wheel barrow ? Answered

 Our "contractor" wheel barrow with inflatable tires commonly picks-up nails and goes flat. The semi hard sponge rubber replacement seems expensive and I have been wondering what might be homebuilt design. Latex caulk is cheap but don't think it would dry if trapped in a tire. Super ball material or similar would seem to be valuable.  

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You Have Too Much Time On Your Hands

So right now I'm up late, preparing resume's, writing eMail, general get stuff done until exhausted mode... And this is bothering me (of all things)...Has anyone ever told you - "You have too much time on your hands?" Or have you ever seen someone say that someone else has "Too much time on their hands?"Does this bother you? Hearing other people say this... And what makes them so qualified to make this assertion?Because yes, people have said I have too much time on my hands after seeing some of my creations. Really? I have too much time on my hands? Hell, I've been working hard building this damn thing and I have too much time? Where exactly is this "time" - was I stroking off as it passed by only aware of the moments I was working on something?So what do you have to show for yourself for all the time you don't have? I mean, someone busy enough to claim someone else has "too much time" ought to have done something worthwhile. Perhaps I'm mounting a horse of appreciable height by saying the previous sentences - but how off base am I here? Does anyone else feel slightly perturbed by the too much time comment?Don't get me wrong - I don't expect everyone to like everything. But I'd much rather prefer someone saying "I don't like it" rather than claiming the efforts of my being are useless. AND, even when people do say such things - it doesn't stop me or prevent me from continuing, it's just a tad bit annoying in the not able to find a matching sock sort of way.

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Can i install (rig up) a pull start on my 18hp riding mower?

I know that they dont make pull starters for large hp motors because you would have to pull really hard, BUT i am willing to pull really hard. :) My starter is messed up and i dont want to spend a fat stack of cash to fix my 18 hp murray rider. I know i will be able to rig up a connection between any pull starter and my mower, but the question is "is this a bad idea, and will it work?" I have also heard of using a drill and socket to start your engine, but i dont want to do this because when the engine does start, it will turn faster than your drill and mess you up! i have been having problems with burning out the switch that is wired to the starter. SO finally i removed the switch entirely and tried to start it by touching the wires together and it made a "snap" inside the machine (not around the starter) and now it doesnt try to start anymore. The battery currently reads 12v and the switch wires also show 12v. There are no fuses inside the mower. I dont know what to do!

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Bicycle accident is the frame okay? Answered

I struck basically struck a curb (an unmarked road island really) going 17 mph roughly and blew out my front rim. I broke a collar bone because of the accident. Anyways I was wondering if the frame is okay I looked at it and there was no visible cracks anywhere. Its a cheap Schwinn frame and it got me wondering if it would be safe to put a new rim on and go. BTW this is a gas powered motorized bicycle not the cheap ones as shown BEFORE the crash. 

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Does anybody Play Cricket?

Cricket is a great sport, but in north america we don't exactly play it. I was wondering if anybody other than me and Kiteman know how to play. Do you? If so, PM me.

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What is the best way to repair a Jeep soft top with stitches coming undone?

I have a '97 Jeep soft top. Some of the seams that see a lot of bending when I put the top down are beginning to come unstitched. This is an aftermarket Bestop OEM replacement. Are there any problems I need to avoid? Can I just use a strong needle and good thread to fix this before my top begins to flap in the wind?

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Super shallow well?

So I am building a small cabin in the woods near my house, It is on a very small ridge to the gully below. In the gully I dug a test hole for my well and had a hole at under two feet that fills up immediately when you scoop it out. Should I stay in this spot or will the water be bad?? I doubt if I can go very deep because the hole is now filled with water and there is about two feet of rock just under the surface I know because I dug a hole for something else nearby. Drilling of any sort is not an option as the rocks are to large. Should I just move nearby and try to go deep in that spot. I might get four feet in another spot. Thanks!! 

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what do I need to build a prerunner?

I have a 1987 ford ranger with a 2.9 V6 2x4. I want to build a prerunner but I have no clue what to get. I'm sort of new to it and plus this truck is entirely stock and won't handle the harsh rugged terrain of the desert. so any ideas or places I can try? I live las vegas and heard there are a lot of places that sell parts for this type of thing.

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tabi boots for parkour?

Tabi boots are the split toe'd canvas boots that "ninja"/'shinobi' wear, what do you guys think?

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Help with my skis =)

Is it possible to re-laminate the tops of my skis? or have it done?Does anybody know how I can keep them from chipping when they clash into each other in the air? Thank you for your time!

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how do you make a ski jump ?

Can somebody give me an instructable or video on how to make an awesome ski jump????

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Why are downhill ski poles bent?

I was cleaning out my garage when I found a pair of bent ski poles. I was going to throw them away when my dad told me they where downhill ski poles. Why are they bent ?

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Plz don't call Link Zelda or Shadow will get you. hehehehe...

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Concrete stepping stones

I have made some concrete stepping stones (for decorative use in flower beds mainly) and have painted them to give them a detailed look. I used exterior paint,  Now I'm wondering what I should use to seal them to protect the paint from chipping and fading?

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Pen that uses blood for its ink

This massive custom pen uses blood for ink. Stick the syringe in your arm, draw some blood, and load it up to start writing your Poe-inspired masterpiece.I've gotten much better at having blood drawn and it doesn't bother me now, but I don't know if I could take some of my own. I'd love to feel how well it writes, though.Only the first minute of this video is worth watching. The rest is just more writing.Note: This is not me and since there's no proof that's blood (watch the editing), I think this is more of a concept and is using red ink. via Core77

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Please help me identify this object.

I found this object in an old area of Big Sur, California with my metal detector several years ago.  It appears to be very old and has a small hole drilled through it.  You can see writing/ markings on it but I have no idea which language it could be.  It's not very thick.  I'm not sure what it's made of either other than some type of metal. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Dave

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Does anyone know how to make a cheap dog tracking device that can be worn around the collar??

Got a dog that likes to run with the Deer, and fortunately we have found him everytime after a couple of days. Would have been easier if we knew which direction he had gone though. Perhaps he will never learn.

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Barefoot Running

Anybody ever run barefoot (on pavement)?  I did it in college (5 years ago) a lot on the grass playing soccer and rugby. I started running on pavement (with shoes) afterward and was killed by knee aches and achilles tendon problems. I connected the injuries to the pavement, not the shoes. Now I hear that maybe millions of years of evolution actually makes humans really good at running without shoes, so I decided to give it a go unshod.  Went almost a mile today on a pavement track, and it was a bizarre experience. The motions and muscle movements were all completely different. But I liked it. My feet and legs are very strong so I didn't have any problems with weak feet. It was just different motions.  Anybody else?

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How do you remove a user? Answered

I saw a user named smcavoy1 and his profile pic is very inappropriate for a site like this. If you don't take him off, you should make this a 18 and up site. Make sure you look closely at the pic and you'll see what I mean.

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Windshield removal on a 1979 tri-hull boat? / Need help identifying the hull manufacturer ? Answered

 I recently purchased a 1979 tri- hull boat w/ a 1979 70hp Evinrude.  This is a two part question. First, i cant seem to identify the hull manufacturer. The coast guard sticker does not list it nor are there any markings on the boat hinting the manufacturer. Other than an "Allsport" label on the side of the boat i cant seem to find anything. Second, im currently trying to remove the windshield to prep the boat for paint, but i cant seem to remove the rubber molding / seals over the three screws i need access to, to remove the windshield. Id rather not damage the seal so i can use it again. Any help will be greatly appreciated!!  Thanks!!

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Marathoners Diet?

Hey guys. ive signed up for a marathon, and qas looking for a good diet to follow, as i believe diet is half the work done. any ideas?

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How to earn money online by making research based innovative projects which are based on Artificial Intelligence ?

I am interested in doing research in the field of Artificial Intelligence & make innovative projects based on research . So i use to study relevant research papers based on AI and try to enhance the performance by using some other techniques. I have made projects & published research papers in many international journals and conferences like IEEE(for Drone's path planning, Stock Market forecasting, Chatbot). I have already implemented plenty of innovative ideas(like path planning techniques for Drones(Unmanned Aerial Vehicles), Chatbot(AI based), Share market forecasting(using AI), etc. I want to make money by making research based projects, write research papers and thesis(if it belongs to academia) and sell it to client online. How can i make money by making research based projects online? I am also learning PHP for developing a website.

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11th doctor screwdriver broke

The slide part on my 11th doctor replica screwdriver wont stay in please help

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Fuse in Canada

I live in Canada and im a big pyrotechnic. ive been making firecrackers and small pyrotechnics for about a year. ive been using a fuse that i made out of wool and black powder, but i crave the real stuff! i want to know a way i can ship or buy fuse in canada.

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Airgunners, help me out picking a caliber.

So, for V-Day, my lovely wife is getting me a QB78. Well, I'm torn between getting the .177 or the .22 caliber.  So I was hoping for an (informed) opinion on which caliber to get.

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Can someone please help me identify this old relic?

I found this old relic while metal detecting near an old 1800's ghost town.  It is 8" in length.  You'll notice that one end has 2 parts that look like a "t" or a cross.  One of these "crosses" has the ability to swivel back and forth about 180 degrees.  The other "cross" is stationary and doesn't move or swivel at all.  If anyone knows what this could be, I'd appreciate the feedback. Thanks.

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what is the difference between poly-rope and paracord?


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Survival Skills?

Just looking to see what are the most important skills for survival, thought people could give me a hand with ideas?

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Secret fold out compartment with shot glass and bottle in a birdhouse???

Years ago I saw a plan for building a birdhouse which actually housed two shot glasses and a bottle. Now I would like to make the "concealed" station for a friend. I remember that it had a cleaver fold down hinge that held the glasses in place on a board. The peg where the bird might have stood also did something clever. Can you lead me to plans for something like this?

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Can I turn a cantilever brake bike into a disc brake bike?

I want to put disc brakes onto my bike because my other brakes are going bad. Disc brakes are also more effective at stopping you in bad weather.

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Get rid of Poison Oak?

I have been working turning a huge stump into a bird paradise and i saw some poison oak on it. Is there a way to safely remove all of it?

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I'd really like to find an easy, cheap way to make a fun boat for a small pond or something.

I've seen a few cardboard boat instructables, but I want to find one that will really last on the long run. Help?

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What's the difference between volts and watts in an electric scooter motor? Answered

I'm hoping to build my own electric scooter in the summer once I know more about the motrs, batteries, etc I've found two 500w electric motors on eBay. One's 24v and the other's 48v. what's the difference? why would they need different voltages? I can't remember that particular lesson about electronics from my school lesson lol.?

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What are camping roll mats made of? Answered

Does anybody know what kind of foam those cheap roll-up camping mats are made from?  The most detail I've found on a label is "foam construction".

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Building a full auto coilgun

I've been working on this project for about a year now, the first stages of the design started like 5 or 6 years ago. It is a full auto 19 stage no-capacitor coilgun. The accelerator is 3ft long! It will use an advanced coil timing system that should allow more efficient acceleration. The custom 3d printed magazines will hold about 90 shots, maybe a little more. It should be capable of firing at a rate of several thousand rpm but I might tune it down to ~500 rpm to keep it cooler running and make the ammo last. If you want to read more about this design you can see the page on my website:!em-guns/cwjy Here is a video showing the current progress on the coilgun:

Topic by Jaycub 

How To Make Clay? Answered

Ok, Multiple Questions (below) - Is there an easy way to make Good, Hard, Air Dry clay. - Is there a place that sells Lots of clay for cheap. - Can mud be turned into clay somehow :/ ? NOTE: lives in TX, is working on new instructable, and needs LOTS of clay for cheap.

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purple martin feeder

I require help in building a cannon to fire dead crickets and mealworms into the air about 25 to 30 feet so i may feed the purple martins in my area. they only feed on the wing and winter will surely kill the colonies in my area. any help will be appreciated.

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How to make stucco for a wire armature?

For smooth durable non linear man made rock: Buy Stucco? Make something else?

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Outdoor Halloween MP3 Motion Speaker

Does anyone know where I can find an easy DIY MP3 Motion Speaker for Halloween instruction kit? Or find a cheap loud speaker at stores?

Topic by dmurillo3