mythbusters motor cannon

On mythbusters the made a tire shooting thing similar to an automatic piching device with two wheels that rotate in the same direction and you push the ball into them and it flies away i just wanted to know if anyone had made one would have been good for launch it

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Attaching a motor to a bike? Answered

I have an old motor that I'd like to attach to a bike. There are a few things that concern me though that I was hoping some people could clear up for me: 1. I'm wondering if maybe the motor is a bit too powerful for a bike. The motor is a briggs and stratton 4-stroke 3 horsepower 127cc engine that runs at 3600 rpm. It originally came from an old edger. I've read of people fitting bikes with 70cc engines, but nothing this powerful. If it is too powerful, is there any way to rectify that problem? 2. As I see it, there are 2 ways the engine could be attached: by friction to the tires, either front or back, or by chain directly to the front gears.  Ideally, I'd like it attached via chain in this way creating a gearshifting system from the already existent gears on the bike. But can a bike's deraileur handle the power that an engine brings, or would it be too much? 3. Lastly, I plan on using a centrifugal clutch. However, I've had bad experiences with them in the past that made startup of the engines difficult. (mainly due to the fact that the clutch kept engaging even though the engine was off. You could see how during startup of a go-kart, this could be frustrating.) Do you think a new and properly selected clutch would behave that way? Thanks a ton in advance! 

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motorised motorized bicycle?

Im looking to make a gas/petrol push bike i have access to all tools exempt welder i have multiple weed eater engines and money is not a problem i am 18 and looking to put a motor on a 12inch bicycle i would pefer chain drive so a gear ratio? i would pefer it to go fast and be rear weel drive the motors dont have a clutch i have seen the one here but there friction drive somone help me out? thanks in advance

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electric bicycle motor?

Okay, Im thinking of turning my bicycle (a "Quasar Bounty") into an electric bike.  it already weighs about 30-40 lbs. And I want it to go at least 30mph. Can someone please suggest a motor I can use, and what battery I should use? Thanks, Michael McPherson (mmcpherson4)

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Increase the speed of an electric motor? Answered

My electric bike, seen here, was built for my senior project. I was limited on motor choice, and had to go with the best I had, an old powerchair motor. After 2 successfull attempts at building an electric bike, I have discovered that it is impossible to go faster that 25 mph with with one of these motors. As you can see on my instructable the bike has 6 speeds, with a top speed of 20mph in first gear. however, when I shift gears, the motor rpm's decrease instead of the speed increasing. I have heard before that it is possible to run an electric motor at higher voltages than it is rated, so I was wondering, if i could add a seperate switch and a "booster battery" of sorts, that as long as I monitered the voltage so as to not let exceed 24 volts, if this would be feasible. My only other option would be to add a second motor in parallel with the first, and on the same drive belt. The first option would be the easiest, if it could work without damaging the motor. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, iloveairsoftstuff

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Brushless motor upgrade for exceed?? Answered

I have an exceed sunfire buggy 1/10th and I am planning on getting a brushless upgrade. I don't know if the battery and car itself can handle the one i want. I have a 7.2v 4200mahNiMh battery pack and the motor I  want to get is a 5.5T 6000kv motor. I was wondering if anyone knew if my car could handle that. If it couldn't, would a 8.5T 4000kv motor be better? And how fast would the second motor go? Please comment soon if you know anything about these motors.

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2 stroke motor help?

Hi guys I built something similar to this anyways the coil thingy that the guy cut a circular hole for came off my engine. There's magnets in it. I'm pretty sure that the magnets drive the spark plug as there's a small black piece that hooks to the plug. So am I screwed?

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What kind of of the hardware shelf motor should I use for an electric bike that only needs about 25 mpr?

I'm trying to convert my street bike to electric and I'm looking for a cheap motor that I could find at almost any local hardware store. the motor needs to be able to move me and the batteries on my 27 inch bike at least at 25 mpr on flat road and sidewalk. and at least at 15 mpr up hill.... the motor needs to also be quiet as to not scare and walkers.

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can i use 1 speed controller (24v 350w) for x2 24v 350w motors????its for a electric cart?

Im looking to build a electric cart with two 24v 350w motors but im wondering if i can use just one speed controller for it, the speed controller is 24v 350w thanks  james

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want to put an engine on bicycle, Any ideas?

I live up a big hill and riding down is fun but going up is a pain. want to fix this with a motor, What kind should I use? Where can i buy it? How much doese it cost?

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what do you do for the gas/air ratio on a weedeater 2-stroke? Answered

i made a motor bike and i rode it over 137 miles so far, it hasn't given me much problems except one day it lost compression so i rebuilt it and i put in a new sparkplug and rebuilt the carb after it was running better than ever and the next day i went to ride it and it wouldn't start so i cleaned the carb again, then it was working again but it was like there wasn't any gas, i used to be able to go 29mph now i can only go 16mph with the wind, if i give it too much throttle it will bog down and slow down, so i can only give 1/4 throttle. i have tried messing with the pin in the carb and the tuning screw but they don't seem to do any  thing, what is wrong?

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Windshield removal on a 1979 tri-hull boat? / Need help identifying the hull manufacturer ? Answered

 I recently purchased a 1979 tri- hull boat w/ a 1979 70hp Evinrude.  This is a two part question. First, i cant seem to identify the hull manufacturer. The coast guard sticker does not list it nor are there any markings on the boat hinting the manufacturer. Other than an "Allsport" label on the side of the boat i cant seem to find anything. Second, im currently trying to remove the windshield to prep the boat for paint, but i cant seem to remove the rubber molding / seals over the three screws i need access to, to remove the windshield. Id rather not damage the seal so i can use it again. Any help will be greatly appreciated!!  Thanks!!

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Remote controlled outboard electric motor

Hi, I would like to build a remote system for an electric outboard motor. It could be controlled with a wired remote or not. I would really like to make it so that i can just "clip in" my existing Minnkota transom motor and control speed and direction. I have some electrical skills but really need ideas about gears, controls and suggestions. Any interrested?

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What is the best way to power this motor? Answered

I'm tempted to build an electric bike. I will be using a 4000W Hubzilla hub electric motor. I need about 100V and 80A at max. Batteries are really expensive, so what kind of battery(s) can I buy for under $600 that would match this motor and give me roughly 20 miles? I'm not incredibly worried about weight, but under 30-40 lbs would be superlative. Thanks!

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Motor for hand cranked icecream machine Answered

He guys, i wanted to make my hand cranked iceream machine into a motorised one so would like to know what rpm and torque the motor should have.

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how do I test my hub motor, it dosn't work a tall, there was a short crcuit?

I replaced the controller but this had no afect

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self propelled motor powered boat single person lay on thingy pontoon.

I know that sounds weird, but I don't really know what to call it.  I found piece of Styrofoam that looks like it was from an old buoy.  I cut it in half, made it into a toy boat, then realized the it could hold a person laying down on it.  it is about 3 to 4 feet long and 20 inches wide in the pontoon shape.  Now my questions are, first, how to I keep the Styrofoam from shaving off?  Its the compact type, so the outside is fine, but where I cut it in half it is rubbing off.  Second, should I make it a hand crank, or should I try to get a prop and chainsaw motor on it, or find a trolling motor?  We live within five minutes walking distance from lake Michigan,  so I could probably use it a lot (if it worked).  Thanks!!!

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what is a good engine to use in building a high speed go kart? Answered

I need 2 find a good engine 2 use for building a go kart. I would like to know horsepower ratings, and if i should use gasoline or electric engines. If an electric engine, then what type of battery i should use (lead acid, LiFeP, etc..)

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Friction Drive Weed Eater Bike?

I am wanting to make a weed eater bike and I am having trouble figuring out how to get the bike peg onto the clutch shaft. Can I just thread the clutch shaft with a tap and die set (which I don't have). Would it work if I put the clutch shaft against the wheel instead of putting a peg on it? Also, how hard is it to mount the engine with angle iron since I don't have a welder?

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would this bike idea work?

I have an idea for a bike, where you lay down to use it, sort of like a recumbent, except on your stomach instead. it would be motor powered, and have 2 back tires and one front tire, steered by two steel (or maybe some other material) cables directly attached to the handle bars via a smaller bar at the bottom of the handle bars. it would probably have 48v's worth of batteries, and the chassis would most likely be made out of PVC piping. (unless that isnt a good material for this) i would be designing the bike around me, there might be a camera display so i can see behind me, headlights and tail lights for at night, and most definitely some brakes, maybe disc brakes. i weigh about 100lbs, so the pvc piping should be able to support my weight, i was thinking of using 1.5" or 2" diameter pvc piping, should i use something with a wider diameter? the base of the chassis would be made from 4 pvc pipes arranged in a square, with the pipes about 2"-4" apart. does anyone think this design is totally impossible? or could it work out? i want to know before i buy anything. on the strength of pvc pipes, my friend once had a pvc bike trailer that was capable of supporting my weight, he has since taken it apart to use the pvc in other projects. it was 2" pvc pipes used on that trailer.

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PM-DC motor and its speed control ???

Hi friends,  our team is going to make a trike(tricycle) which runs coz of pedalling and also with an electric motor. we have decided to used PM-DC motor. can anybody please tell us what are the specifications of the motor to be used. also please tell us about the cheapest and easiest mode for speed control of the same. Other details:   Max power of motor allowed=400W Motor is made to run with a power source of a 12V battery. We would also like to know how to charge the battery with the same motor(run as generator) Thank u... 

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where would you find some cheap weedeater motors? Answered

I would like to find some weedeater motors it can be just the motor or some type of motor like it like a blower or something where they have them online for really cheap, like under $40 

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would a clutch bell work as a spindle for a motor bike?

I have a weedeater with a clutch on it and i want to make a motor bike as simple as possible and i am asking if you could use the clutch bell itself as a spindle for a friction drive motor bike if so i could probably build one in about an hour and also if so, where on the clutch bell would be best for contact with the wheel, the bigest part closest to the motor, or the smaller part of it farter away from the motor

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Does anyone know how to unsize a 10hp riding murrey mower motor?

Thought starter was bad. Checked out good. Re connected and just clicked. When screen was turned by hand and key turned at same time, motor turned over then stopped. I am stumped and need help and perhaps can save this motor.

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How do you control 2 motors, 4 servos and 2 stepper motors for a RC airplane? Answered

For the upcoming Epilog challenge I was wondering if there is a 4 servo 2 motor controller for a R/C airplane.If there is can you give me the specifications on what to look for? Is there also a way to control 2 stepper motors from the signal from the transmitter, it has to be semi-light, or light enough for a RC airplane. How could a program both the motor/servo control and the stepper controller?

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how can i make my bike electric using a motor (with brush) from an air compressor and a 12V battery ?

I have wires the motor the battery a switch and an old bike

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Drive systems using cogs for a combat robot? Answered

I am making a combat robot and would like to purchase a drive system which can power two 6cm diameter wheels with a resonable amount of toque. I have a 9.6v motor of which i would like to power it with. Thanks Oscar

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leaf blower runs starts and stops fine butt once turned off it wont go on for a hour

i think it is a model defect because my friend has one with the same problem butt i still want to fix it

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Convert NEUTON lawn mower to outboard motor

 Any thoughts on using a NEUTON lawn mower (36 Volt) to run an outboard motor? 1. Modding NEUTON to variable speed & reverse.  2. Remove engine from outboard.  3. adapt NEUTON motor to outboard shaft.  (The Neuton has the charging, easy battery removal/switching, circuitry)..... Thanks,  Jed

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Cheap but powerful option for a go-cart motor? Answered

I'm pretty keen to build a motorized go-cart with my friend, but we both have run out of chores to do for money, too young to get a job and are on a pretty low budget. We've already got a go-cart that doesn't have a motor, but is well-built (welded frame) and has a proper steering mechanism (not just rope attached to the front axle). Two questions: Would it be easier to make an entirely new go-cart or to adapt the go cart we've got now to suit the engine we get? And What's a cheap option for a motor that has some torque and can go around 40-50km/h? I'm talking cheap like under $100NZ (around 70$US I think?) EDIT: PLEASE DON'T SAY BUY A LAWNMOWER ENGINE UNLESS YOU CAN GIVE ME A DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF HOW TO USE A LAWNMOWER ENGINE ON A GO-CART - Lawnmower engines have vertical driveshafts, and you can't just tip them sideways. A V-belt is not ideal.

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If I make a motorized bike out of a weede eater motor in California, can I ride it in public without a permit ?

Hello, I am wondering if It is possible for me to motorize a bike in the state of california without having to register it at the DMV as a moped. I need a good way to get to and from my school, and a car is too expensive to run. Would I have any trouble legally if I did this?

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How to cool an outboard motor without using water?

I am wanting to build a personal ultralight helicopter. First issue here is to find a suitable engine. Outboard motors have the 40+ horsepower I need and can be found pretty cheaply on places like craigslist. One thing I know about these engines is that they use a water pump to suck up water and cool the engine. It is important that this water is present and can the engine can be wrecked if it is run without water for more than a minute or two. Short of including a water tank on this helicopter, do any of you have any practical solutions to keep an engine like this cool? (Just so you know, an "ultralight" helicopter must weigh under 249 pounds without the passenger. In the US, you can fly ultralights without a pilots' license. 40hp outboard motors weigh around 160lbs so I don't have a lot of room for heavy water.)

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does anyone know if a two stroke engines can run on there side? Answered

As i am currently making a motor bike and have a 2 stroke engine to put on it.

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1977 Evinrude/Johson Lower Unit Rebuild

I had a blown forward and pinion gear that I replaced last season. The rebuild worked for only a month until it destroyed both gears again. Did I possibly miss something on the rebuild that could of caused this? Incorrect shimming? or a high idle? Any help is appreciated.

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want 2 build a auto chicken door, will a rotisserie motor work?

The motor automatically reverses direction when power stops. run cable around shaft of motor (has 20lb weight limit),run on timer.  think this will work?

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how do you make a rocket motor without kno3 or visco fuses? Answered

I have tried a lot of rocket engines with match powder and they have never worked.none of my fuses haver worked either.

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Pulse width modulation dc motor speed control circuit please !!!!?

Hi friends, I need the circuit of pulse wave modulation speed control. - The motor is PMDC motor. - The input voltage is 12V -  The battery used is a 12V lead acid battery which delivers a current of 35A - Thus the power used would be around 400W (420W to be exact) Please give me the circuit stable enough to withstand this high current.... Note: I also found this circuit. " " can this circiut withstand my requirements... Thank u ......

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What are the rockets made out of? Home many motors per rocket can I use?

In this Instructable.

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Building an electric bike, how can I calculate my top speed and battery life?

I'm in the process of building an electric bike to commute back and forth to school, as well to the store. I plan to mount the motor on a rack above my rear wheel, and re-rout the chain from the peddles to the motor above. I've been looking at this ( motor, and I hope to power it with this ( battery (will be using two of these). How to I calculate the battery life using this motor, and is there any way I can calculate the max speed? The bike is predicted to weigh aprox 50 pounds, i'm about 160 plus 20-30 pounds of books and the like in my pack. Thanks in advance!

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Has anyone created a Mid-drive electric bike?

Has anyone created a mid-drive electric bike?  I'm using parts from:;_id=29&osCsid;=uc9u80gtpmv25k2hgqcqjspgi1 but I'm looking for advice on the subject in general.  I'm adding a 600w geared electric motor to either a cruiser or a 700cc hybrid.

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how would I go about charging a car battery with a bike without making the bike unusable for transport?

I am trying to build a non-Gas powered motorized bicycle, and I realized that it may be possible to have multiple power inputs like wind and solar feeding the charge. however, as a jobless 16 year old, I can't test my ideas. I am attempting to create a bicycle that charges while you pedal, storing energy in the car battery. then, the car battery can be used to power a motor powerful enough to keep the bike in motion. Also, yes I know that this would likely be VERY bulky, but I can come up with a solution for that. please help me if you can.

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does anybody have any ideas on how to convert a pull start lawn mower to a key or button start?

I imagine there would be a combination of batteries, starter moters and momentary switches, but other suggestions would great!

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