purple martin feeder

I require help in building a cannon to fire dead crickets and mealworms into the air about 25 to 30 feet so i may feed the purple martins in my area. they only feed on the wing and winter will surely kill the colonies in my area. any help will be appreciated.

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Vasaline on bird feeders?

Many of my friends say that they use vasaline on there bird feeder perches to keep the squirrels off, but I don't know if it would work what do you guys think?

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make a daylight only wildlife feeder?

I want to create a feeder such as a tub with quarter inch mash on top and a motor in a timer that slides the mesh off at daylight and slides it closed at dusk. I want to attempt to train the local wildlife to show up during the day. a timer would work as well but I'm not sure how to set a motor to open and close the lid.

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Need help to design mechanical mechanism

Hello everyone, I want to create feeder cart with seperate section, that will be hangin on rails.  Feeder cart will have four positions: First one (First load) will be bottom gates closed, middle gates open to the top. Second (Second load) will  be bottom gates closed, middle gates have to be locked in horizontal position. Third  position (First unload) bottom gates open, middle gates have stay locked. Fourth position (Second unload) bottom gates open and middle gates also open, that stuff drops out. I want ask you advice how to design bottom and middle gates open, closing and locking mechanical mechanism (without any electronical parts). This feeder cart will be operating by one man.  I have created middle gates mechanism, but maybe you have better solution.  I really appreciate for any ideas. Sorry for my english mistakes. English is not my native language. Link to my feeder cart design:  https://cad.onshape.com/documents/9bf2057d221de0e07143093b/w/42b5cff40a9a1fb3bed3cb14/e/cbc213062709ad380b4cb17b

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Does anyone know how I can create a water sprayer that can be powered by a battery?

Squirrels keep raiding our bird feeders, even though the feeders are in "squirrel proof" cages.  I plan to fit tilt switches to the bird feeders, so that when a squirrel jumps on them the feeders sway and the water gun sprays them. I just can't figure out how to make the water sprayer.  I would like to make as much as possible from scratch, so just buying a water gun would defeat the object. Any advice would be really appreciated. Thanks

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How can I use a 5 gallon water bottle to make a giant bird feeder?

I would like to use a 5 gallon water jug as a bird feeder. It would be mounted on a 4x4 post. There would need to be a hole in the top approx 6 inches in diamer to allow for filling it with sunflower seeds. The top would be covered to keep moister and squirrels from getting into the filler opening and top. I assume the seed would pour out of the bottom (mouth) of the jug and controlled by a feeding tray of some sort. I would want it framed for sturdiness with either wood or PVC pipe.

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How to keep Red-Winged Blackbirds from feeding with other Songbirds and Mourning Doves? Answered

I have a bird feeder that has been taken over by Red-Winged Blackbirds.  How do I keep them separate from another feeder for the Mourning Doves, Dark-Eyed Juncos, and House Finches?  And also, what are Mourning Doves favorite food?

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How can I keep squirrels from eating and spilling all the birdfood?

Okay, so.. I have a number of hanging bird feeders... but I also have a number of squirrels.. The problem is that the squirrels climb down the branches to the birdfeeders and spill the seeds all over the ground.  I'm constantly filling these birdfeeders (to the delight of the squirrels!).  Thoughts on how to prevent the squirrel rampage?  About the only thing I can think off is perhaps hanging the bird feeders with heavy fishng line.  Thoughts?

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Can you use earth cement for pads for livestock?

I would like to create a pad in front of my cattle's feeder with a earth and concrete mix.  Does anyone have a recipe for this?  I know that they use this in homes with an earth floor. 

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Trying to identify this item?

Obviously I am new here if I posted in the wrong place please tell me where to post.    Is this a Farm implement, tool, heater. It is about 25" tall, with a 10" diameter. There is a closed bottom why it is raised off the ground i don't know. Rust area is from prior heat damage to the galvanized metal. It is too early to be a charcoal brick starter. I know it is not a chicken feeder. All answers will be appreciated.

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Camp activities, crafts ideas ?

Hi every body  im really lost , i need some activities for  a little size camp 15 person , but i need to make some camping crafts as making  bird feeders contest///the fastest one and the moost beautiful win!!!!!! ///,or fastest campfire lighting, I need some crafts idea like those i cited below ,  So pls help me and give me some fun, mind blowing ideas                  

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I have a plant that has come up in my yard. I didn't plant it.

It has small round leaves that are dark green, and seem to be in "bunches". In the evening they fold in half. It's been there all summer and seems to get bigger every day. It is now about 3 to 4 feet tall. It dosn't look quite like a bush..it has a more of a tree look to it's branches. I don't know if it matters...but it has come up under a bird feeder. I can't find a picture of what it might be anywhere, or I just don't know where to look. It's really nice looking, and I like it, but I don't know if it's worth keeping. Also I live in southern Delaware...anything you might think it is will be helpful. Thank you

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