how many?

How many square feet of helium do you need to lift 1pound?

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How to skateboard

Some of us should post lessons on how to skateboard because there is none on this site (i think). People could teach others by pictures or videos step by step on how to skateboard. Like tips and tricks. Also we could start at like basics like how to turn and stop. Then have some tricks like how to ollie and kickflip.

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how many?

How many square feet of helium do you need to lift 1pound?

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how to fish?

I want to know how to rig my pole to catch a fish. And different ways to fish

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How to Goat

Needs no further explanation I think.

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how to make a switchblade? Answered

How to make a switchblade

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how to make a switchblade?

How to make a switchblade send links or post please!!!!!!!!

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how to make a virus?

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how to clean helmet?

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how to play tennis?


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how to becomes a boxer?

I want to know how to hit and be prepare went someone hit me......

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how to delete profile?

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how to make compost?

 We built the screened barrel type composter featured on this site but are unsure how to make compost in it.

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how to build a barel? Answered


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how to make a bow?

It is for a boy 7 years old. We live in South India and would like to use indigenous materials.

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how to build a treehouse?

I want to build a treehouse for my kids, well actually not a real treehouse a little house just for them, but with that style.

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how to download an ebook?

I'm trying to download the ebooks, I click on the download ebook lik, a pageopens, reccomending different formats but no download link

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How to add a video?

I have been making a instructables but when i upload a video it turns into picture what should i do??

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I play handball,im not very high,and i play right-back....i need to jump higher to be able to shot better...please help

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How to make a glider?

I want to make a glider BUT A REAL ONE.Something that will help someone fly from place to place  P.S. I saw it in a book but it isnt mentioned

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how to build a pergola?

I have a 14x14 slab of cement that is 3 to 4 inches deep. I would like to use 4x4 for posts not in the ground there will be a metal base. or use 6x6 for corner post. i will be building a pergola with 1x2 or 2x2 rafters.+++++++++++++ thanks to everyone with pics and options safety ones too. soo how about 6 4x4x8 with 2x10x12 rafters??

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How is this is going to work?

Well, I guess once we have enough members, we will go to every instructable once, and go through all comments to check for the right spelling. Any other things, we should know about?

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How to Ski in the Summer

I was pretty impressed with the ingenuity and creative thinking that went into developing plastic sheets on ski hills for skiers to continue practicing through the summer. Maybe someone could make an Instructable on how to do one of these on the cheap for anyone who isn't fortunate enough to live near a ski club outfitted with these plastic chutes? I'm not a skier myself; grew up in Florida and live in SoCal so I'm more of a summer critter, but I love the Winter Olympics. 

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how to make toddy?

Toddy usually can made on tree of toddy(this tree is looks like tree of coconut) and which is natural but i want to make it without tree by adding chemicals so plz send me the procedure to make toddy and it can be made ,i am 100%sure.

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How To Make Clay? Answered

Ok, Multiple Questions (below) - Is there an easy way to make Good, Hard, Air Dry clay. - Is there a place that sells Lots of clay for cheap. - Can mud be turned into clay somehow :/ ? NOTE: lives in TX, is working on new instructable, and needs LOTS of clay for cheap.

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how to fire clay Answered

Hi i have been trying to make a clay membrane at home ( similar to kitchen tile ). i have used clay from art store and home depot without any success. after making a plate  of various ticknesses , i dry the plate for a few days but when i try to heat it it will breaks down , makes a popping sound and chips off. any suggestions ? thanks Michael

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How to plant fruits?

I have a place, which I want to convert to a garden. My home is two story, so I'm gonna use this second story balcony for my garden. As I'm a beginner at gardening, I don't know where to start. I plan to plant fruits here, and I prefer starting from seeds. What fruits are suitable for my place, which is a tropical place? I live in Batam, Indonesia and Batam is just 10 degrees north from the equator. Can I plant strawberries? Please help me.

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How to make a tree?

I just moved my office and now there is a pole in my cubicle. I've decided to turn this heinous and inglorious pole into a beautiful and realistic indoor tree. The pole is 6" in diameter (18" circumference), 9' high. I've ordered birch bark tubes to wrap around ( the pole. The trunk is set. Next up is to make branches for the top of the tree. Anyone have experience making branches and leaves look realistic? Where can I buy artificial leaves? Should I buy an artificial tree and cut off the leaves? Should I make the leaves myself? Thanks!?

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How to start poppies from seed?

I'm hoping to get info on starting poppies from seeds. Some questions are: What temperatures are best to start the seeds? Is it best to stratify the seeds first? I have been told to plant seeds where they won't be moved-for moving them can kill em. A few years ago I had to remove poppy plant because it was growing in line of septic line-which had to be replaced. So this was apparently true as to why I lost it! I think it must have re-seeded itself and kept coming back every year. Since I have been trying to start more with not much success. Thanks

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hydrogen peroxide

I am wanting to make some sulphuric acid because it is on of the most useful acids around and i have ran into a problem. after you burn sulphur to create sulphur dioxide you then need a catalyst to form sulphur trioxide and then dissolve in water. which catalysts could be used and could you just let the sulphur dioxide dissolve in hydrogen peroxide (so2-----so3------h20--------h2so4 or so2 ------ h202---------h2so4).if this would work how could you get a large enough concentration of hydrogen peroxide?

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morror how to make one

How do you make a mirror using a glass pain or a sheet of clear sheet of plaset arilick

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how fast are your reflexes?

Go to: fastest average was 0.156 secondsI usually get around 0.21 secondshow about you?BTW the average person's reflexes is 0.25 seconds for those people wandering if their reflexes are faster or slower than an average person.

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How many Of your instructables are rated under 3*?

How many of you instructables are rated under 3*? I have 2, my ASCB, and my Handgun. They suck. How about you?

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How do I make a life like sculpture of a child out of cement or fiberglass or fiberglass cement to be set outdoors?

I was thinking of somehow doing the tape mold of a child then covering it in cement slurry or fiberglass cement.  Ideas?  

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Parachute Cord

How do you join two pieces of parachute cord together? We've tried burning them with a lighter. That didn't work too well. Thanks!

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how to make a cheap skateboard?

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how to paint a project box

How do u paint a plastic project box from rat do u do stencils to

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How many contest votes?

Ok, how can i see how many votes my instructables have in contests? Yup, thats it...

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how to build a row boat?

How to build a row boat

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how to read a simple compass?

how to read a simple compass and how to find N-S-E-W  from the sun.

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how to make shuriken? thanks!?

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How do stones skip?

I know how to do it, I'm just wondering what's happening.  It's spinning and .....????

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How to make a homemade axe? Answered

I need to know how to make a homemade axe badly pl tell

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