What comes after sick?

Spiffing, top-hole, wizard, hip, cool, groovy, fab, smashing, killer, bad, kewl, mint, sick  -  plus all the ones I've left out . . . What comes after 'sick', or am I already behind the times again?

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When will the outdoor survival contest winners be announced? Answered

Just want to know. Why is there this waiting period after the judging? At first I thought that the winners are announced right after the judging ends, but I was wrong.

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Container explodes after being shot with rifle? What mixture?

I saw this on tv. The guy was putting a mixture in a variety of objects, then backing away up to what a ppeared to be a hundred yards and shooting the container with a high velocity rifle. The explosion was large depending on how much was used. What was the mixture?

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How to prevent aching legs after Weights, basketball, falling, etc.? Answered

My legs ache, bad, i can barely walk, i need a remedy to prevent this, i stretch before i lift except for yesterday when i was just playing basketball, but that's the only time they have hurt since i have started lifting.

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17.5hp Tecumseh Lawn Tractor Engine. Starting and Dyeing after 20sec or so

I have a 17.5 hp Tecumseh Lawn Tractor Engine that starts only on Full Choke but dies after 20 seconds or so. After I got fuel going to the cylinder, the carb started to leak fuel. According to the owner, it has never done the before. Here is the link:https://www.amazon.com/640330-640330A-Tecumseh-Carburetor-Solenoid/dp/B00LRTPGDE  This is the same carb that's on it. Please, I need help ASAP anything would be helpful!

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Can you enter an "ible" to a contest that started after you created the "ible"?

Thanks a bunch, everyone.  I recommended a contest for a fellow creator, and he said he couldn't enter the contest because he uploaded the ible 6 days before the contest started. Thanks again.

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why do i have to keep zeroing my gun after every cleaning?

Why every time i clean my gun then go shoot it i have to zero it in?

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if you enter a contest, are you allowed to edit your instructable after you submit it? Answered

I've entered my instructable in the 'Get in the Garden' contest.. however, I have thought of another photograph that will help illustrate my steps... I am wondering if I edit it I could be disqualified from the contest... does anyone know the answer? thanks, jake

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Why are the winner placments still moving around after the voting has ended? (Book Contest)

Read the title. What's the deal? I moved from 7th to 12th, to 9th, and now i'm on 10th. Hmm.... Any Ideas? Also, when is the book going to be published? Thanks!

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I have a question to anyone that shoots military surplus ammo, how to clean the rifle after shooting?

 so i bought mil. surp. ammo, but it has corrosive primers. what do i have to do different when i clean the bore. 

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How do I protect against tomato blight next summer after terrible problems this year?

Should I sterilize my potting soil for my cherry tomatoes? How should I dispose of infected fruit and plants to avoid contamination next season? Will the soil need any work, or will the freezing temps of winter take care of the viruses?

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how to prepair deer antlers before being mounted, or after you have removed them from the head?

How to prepair deer antlers for being mounted?  Start details from removing them from the skull.

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how to make a air powered short shot and stop air just passing by after the munition left the barrel?

Hey,i've got a question,i want to make a air pressured gun, but i wont make one that just lets you build up much pressure, and then in one single shot get's empty. i want to make it like a paintball gun, so you can shoot more than one time with the same pressure tank. i found this : http://www.howstuffworks.com/paintball-3d-gun.htm that must axplain a bit how a paintball gun works. but i still don't get it. and i also found this: https://www.instructables.com/id/Airgun-with-eXplosive-air-Release-Valve/, so want to maybe combine those ideas, like make something in front of the nut of the explosive air-realese valve. that does the same thing as the paintball gun. something that knocks the valve back one time and then reloads itself. i don't have a clue how to do something like that, that's why i ask it.thanks for your time!

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am using my monitor as a TV but it goes off after few minutes while my TV combo is still talking please advice?

I recently bought an LCD monitor to use as my TV together with a TV combo, did my connections and it has good reception the problem is that it keeps going off after some few minutes and i have to change channels on my TV combo so as shows again please advice

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Our latest project

Read this description: So I haven't posted anything in a long while, and, as well as work, one of the this was down to me and a few friends getting together and forming a YouTube channel called "MTNunlimited". It started out when we did drama at school (a subject which we no longer take) we had a tonne of ideas that we never got to use, and so we can now showcase them on the YouTube channel. Recently, our local youth theatre announced it's closure this Easter, and so we've decided to offer some kind of alternative to anyone who wanted to join in with amateur film-making. Our goal is simply to have fun. If you click onto our channel here, you'll see that we still have a long way to go before we're near the same calibre as a lot of current Internet filmmakers. This is why we have turned to the instructables community for support. We have a few ideas, but we would love to hear other people's thoughts on what we could possibly base a new video on. We'd also greatly appreciate any tips or tricks of the trade that we have not yet been enlightened on. Don’t consider this ‘spam’, as that’s very much the opposite of why I made this forum topic. I posted this to hear guidance and advice from people who have a bit more experience than us. Here's a little montage I made of what we do, in the form of a cinematic trailer, enjoy! And once again, thanks for any support offered :) - Lowney

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Being a bird brain isn't so bad after all: Singing in the Brain...song birds n songs, people and speech...

Here is a bit of the article: ' Given the proper teachers and timing, most humans can learn to produce a seemingly infinite number of sounds and sound combinations. Such is not the case with most animals. In fact, only whales, dolphins, bats, and some birds are known to have the ability to learn vocalizations. Separate a kitten from its mother or other tutor, and its mew will be basically the same as that of its littermates--a pattern that holds true for the howl of a wolf, the grunt of a gorilla, and the whinny of a horse. The trait shared by song birds is even absent from our closest living relative: chimpanzees. Vocal learning has been repeatedly demonstrated in two bird orders, Passeriformes (specifically the oscine songbirds) and Psittaciformes (parrots), and is believed to occur in a third, the Trochiliformes (hummingbirds). By comparing brain structures in these three bird orders, which are widely separated from one another on the avian family tree, Rockefeller University biologist Claudio Mello and his colleague Erich Jarvis, of Duke University, have shown that the same areas that control song learning and production in songbirds and parrots are also present in hummingbirds, a finding that strengthens the case for vocal learning in the latter.'Singing in the Brain: the science of vocalization we share with song birds, but not with Chimps...

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green jelly menace?

Could you please tell me how to get rid of the green jelly on my lawn as it is quite prolific in some areas i have just noticed after sipping in it made more so because i'm on a slope, this year after all the rain we have had it is everywhere more so than other years and i really need to get rid if somebody can help i'd be most grateful. Thanks.  

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site error

Has anybody noticed that after a search, in the little drop down menu, instructable is spelt insrtuctable. just like to point that out.

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What country is known for its medieval castles?

I'd love to go traveling after highschool and im a big medieval Europe fan :D

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Tips for exercising?

Since I'm entering a new school for the 2010-2011 school year, ( which means 3 schools will combine into one) I thought I might lose weight. Me, a bit tubby at 92.5 pounds, (As of August 17, 2010) So I decided to run. Everyday, I do half a mile running, and half a mile walking. I started 3 days ago, and I've already seen improvement. I was 93.5 lbs after 1 run. After a bit of cool down, I do sit ups. I've got my MP3 player going (The Rocky Theme-ULTIMATE MOTIVATOR) as I run. Any tips? I don't do sports, and I try not to eat after 8:00. I've got running shoes and a appropriate outfit. I'd like to see what everybody can say to me. -NYPA

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nitro cars

Hello my new hpi savage xl nitro truck has lost nearly all its power after i crashed into a tree. whats wrong and how do i fix this?

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Sneek peek at my next Instructable

Just a  little peek at what I've been working on. I;m hoping to have the helmet done by Monday then the Instructable up a week or so after that,

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laptop cooler

My laptop gets really hot after about 30 minutes of Internet browsing and after 1 hour of gaming (I don't know why maybe because of the modem????) so I really need a cooler. I have three 1 or 2 inch (let me know if a need exact) fans I could use and wood legos knex and rokenbok. I have a hp pavilion dv6409us laptop with a 17.5 inch screen. if you need a picture of the bottom of the laptop so I can show you the hot spots and the fan let me know.

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A Cat in a Box!

Sorry, no hilarious picture - but a thought exercise!Imagine a steel box (to shield the contents from the universe) that contains a cat. Inside this box is a device that contains a gas which may, or may not, cause instant death to the cat. One hour after the device is released in the steel box (with cat) - what is the state (assume only two states - alive or dead) of the cat?Mind you, you have no method to measure the results of the possibly poisonous device - after all, measure the result and you change it! I imagine there are a few of you that have read about this very scenario in an academic setting :)

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Does a Pinecone die when it fell out of the tree? Answered

Does a Pinecone still grow after it fell on the ground... and when it would die, why does it still 'shrink' ?

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Fix solar garden lamp?

I have a couple of garden lamps that should be solar powered, but after a few years, they do not work. Is there a way to fix them? Can I make my own?

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Can an instructable win in multiple contests?

Lets say I have an instructable in 3 contests. Lets assume is a good one. Can I win in all 3 or after winning in one, you are not allowed to win in the other two?

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Big Dog

Check out Big Dog 2.0. Designed by Boston Dynamics, funded by Darpa, and coming soon to a peace protest near you (of course only after its been equipped with tear gas, rubber bullets, and cattle prods).Big Dog

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How do I train for a marathon? Answered

How do I train for a marathon or half-marathon? Nutrition? Schedule? After successfully completing a marathon, what about maintenance so I can run next year's marathon?

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The other day I was driving along the side of a lake after a snow storm and saw two kids shoveling off a skating area. The ideas for a home-brew zamboni were tested and retested. My final design would be an adult tricycle toeing a piece of sheet metal on the ice with a camp fire on top.

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Does anyone do soccer hair ties?

I found some that were not soccer and the girls wear them when they can find where they put them after games. We need to replace them. I would like to find them with soccer ribbons.

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If I'm clicking on publish, its coming "Please add at least one image to your introduction." This means what?

I made my first instructable. Then I clicked on publish button. After that it's coming as I mentioned above. Someone please help me with this.

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I can't figure this out.

I have 5 hours tommorow to do anything. I have an odd urge to build a giant dixie cup(see picture) after see an e-mail sant by a relative. I need it to be water proof but still hold liquid. Anyone have any ideas?

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Last-minute scramble!

OK, mea culpa, I started it , and others have jumped on the bandwagon.Add your own link if you're after a few last-minute views for your LED contest entries.(Another shameless link)(Actually, you can tell I'm usually behind the camera, can't you? )

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Raising a geodesic dome

Just thought I'd share a time lapse video I made last year (but just got around to putting it online) Two of my kids are involved with a local circus and last year, said circus bought a geodesic dome to use as a venue for shows. There was great excitement when it was delivered and put together for the first time. It seemed appropriate to record the momentous occasion, but knowing how long it was going to take, a normal video was out of the question. So I set up the tripod and camera and took photos roughly every five minutes. The first photo was taken just after 9am and the last one was taken just after 5pm. It's quite an interesting structure and so strong, they can rig the aerial apparatus from just about any point!

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how can I repair my patio chair bottoms?

The bottom of the chairs have a fastener on them that I don't think I can replace. I have thought about another screw and bolt to hold the bar together after I replace the material on the seat itself. Any ideas?

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What are these called? And how could i make them?

Ive only seen glimpse of them, and they are normally in movies set in California or stuff like that. Its basically, from what i understand, a pair of shoes with a caster wheel under each one.  Im wondering if i am just imagining them, or its something my mind pieced together that would be a cool idea. Im not sure. Normally its cool dudes, riding around by the beach, but on cement. And its normally an orange caster wheel.  Any feedback would be nice, especially with a link to the website where i could possibly buy them. Or just a name of them would be greatly appreciated.  Update: I have a ripstik, i used to have Heelies. I found a video clip of them! I figured out where I've seen them before. If you watch Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, you will see it in the intro. After he does his monolauge, its in the video of him running. One of the little clips is of a dude with shoes that have casterwheels attached at the bottom. Here is a link to a video. After you get through the adds, and after they announce the names at 21 or so seconds you see them. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks, Zippy Oh and it kinda looks like the third caster wheel, the orange one.

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Powering a 12v DC fridge ?

Hi, I have a 12VDC fridge and am trying to convert a computer power box to supply power to it. I started with a ATX type and have problems with it resetting itself after the compressor restarts itself after reaching temp. I have a 10Watt resistor connected to the 5V wiring to keep it running during full temp switch off, but when frigde restarts itself the power supply resets. I am now trying a AT 230W box and it does not reset but under load I only get 10.4v, not enough to operate fridge for cooling. Any sugestions how to lift voltage as when connected to motherboard and 4 hdd's it generates 12v. Sorry I should add that the fridge is 12v 4.2amp and the power box is 12v 8amp. I have tied 2 x AT type boxes with same result. Thanks Tim Thanks

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I've been snobbed by Reddit!

I could not believe that I have been snobbed by a subreddit! I was accused of posting from my "blog" after I posted a few woodworking instructables. Once one of the moderators posted profane language directed towards me. I think it is their loss for not joining the best site in the universe. Shame on them!

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disc/disk brake squeal rear brake? Answered

After a rainy day riding my bike, i had wiped it down and forgot the rear brake and now it squeals when I try to use it. More like an elephant noise. Help please!

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Bass(think outside the box)

Hehehehe BASS!!!!!!!!! whats your favorite lure? favorite reel? favorite rod??? even favorite color hook(if applicable) and if you are that "unexperienced" as to have no idea what i am talking about, Bass is a type of freshwater fish. probably the most sought after too. google "large mouth bass" if you are still lost....

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My Tamiya T2 Drift Spec

Hey guys this is my T2 in action.Well what happened was i went to Japan for a holiday, i also wanted to see Tamiya HQ, it is AWESOME! well after that i spotted a rc track in osaka and drifted with some of the guys there.My T2 is the one with the white RX-7 body.

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Elementary School memories.

I remember once one of my friends and I were going to throw butter at people after lunch and we went outside and he found a carrot on the ground and threw it at his brother. Their mom thought it was a Cheeto. What about you? What weird memories do you have from elemantary school or your childhood?

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Metal Clip/Mag for Remington Nylon 77?

I have a Remington Nylon 77 and I ordered a clip from a local gunshop, this clip was plastic and after a years use will not hold the bullets in, (if I put in more than 1 bullet they pop right back out)

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Does anyone know how to make a cheap dog tracking device that can be worn around the collar??

Got a dog that likes to run with the Deer, and fortunately we have found him everytime after a couple of days. Would have been easier if we knew which direction he had gone though. Perhaps he will never learn.

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Help! Can I modify my skateboard into a longboard?

If I bought longboard wheels and trucks, and drilled new holes into my skateboard after cutting it into a mini-board shape, would I end up with a home-made miniboard (shlongboard)? If it would not work, tell me why and if it is at all possible to do on a budget, help!

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