attention from youtube

Im willing to post videos of your instructables free on youtube all you need to do is send the stuff you want in it like photos and clips to ill tri and do many

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check out my youtube profile.

I was searching around on youtube and was like HEY. Theres Erics profile so i clicked it and subscribed to his youtube....check out my commercial.. although, its blurry, the site doesnt exist anymore and that was 2 years ago and my username has changed a bit over time.

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Monty Python episodes in HiQ on YouTube

. Monty Python is making most of their videos available at

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im starting a new youtube series!

Ok im starting a new series called hows that shoot its where i thake your requests and make guns and i will show how they work and review them what guns shoud i make i will make guns if you post a link or pic also i will be uploading them to here so if you cant go on you tube you can still watch them my channel is knexsbf to start off i will do 2-3 guns: what im doing: my lever action rifle based off of sks and 2 of killersafe crackers guns

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POWER THIRST and should I do this...

I was thinking about creating a can of RAWBERRY from the fake commercials of power thirst on youtube. How should I go about making a can (I'm thinking about using a Monster can. What I plan on doing is having the shell of the can be like a fake pen and shock people who pick it up to drink, so it will seem like it is made with REAL LIGHTNING! Any suggestions? I was thinking of using 9+ volts for a mild shock.

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how can i make a youtube poop?

Dear instructables. i want to make a you tube poop. But i don't know how. Can you make an instructable on it plz -Ninjacat64

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Instructables just to promote other websites?

I noticed that the amount of so called "video only" Instructables has reached annoying numbers. Might be alone with my opinion but when I check some of those Ibles just containing a single line of text and a video I fail to see the point. Further checking usually shows the video is advertised on many other sites in a similar way. Only goal is to get as much hits on Youtube and such, making money. IMHO Instructables is about making things but not about dumping single video files. If that is a goal for this website than at least these Instructables should be moved out of the normal area and into a video only section. And if someone simply posts videos only to promote his channel than it should be considered to remove those Instructables as I consider them advertising but not a real Instructable. What do you guys think?

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Kiteman's song

.  Ran across this on YouTube and thought I would share. Lyrics at YouTube. Phideaux - Kiteman

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Youtube vs Metacafe and other things that have started to bug me

I have been a member for a while and have watched as more and more people begin to use metacafe. I don't know why I feel so strongly about this but I really don't like the metacafe users. It seems like when they could use either one (or better yet they could actually write out their instructions into an instructable) they choose to use metacafe just so they can get payed. (and they certainly do. Some recieve more than others, but all get a guaranteed number of hits by uploading it here with an interesting name.) They don't make full instructables. They sometimes now don't even make it an instructional video. They just make a video saying 'hey look what i made.' It is a valid use to make a genuinely good instructional video. (see: Kipkay's vids and a few others) It is also a valid use to make a video showing the project doing whatever it does. (see: Greg Madison's Tron Lamp) It is another thing entirely to make a quick video of you mumbling something incoherent while turning your project result over and over, or a video that has no instructional value and calling it an instructable. It seems just wrong when someone slaps up a bunch of metacafe vids that merely demonstrate old applications of old inventions to a site that is focused on new inventions or new uses for old ones. I don't know about you guys but these things just piss me off. -my two cents (now toss in yours)

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I was just wondering do video codes show up in sinstrucables? like myspace and codes from youtube?

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Fun with firecrackers?

Does anyone know how to have a lot of fun with firecrackers, in a weird way kinda, other than putting them in bottles and throwing them?check out my youtube

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Teacher Builds a Tardis

Sillysparrowness, a self-described "German teacher with a leaning towards silliness," described the process by which she came to build a beautiful, obsessively finished Tardis. Enjoy... YouTube via BoingBoing.  

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home made airsoft gun?

I am thinking about making a airsoft sniper tried looking on youtube and here but can't find anything does anybody have any ideas?

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Our latest project

Read this description: So I haven't posted anything in a long while, and, as well as work, one of the this was down to me and a few friends getting together and forming a YouTube channel called "MTNunlimited". It started out when we did drama at school (a subject which we no longer take) we had a tonne of ideas that we never got to use, and so we can now showcase them on the YouTube channel. Recently, our local youth theatre announced it's closure this Easter, and so we've decided to offer some kind of alternative to anyone who wanted to join in with amateur film-making. Our goal is simply to have fun. If you click onto our channel here, you'll see that we still have a long way to go before we're near the same calibre as a lot of current Internet filmmakers. This is why we have turned to the instructables community for support. We have a few ideas, but we would love to hear other people's thoughts on what we could possibly base a new video on. We'd also greatly appreciate any tips or tricks of the trade that we have not yet been enlightened on. Don’t consider this ‘spam’, as that’s very much the opposite of why I made this forum topic. I posted this to hear guidance and advice from people who have a bit more experience than us. Here's a little montage I made of what we do, in the form of a cinematic trailer, enjoy! And once again, thanks for any support offered :) - Lowney

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im not leaving instructables but im not really doing anything either

 for all the 16 followers i have. if u really liked my instructables. fine. but im not really into knex anymore. no im never getting ride of my knex because when i have kids ill give it to them. the reason im telling u this is because i have been working on 2 guns for the last year and still havent completed them. the reason why i haven't been on insturctables in a SUPER long time is because my hobby is rc cars. ones that go 45 mph. 1/8th scale of a real car. super big bore shockes. two batteries. also, if u wanna get into this hobby, you can message me on youtube. (if u have a youtube account) or here on instructables. if u still wanna follow me, u can go to my youtube channel at

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electric valve

Where do i buy pilot assisted diaphragm valve used on mythbusters.    it was used in the deadly straw episode. at 3:42 to 4:06 on the youtube video called ;MythBusters Season 4 Episode 18 part 1 .  I want the exact size and brand valve.

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The Instructables Community

Recently I was watching an episode of futurama (I dated a robot) where the characters enter the internet to download a celebrity. The point is, the internet there is like a mall. People actually come inside the internet.I was wondering, how would Instructables be presented here? And how about youtube?Any ideas how it would be?Looked like this:

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how do you build a grenade launcer?

It looks like a short sholder mounted rocket launcher only it takes the big co2 canisters, fires those nerf footballs that have tails, and loads from the top by cocking the front barrel forward and loading the round into the barrel before snapping it back. It was in a video on youtube.

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"Kiteman" proves theory of Reverse Evolution!!!!!

Http://, my mistake. With the headlines, and the (initially) grainy photos, I thought this was Kiteman- Demonstrating the FACT that intelligent beings can "de-volve" into funky chickens.

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anyone knos how to remove a bike cassete without special tool?

Okay i got this mountain bike and i want to make the back rim single speed but i cant take out the cassete. i search on youtube but it says need a special tool but i cant find one in town. so if anyone knos how to remove a casset without the special tool HUM:)

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I have no clue what this is...

 With a sequence of click-click-click-click-click pause X'3? ( with an initial click-click ), I'm thinking that this electrical dial was for an alarm, then again it may not be as part of a warning/alert system at all.  Given to my dad by his dad who served in the navy in Nam. Here's a link to a video I uploaded to YouTube.;=em thanks!

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Does anyone have the Paul elkins airstream bike camper plans?

I watched his youtube video '$150 bike camper' it says there's downloadable plans for it but clicking on the link just says the site doesn't work, do the plans still exist somewhere? I really wanna build that, so if anyone has the plans or knows where I can find them, let me know, please and thanks

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The Assassins Creed Hidden Dagger

Altair ,the protagonist of the game Assassins Creed has a hidden dagger attached to his arm which is obviously spring loaded, but he unsheaths it by pressing a button with his pinky and retracts it with the same. I wanted to know if it is possible to make such a contraption and how it would work just to satisfy my curiosity. There are a number of videos on youtube but most of them are gravity driven or do not give any explaination so I'd be obliged if someone helped me out with this.

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How does rolling the head of a Stick (Ex. Arrow head/Spear) make it Harder? Answered

I have seen videos on Youtube & Instructables about make a Spear/Arrow head stronger, i was wodering if this is due to tempering (Ex. Steel Heating, cooling rapidly for stronger atomic bond) or due to some other method of strengthing I do not know about ( I only know the Steel method due to mass History/Science channel fanatical-ness) Plase help me uderstand this.

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Train Surfing by the Train Rider

Preformed by a German known as "the trainrider". Before he died from leukemia, he enjoyed the last year of his life by surfing on trains. Included Germany's fastest Highspeed train ICE with a top speed of 330 km/h(!) No one did that before. So, there's a lot of video on the youtubes about him faking his death... It's possible someone is trying to claim the fame - or he really did fake it for a variety of reasons... In any case, it's still quite an amazing feat - but he did it, now you don't have to :p

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Urban Pranksters

Urban Prankster is a website edited by Charlie Todd of Improv everywhere fame, and it chronicles all the pranks and shenanigans going on in different cities around the world.Unless you are a stiffly stifferson, you should really enjoy this blog, and, if you are lucky, you can find things going on in your area to take part in.I have done a few Improv Everywhere missions (slow mo home depot, mp3 experiment search for Steve, no shirts Abercrombie & Fitch, and the Best Buy mission (for which I am the youtube video thumbnail)), and can say from first hand experience that these public pranks are a lot of fun and a great way to meet interesting people.Urban Prankster

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Coke and Mentos Powered Car

Eepybird, the "Coke and Mentos Guys" used 108 2L bottles of Coke Zero and 648 Mentos to propel a car/bike 221 feet! An explanation of how it works, from their YouTube video: "The Coke Zero & Mentos Rocket Car uses a piston mechanism: a six-foot long rod sits inside a six-foot long tube attached to each bottle of Coke Zero. When the Mentos drop into the soda, the pressure tries to push the rod out of the tube. With 108 rods all pushing at once, that gives us a lot of power. All that power is pushing against a wall braced with 3,600 pounds of cement blocks. So all the force is directed into moving the Coke Zero & Mentos Rocket Car forward. We get one big push for six feet, and then it's all coasting from there."   via msnbc

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Video bombing.

Unless i constrain myself this will sound like one of Gordon Ramsays shows... ;-) Fu blo he. It's fung time to do something about those bloo videos that stu people are carpet bombing Instructables with. ! Please limit the possibility of posting an unlimited amount of instructables/slideshows/videos per 24 hour period. One (1) per 24 hours are quite enough for anyone that are actually doing something good and not just carpet bombing/spamming crappy videos from Metacafe to get some money. As a temporary solution maybe just banning Metacafe-videos would help remove those obnoxious spammers. Or can you also get payed by videos on Youtube/Google? Talking in friendly manner to these guys doesn't really help. It only fixes (possibly) the problem with one guy, but there will just come more and more of them all the time. (The image of Gordon is stolen from - sorry about that...)

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2 Great Photo/Ad blocking add-ons for Firefox.

I hate ads. I hate them so much. My Internet is incredibly slow with them. But, there is 2 GREAT add-ons for Firefox. One is Adblocker, and FlashBlock. Adblocker can block most images. There is usually a little translucent tab that pops up with the word "block" on it, along with the button in the upper right hand corner that allows you to choose what to block. It's entirely free. But,blocking images weren't enough to speed up Firefox. Then I discovered FlashBlock. Guess what it does. It's slightly defective in a way that it blocks EVERY .flv or .swf item on the page, including YouTube videos, but if you roll your mouse over the blocked area, the little flash sign will change to a play arrow, allowing you to play the item without complications. This is also 100% free. I highly recommend these to anyone using Firefox so they can speed it up very significantly, especially if you're using a Netbook. -NYPA

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Action Cams

Hi all, This is kind of an Outdoors/Tech thread. I work for a nature center and I am developing a watercraft program on our river. To help promote it, I would like to purchase some action cams to mount on canoes and kayaks, and post the videos and images on Facebook and Youtube. I have a $300 budget for these cameras. Ideally, I would like to be able to purchase two cams, including memory and additional accessories (mounts). However, I know that a good quality camera can be pricey, so if absolutely necessary, I will cut this down to one cam. If you are miraculously able to suggest a cam that is priced so that I can buy more than two, I would be amazed and eternally grateful. I do have some requirements: - Waterproof (Preferred camera is waterproof in itself, though an inexpensive case would be fine) - Durable - High Quality Image and video (If the video is shaky, what's the point?) - 2 Hour battery life, though 1-1.5 would be acceptable These are not required though I really would prefer them -View Screen (A lot of these cams have to be plugged into a computer or synced with a smart phone to view. Not great.) - Removable Battery to switch out if one dies. Do you have any recommendations within this price range? Also, what kind of memory would you suggest for about 1-2 hours of footage per camera? Thanks

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Knex guns aren't so bad, give them a chance! (non knexers only)

This is directed at non-knexers, don't bother reading it if you're already a knexer.  So I've been noticing more knex gun hate comments from other non knexers.  Why?  It's like us hating on hacking/modding/making/whatever it is you non knexers do.  It's no different.  If you want to complain about the number of knex guns out there, why not take a look at the number of hacks/mods/how to builds out there?  Like I said, it's no different. Give knex guns a chance, I sure did, and I'm better off now than I would be without the knex guns.  It's helped me be more creative, it's helped me gain more rep at school (Some guys at school found my Youtube account, and they love the guns, they think it's beast mode, especially the TR vid, since then, my account has spread like a rash). Personally, I think the reasons why knex guns are so popular here is because it's fun building and shooting them.  I consider building a gun to be half the fun, shooting it in a knex war or something is part 2, and I find something like this even more fun than say, airsoft or nerf, because of what I mentioned a few words ago. I find it funny that most of the people preaching out against knex guns haven't tried to build or use one in any way.  That's like me saying that a certain product is bad without me trying it or anything similar to it.  I'm not saying this to flame/critisice/hate on or whatever, I'm saying this to promote a hobby I enjoy, I'm sure you all can relate to that, right?

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What profile of pole would be torsionally rigid? Answered

Calling all mechanical engineers and physicists. I want to make a pole that can resist twisting forces. The application is a down tube on a bicycle frame. And I want to use bamboo because it's light, very strong, very cheap, and biodegradable. The problem with bamboo is it lacks torsional rigidity because its fibers only run lengthwise. I was thinking of wrapping a bamboo pole with a composite fiber (hemp and glue) at a 45 degree angle like they do with carbon fiber poles but maybe a different shape would be better. Can anyone think of a specific geometry of pole that is tortionally stiff? I noticed some bicycles have a triangular down tube. Maybe if I cut bamboo into three strips and glued them together into a tube with a triangular cross section, this might be less twisty. Am I thinking along the right lines here? My first bamboo bike has a lot of twist and this might be one way to make it stronger. Please let me know what you think. UPDATE: The issue was many fold. The short answer is Tonkin Bamboo is the species to use for bikes. This is what most people seem to use. Also Boo Bikes use dendrocalamus strictus (aka Iron Bamboo). My frame had some cracks possibly due to harvesting at the wrong season. I've recently gained more cracks and the bike flexes even more. It flexes like a noodle but I can still do an endo no problem. Go figure. Also hemp sounds like it gets more stretchy after being flexed about 1000 times whereas carbon fiber stays stiff. And squishy wood glue is probably not as stiff as epoxy. All this adds up to a flexy frame. My next one will be tonkin bamboo but I will try hemp and non-toxic wood glue again. UPDATE #2: I'm making a three wheeler and my engineering design teacher gave me some advice involving spaceframes and triangles. The plan thus far looks like this upright tadpole trike: UPDATE #3: I think I've got it! Instructables sent me a box of K'nex and I built up a model of a standard bike's frame. The thing is, when a bike frame twists, the opposing corners of the trapezoidal shape come closer or further apart. So a deep X brace from corner to corner seems to fix most of the problem. I'll try to post a youtube vid of what I mean soon.

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