Like I'm bored and I want to blow some stuff up any 1 have any ideas of what I should do?

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Making of an Switchblade?

Hello, I am wondering if any people know how a switchblade is made in a tool making shop.  I am hoping to make a switchblade this year.  I would like to learn from anybody who is able to teach.  I am only able to find one or two videos online which help. I know that in many countries, switchblades are not legal.  However, here in Austria, switchblades are legal to own and even hold in public. I apologise for my language.  I speak German and Spanish.  However, I speak some English, but I learned it later in life.  I read English better than I write.

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Internet Procreation

It seems as if metacafe, my internet video site of choice, and instructables, my how to site of choice are "procreating" if you have not noticed many of metacafes top producers have made step by step instructions for there video. notice that kipkay nk5 babblin5 and zackscott some of metacafes top how to producers have instructables now and i suggest you check them out i suggest you view their metacafes pages as well

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how to make a switchblade? Answered

How to make a switchblade

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how to make a switchblade?

How to make a switchblade send links or post please!!!!!!!!

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how to make a virus?

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how to make compost?

 We built the screened barrel type composter featured on this site but are unsure how to make compost in it.

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How to make a glider?

I want to make a glider BUT A REAL ONE.Something that will help someone fly from place to place  P.S. I saw it in a book but it isnt mentioned

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how to make toddy?

Toddy usually can made on tree of toddy(this tree is looks like tree of coconut) and which is natural but i want to make it without tree by adding chemicals so plz send me the procedure to make toddy and it can be made ,i am 100%sure.

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This Is Making Me Angry!

I cant seem to find this awesome game on the internet. it is a flash game, where you would make a sort of figure,( a caterpillar) and you were able to make it walk using these muscles. anyone heard of it. you would basically animate a figure to walk.

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help making a trigger?

im trying to make a my own airsoft gun, but i am stuck.i cant figure out how to make a truigger that will work. any help? (the pictures should help) i need something that im able to cock and it will stay until i pull the trigger. please helpppp.

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how to make a bow?

It is for a boy 7 years old. We live in South India and would like to use indigenous materials.

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make a throat mic?

I want a throat mic for paint ball or anything else involving loud environment or when i need to be quiet.  the problem is they are expensive so i was wondering if anyone could help me in making one

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How To Make Clay? Answered

Ok, Multiple Questions (below) - Is there an easy way to make Good, Hard, Air Dry clay. - Is there a place that sells Lots of clay for cheap. - Can mud be turned into clay somehow :/ ? NOTE: lives in TX, is working on new instructable, and needs LOTS of clay for cheap.

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How to make a tree?

I just moved my office and now there is a pole in my cubicle. I've decided to turn this heinous and inglorious pole into a beautiful and realistic indoor tree. The pole is 6" in diameter (18" circumference), 9' high. I've ordered birch bark tubes to wrap around ( the pole. The trunk is set. Next up is to make branches for the top of the tree. Anyone have experience making branches and leaves look realistic? Where can I buy artificial leaves? Should I buy an artificial tree and cut off the leaves? Should I make the leaves myself? Thanks!?

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Knife making tips

Im new to instructables ive tried a few easy paracord projects but now want to try making my own knife I have a piece of 01 gauge 3mm high carbon steel and a few designs to start. I'm looking for some tips on shaping the blade, hardening and final sharpening. I'm sure there are lots of little tricks out there hopefully this way I won't have to learn them the hard way. Thanks dugie

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making a grappling hook ?

I know there are already instructables on grappling hooks but none are quite what i want . criteria are :strong,cheap, a good weight heavy enough to get distance on a throw but not so much that it feels like carrying round a rock , adaptable from tasks like getting up a tree to using as an anchor from a boat(which i plan to make at some point) to dragging logs around etc. i have an idea of welding together some heavy duty nails or screws.   or possibly putting some screws into wood but im worried that the former would be quite difficult for me to make with m lack of experience and the latter to be to weak .so please could anyone reading this put there ideas forward ,  thanks wood wizard

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making a bridge on a sledge ?

I know thats a wierd title but i have an explanation. i reckon its going to snow soon and to get to the best hill me and my freinds have to cross a frozen stream about a foot wide but 6 foot at the top of the v shape its in  we cant jump like we would any other time of year because of the sledges weight we couldnt get far enough and we`d land on the stream and get very cold. so is there any way that anyone can suggest of atatching a bridge to my sledge (a bit like the mt 72 tank principle). four main criteria are:lightweight ,removable,cheap and 3 foot long(the sledge is already three of the six foot) i have an idea but its heavy.the sledge is wooden and has an 8inch by 3 foot space underneath and is about a foot off the ground.all ideas are welcome! please help.thanks ,wood wizard. UPDATE i have limited wood can anyone suggest a design where the bit of the sledge where you sit becomes part of the walkway. also im getting two of the desgns ive thought of on my site :

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Free winemaking items

I have recently been given some wine making equipment for free and id like to ask What one piece is Its a purple cylindrical tube with two bits that slide out one has a hole in the middle and the other has a Piece of plastic to fill that hole?? does anyone know what it could be

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how to make a cheap skateboard?

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how to make shuriken? thanks!?

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morror how to make one

How do you make a mirror using a glass pain or a sheet of clear sheet of plaset arilick

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i want to make a sundial.

I want to make a sundial. any/all of the information to do this will be greatly appreciated?

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How To MAke A Butterfly Knife?

How Would You Make A Butterfly Knife? Like How Would You Make The Blade, Get The Little Metal Parts That Let The Blade & The Handles Move, And What Would You Need? Any Links? Please? Thanks.

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How to make a "strong-arm" ?

Is it possible to make a strong arm for protect effectively front armlevers ? Thanks JC

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i need to make mud!!!!!?

 i need to make mud to put on a model car and im not sure on how

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How to make a homemade axe? Answered

I need to know how to make a homemade axe badly pl tell

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Make some Zombie Choppers !

Time to make some real Zombie Choppers! See my 'ibles! Thanks, Triumphman

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Making a solar pool heater?

I am planning to make a solar water heater for my kids little pool and am wondering if I could use PVC piping and Plexiglass or will it get to hot and melt them?

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How to make a tricycle differential?

How do you make a tricycle differential so that both wheels can be driven yet and rotate at different rates when going around a turn?  This would be for a human-powered tricycle.

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How to make a rocket stove?

I've seen several sites on how to make a rocket stove, but they all seem to have video and my computer can't read video's until I change to many things. Is there a how to here? Thanks.

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make real gun designs

I think that people should try to make their guns look realistic and cool rather than blocky and weird. below is my sl9. I am currently working on a m14, used Vietnam as a primary weapon.

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Boiling urin to make it drinkabul? Answered

Insted of creating a soler still, can I just boil it and colect what evaperts with a rag? will this provid me with drinking water?

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make a frame for frameless backpack

I have an eastpack 60lt and stuff always pile up in the bottom; what can I use that is light and keeps the backpack straight and stretched?

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What should i make...

I just got my new shipment of knex, my others got lost when i moved along with my tv an my computer speakers. and alot of new guns have come out lately. can someone recommend which gun i should make. it doesn't matter how many pieces is uses, and it doesn't matter how old it is. thanks for the help and ill keep you posted on how i like the gun

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How to Make an Invisible Trail?

I am trying to make a hidden trail that can only be followed with a black light. This will essentially be done by following a series of "bread crumbs" that are only visible in the UV spectrum. I've had some success with a highlighter; the bark soaks up the ink, making it invisible to the naked eye. It's lasted a few rainy days, but I am not certain it will last for (at least) several months. I was wondering if there is another way to do this, one that is a little more weatherproof.

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How to make a caster board?

They go by various names - wave boards, ripstick... They have two caster wheels and a spring loaded joint in the center. I've seen the caster wheels (inline style) in a DIY shop. Maybe there is a trick to making the connector using a simple hinge and some bungee elastic?

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How to make a Rope Bracelet?

Hi guys. MrGeek here with a question. I found a pretty awesome bracelet at think geek (  and I was wondering If anyone knew how to make one. I've looked over some of the instructables here, and haven't found anything. If there is something, or if you're More creative than me (which you probably are) could you please show me? Thanks! MrGeek

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How to make a stool for weeding?

I have had a knee replacement and cant kneel to weed my garden. I would like to have a stool, prefer one with rockers on the bottom to weed my veggie patch. Thanks Gill

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Help Making Papercrete Garden

Hello, I was thinking about ripping out all the rotted wood in my backyard garden and replacing it with basically a waist high garden area to grow herbs and I stumbled upon papercrete one day. I've never used papercrete let alone concrete in general. I was just wondering if I could get some general help on where to start. I'd like to make this out of papercrete block and papercrete mortar if all possible but I don't know what amount of newspaper, water, and portland concrete I need... or even how to make molds. -Jimmy

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Making or modifying eyeglass frames

Does anyone have any references for how to create or modify eyeglass frames? I have a couple of very hard and nice looking sapphire crystal rounds from very expensive projector lights that I would love to make into a set of hi-tech John Lennin glasses. Any tips? Links? Instructables I missed? I know I could probably cajole an eyeglass place, but want to do this on the super cheap. Thanks!

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Planning to make a electrical device ?

Hi, basically I am planning to make a device,  like a elongating stick/rod. Based on a meter (scale) it should keep elongating, when the current is supplied. For instance say we have  rod of 3 feet  in length (3 pieces).  The rod will be in the device, when I supply the power to the device, it should protrude to 1 feet and then again for more power another 1 more feet and more power another one more feet. Can some one pls help. Thanks.

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how to make a hunting bow?

Dear: Instructables  Just to let you know I have been having a lot of fun with my current bow. My only complaint is that it is not something you would use for hunting. It barley can shoot arrows at 35 pounds. I was just wondering if someone could point me in the right direction for a hunting bow? I don't know if my bow could be used for hunting or how much force it can shoot at but all I know is that it can't be used for hunting it doesn't have enough force. I'd prefer to make my next bow out of pvc if I can. Thank you. From: Noah

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Make the stream do the work !

I live 150' from a swift flowing stream (about 35 vertical feet from stream to house) and I am looking for a way to use the energy of the stream to pump water uphill to my garden and a "water feature" I'm building. My wife is more concerned about how the contraption will look in her yard, but I simply want something that will work. ANY advice would be appreciated ! Thanks

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I want to make a backpack

I have an old army jacket that doesn't fit me anymore, and i think it would be cool to turn into a backpack, i did the Tim Anderson and Star waterproof test on it and barely any air gets through, i also have an old backpack with broken straps i can use, what do you guys think? Any ideas are appreciated. BTW, my touchpad went out on my laptop today.

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