how to fish?

I want to know how to rig my pole to catch a fish. And different ways to fish

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Fishing Lures

After seeing this, it has me wonder if anyone has anyone else experimented with making fishing lures? Particularly, has anyone tried making any unusual fishing lures? With any success? I recall, when being dragged on fishing trips as a kid, that outdoor stores would often have some crazy gimmick lures that never seemed like they would work, but claimed to be the greatest thing that ever happened to fishing since the beer hat. I think it would be a fun challenge to not only make an incredibly bizarre fishing lure, but to get it to work.

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Simple fishing lures? Answered

Back in the day my grandfather use to make all sorts of artificial lures for us.From a simple spoon like thingy over spinners all the way to massive 300g killers to catch cod in the sea.And we always got our fair share of fish with them.These days everything is fancy, full of glitter and sometimes even with bluetooth and flashing lights.Are there any websites that show how to make the traditional ones yourself?I know how to make my own flies and have enough ideas for the rest but there must simpler ways then what comes to my mind..We even used wooden sticks with some aluminium foil around it and a small piece of lead for added weight to catch trout and redfin...

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Fishing the traditional way

A while ago I had a very bad day of fishing in terms of catching something for my frying pan or freezer.Same story for the old bloke sitting a few meters away from me.So we decided to pass some time with useless chats about our previous record fish we caught.While the old bloke changed bait I noticed that he did not have a hook at the end of the line.....What is that contraption and how do you catch fish with it?Old bloke laughed and said he goes hunting a lot too and always keeps the antlers from deer and such.Instead of a hook he used a round and pointy bar with a little notch slightly off the middle.Couldn't figure out how this possibly could hook a fish, so got a bigger laugh for it this time :("Make a loose fist, put it in and then pull on the line." he said and I was dumb enough to assume it would not work :(Figure it out by getting two bleeding pricks...Fish swallows the "stick" inside the bait and one there is some pull one pointy end will always get stuck.The other moves until there is no room to move anymore and the fish is spiked up for good.Only downside is that one you get a fish too big it might not grab - bad luck then LOLThis approach instead of steel hooks reminded me of the bamboo fishing poles my grandfather used to make.Be it for eel, trout, carp or even from the boat for pollock and sardine - he loved his bamboo.Even made me my fisrt fly fishing rod from a piece of bamboo :)The old guy however had more than hand made rods or horn needles as hooks.When his hands were still as good as his eyes he even made flies from these horn sticks!He explained the process to me but I never had the patience for normal flies and doing this with horn sticks and estimating how big the biggest fish might be while making sure it is neither too heavy nor fails to float...What I really liked about this otherwise wasted fishing day was the stories I got from the old man."You don't need fancy or oversensitive gear to fish, a safety pin and some packing coad do just fine if you are hungry!"Best story was how he caught a 2m gummy shark with a hand line meant to catch some sardines for bait.I could really his 3 hour struggle to get the thing on board LOLWhat are your most successfull old school or just plain weird catches with something a real sports fisherman would not even touch to cast?

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Sea Fishing tactics?

So...I go fishing for mackerels a lot. I normally use feathers and weights. What do you use? floats? nets? and what type of bait do you use? 

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How do I make a tuna lure to use when sailing across an ocean?

Most sailors who fish use a 200 pound hand-line. Making lures looks easy but I bet there are things a newbee won't understand about hooks, skirts, lures, crimps, etc.

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I love to fish but have no money for soft lures. I would like to start making my own. Answered

Can i melt old plastic like milk jugs, old toys, etc? And to color them I read on the internet that someone colored plastic by melting crayons can I do that?? Or can I use food coloring? Thanks for the help.

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Any instructables on makeing catfish floaters?

I would like to make 9",10"and 11" slide type floaters for night fishing.

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Introducing your Kids to Fishing

Introducing your kids at a young age to fishing, hunting and the great outdoors. Here is a short clip of a family trip we took with, then our 1 year old son.     

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what is the best fishing bait that works ?

What is the best fishing bait that works.

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What is the best technique for spinner fishing for trout in streams and rivers? Do you cast upstream or downstream etc?

Do you cast upstream or downstream etc? Any other stuff i will kneed to know.

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how do i stop freshwater turtles eating my bait when fishing? Answered

Hi, I recently discovered a creek running past woolworths in sarina, becomes extremely large and ive deduced it holds sufficiently large and quanitity enough fish for fishing. I went there last week using raw chicken as bait, being as it catches essentially everything everywhere, and i got an extremely big bite, which would have likely have been something like a perch or maybe even a barramundi, its possible given the creek does eventually turn to saltwater. however, i found it to be a big nuiscance, because i was constantly reeling in turtles! a nuiscance because if i left the bait in one place for more than 5 minutes a turtle would gobble it down, fortunately i was able to remove the hooks on all the turtles, but it was still anoying, because turtles arent fish. How do i fish in a way in which i minimize, or considerably lower the likelyhood of catching turtles, whilst bait fishing? ideally ide like to keep suing chicken as its cheap and just works everwhere.

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hello there people,,,could any of you guide me on straightening bamboo poles,,, Answered

,they are 1/2 inch thick and unsplit...air dried for 6 weeks i need to soak them in water before heating them on gas flame???? i need to make my custom fishing pole and i am from india?   well i forever tried to have my own fishing pole with a reel...all handmade,,,i made  a reel already...just need to make that pole...i tried straightening a piece but ended up scorching it

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New World Record Largemouth

If you're into fishing you might find this report of a new world record breaking large mouth bass from Japan weighing 22 Lbs 5oz. This would beat the long standing, and controversial record of George Perry which has stood for 77 years by one ounce. But the record keepers require that the record be broken by 2 ounces. So Close.

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If there is 1 bass in a pond is there more? Answered

I have a pond that is 1 and 1/2 arcrs. And has 5% weeds. Yesterday i caught a 3lb bass on a 4in charcuse banjo minnow. So is there more bass.

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How do I make a water tight fish tank out of wood? Answered

It must be fish friendly

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I can't identify this fish. Please Help!

I have a question about fish....I don't know if anyone can answer it though... I found a fish once while fishing in southern Indiana, it looked very similar to a pike, I was fishing with a dry fly on the top of the water, the fish went under it and sucked it in. Does anyone know what kind of fish it was. And I already know it wasn't a catfish.

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What are some good Australian Freshwater bass baits?

Hi, I love fishing for bass (freshwater Australian) and i have been using baits such as worms, grasshoppers, crickets (black), butterfly's , moths, cicadas, shrimp, yabbies, small fish, bread/dough and lures, But i was wondering if anyone else has any ideas of a good bait? I would love any ideas so thank you very much for your answers, From CrazyBassfisherwoman

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Butterfly knife-like pliers? Answered

Hi everyone, i got this idea while fishing, and couldn't open my pliers with one hand(i was holding a kinda big pike in the other one). what if you could just flip it open like a butterfly knife? but i dont know how i could loosen those rivets.... so that's why i need some help. Pictures:

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Foldable floating house for two

Hello everyone. I have plans for foldable and floating house fit for 2 people with WC, 2 beds, 2 fishing chairs with tables and maybe a bbq :) I dont have the money to build it but its a dream of mine. I'll be happy if someone is interested and actually build this thing. when folded its 250sm / 150sm / 50 sm h. For the materials i can use steinless steal squares for base, old inner tires for support, light aluminium rods for the roof, some watter resistent fabric for the walls and some custom made beds and tables. I'm working on pictures with some lame architecture program and i'm posting them as soon as i can. I also have schematics of the joints and locking systems ... well if anyone is interested let me know

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Where can one fish for invasive snakehead fish around Roanoke, Va ? Answered

I have heard that the invasive Northern/Giant Snakeheads are prevalent in Virginia and I was wondering where near Roanoke, Hardy, or Salem I could possibly fish for one. I have also heard that they are delicious, and might get one taxidermied. It's not me in the picture.

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Whitewater kayak into a good fishing kayak? Answered

I am looking to buy a kayak. I don't want something too long, or too expensive. I am planning to buy off of craigslist. While on craigslist, I noticed that whitewater river kayaks have ALL of the features that I want in my fishing kayak. Limited size, plenty of space to move, alot of storage space... I was just wondering if I could buy a whitewater river kayak, make a few modifications, and use that as a lake fishing kayak? The only modifications would be fishing rod holders, a paddle hoder, and maybe a container inside to hold bait and tackle. Thanks for looking at this, freeza36

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How do fish drink\urinate?

I now it's a dumb question but I was wondering, if they live in water, can they drink ?

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anyone know much about fly fishing reels?

Ok so i have a okuma fly fishing reel that ticks,i once stopped it from ticking but forgot how anyone have any suggestions? off on a fishing holiday soon and need info asap

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how come fishes eyes pop out? Answered

How come whenever your using live bait and you reel the bait back in the eyes on the bait fish are always bulging sometimes it will only be one eye sometimes both

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How do I catch majuas (smelt)? Answered

I live in miami Florida and they're every where any suggestions on how to catch them?    

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how can i build a flourescent lamp that operates on 12 vdc?i want to build one like i saw on fishing lights .com

Anyone know how to go about getting the proper ballast to make it run on 12 volts dc?where i could get one?

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Now that's what life is for...

Fishing that is. I got to spend 6 hours today on the Mosquito Lagoon with a professional fishing guide. This was my first time with a pro and it was insanely fun. This guy knew more about fishing than I could even imagine existed. The fishing was a little slow, and the guide cussed a blue streak when we got to his best spot and found a kayaker wading around aimlessly spooking the fish. But I still had a great time and landed the three biggest fish of the day a 14 lb Red and two sea trout 6 & 4 lbs. Numerous smallertrout were caught and released.

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Can someone post an instructable on how to do electrofishing with just a car battery and a switch and wires, without a samus module or a susan module that you buy off of ebay?

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Which Kayak should I get?

I am interested in getting a sit on top kayak to take fishing with me when I go campping. I can't decide between the Lifetime Tamarack and the Lifetimme Lotus. I will be buying from Sports Authority. Any Thoughts? (The lotus is $160 and the Tamarack is $230) Lotus Features Sit-on-top kayak Tunnel hull design keeps kayak upright One contoured adult seat One molded-in child seat Paddle cradles secure paddle when not in use Mast receiver receptacle Foot wells for leverage when paddling Generous cargo hold Ditty trays conveniently located for holding odds and ends Bottle holder Cut-out side carry handle T-handle in front with optional rear location Tamarack The Lifetime® Tamarack™ 120 "sit-on-top" kayak features a flat bottom for stability and a comfortable backrest for long days on the water. It's constructed with blow-molded, high-density polyethylene, making it durable, UV protected and impact resistant. With shock-cord straps, multiple footrest positions, two 6" center compartments and fishing rod holders, this kayak has plenty of extras to enhance your paddling experience. Features Constructed from UV-protected high-density polyethylene (HDPE) Lightweight 50-lb design Multiple footrest positions for different-sized riders Comfortable seat back Stable, flat bottom Easy carry handle Front and rear shock-cord straps 6" center storage compartment Paddle cradles Front and rear T handles for easy transport Deep hull tracking channels Stability chine rails Will not fade, crack or peel Dimensions: L 120" x W 31" x H 14.1" Maximum Weight Capacity: 250 lbs Draft: 5" Warranty: 1-year manufacturer's limited  

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what can i use to feed fish?

caught some fish at the local lake. now i need some way of feeding them. (they don't always eat everything so i would like a way to feed them but at the same time pick up anything that wasn't eaten. i need a contraption to hold/feed my fish :( any help/suggestion/invention is much appreciated :D

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Probability question : What gender are my fish? Answered

This is NOT a school homework question; I did my last one of those three decades ago! We were sitting in the sunshine, watching our six golden rudd swimming around the garden pond and my wife asked me "how many do you think are females?"  Well, lacking a detailed veterinary examination (of the fish!) I found it hard to give any sort of answer.  All I could suggest was I'd tell her what the likelihood of each mix was . . . later. Truth is, I've found it hard to come up with an answer and get varying results depending on the reasoning I apply.  So, can someone tell me the correct method for this and the probability of each possible mix of males and females.  For the sake of argument we'll assume these six fish were drawn from a large population of equal males and females and all were equally hard to catch. I'm sure my wife is on tenterhooks, awaiting my answer to her question ;)

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where can i buy another firetip 8ft telescopic fish rod?

Hello, 6-7 years ago i went to the melbourne boating camping fishing expo where lots of cheap brand new models (samples) fishing rods were being sold. while there, i bought a telescopic fishing rod, which only now while looking for a replacement have i actually noticed it has writting on it! (because it is on the second section. over the years it has sufferd many damages, including what it got when i first bought it, which was that the top section became jammed in, and even now i cannot remove it, and while trying to undo what i did when i flicked up my rod , i ripped off the second tracer. over the last year i have done too much damage for me to risk using it anymore (it is a beloved sentimental treasure, which i hope to restore when i can), and i dont want a different carbon fiber , i want one the same as this, so i ask, does anyone know where i can find another rod like this? i suspect its made my uglystick, but i cant be sure though it shares the same paintwork pattern. i want to start fishing again now that i have located a hidden fishing spot known as sandy creek, which occasionally gets monster fish at high tides, and usually has decent fish in it always, as opposed to other shore accessed spots around darwin tiwi area. i am thinking of buying a palegic carbon fiber fishing rod, but i really like m old rod, please help! ill give a best answer to anyone who can resolve my problem, or find a lookalike

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Is tubing used in fish tank air pumps "food quality" tubing, like a drinking straw? Answered

I'm wanting to use some (new) plastic tubing that is used with fish tank aquarium air pumps as a drinking straw but I don't know if it is safe "food quility" plastic. How about the plastic tubing used for oxygen machines?  Is that safe to use for a drinking straw? I'm trying to make a cheap hydration system to use while kayaking so it keeps my hands free to paddle.

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boating help! I need help finding a CHEAP dingy for fishing and recreational use. HELP!! FAST!! PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I need an inflatable dingy for fishing and recreational use.  the small fishing kayack cant fit me and my friends and I'd love something motorized for longer trips out to the channel island and such.  Im thinking of buying a 10 to 5 foot boat for cheap with a motor.  where should I do this in Santa Barbara, Ventura,  LA or Camarillo.  help!!! 

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I need a good Sk8boarding camcorder

I am in desperate need of a good skateboarding camcorder that i could also purchase a fish eye lens for. It would probably have to be under $300. I am currently looking at the mini dv cameras. But any advice or info would be appreciated.

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How to use an old freezer/fridge as a garden box or fish pond? How would you establish drainage?

Not that I have space for such here at home, but thinking along green lines and how to recycle old appliances. I know my grandpa had an old freezer he used that was converted to a mini green house wiht some grow lights, but I was thinking more along the lines of container gardening or fish pond.

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hunting and outdoors rec.

Anyone know ways of making a effective ghillie for hunting without using burlap...burlap tends to rip apart or fall offf over time and can be a hassle...or any bipods i can make for my rifle... and anything else that can be useful for hunting

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How do I weave or make a cast net traditionally by hand using a shuttle and sheet bend knots?

What I would like to know is how to make a cast net traditionally using a shuttle and sheet bend knots, the problem is that I dont know how many initial loops to put on the metal ring in clove hitches, and where to put the spacers, any ideas?

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Have you ever made a coloring book for kids?

I am looking ot make a coloring book for kids for our outreach program. Is this the type of program i am looking for to create one. 

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