Portable mister

<br> Saw this on Lifehacker today.  I would to see someone come up with a way to convert this to a PORTABLE system!  http://www.costco.com/Browse/Product.aspx?Prodid=11293723&search=misting%20fan&topnav=&Mo=0&cm_re=1_en-_-Top_Left_Nav-_-Top_search%C3%A2%C2%8C%C2%A9=en-US&Nr=P_CatalogName:BC&N=5000043&whse=BC&Dx=mode%20matchallpartial&Ntk=Text_Search&Dr=P_CatalogName:BC&Ne=4000000&D=misting%20fan&Ntt=misting%20fan&No=0&Nty=1&Ntx=mode%20matchallpartial<br>

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Portable NES Emulator

Below are my rough designs for a portable console that runs a NES emulator, built inside of a NES controller. I don't exactly know how I would do it, but I have a EXCELLENT screen that would work perfectly.

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Portable Camping Stove

I'm in the market for a portable camping stove and I came across this 2 burner WITH a STOVE! This thing looks awesome, assuming you have the space to tote it around with. I have declared 2010 the year of camping for our family. I'm in the process of gathering camping lists and preparing for my buying spree. Any suggestions welcome!

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Portable change table

We are running in partnership with other agencies and the City of Toronto, Parks Forestry and Recreation an accessible swim program for people with physical disabilities. Many of our participants require that they change in a lying down position and thus require a "change table". At this point we are looking at two locations that require this. Challenges include storage as storage space is of high premium at the pools. It would have to be at a height that would be comfortable for the support staff. It should be wide enough to be able to turn a person on their side safely. Sturdy enough to be able to handle up to 350lbs safely. Should be folding (for storage), and have wheels that lock so it can be moved easily. We assume wood is the best material for this (or easiest to work with), but we are open to suggestions. It should also be long enough. We have not come with specific numbers (how many inches/cm wide or high e.g.). For this some of us involved in this program need to discuss the details. However, you may have some questions too, so if you let us know we can provide answers to your questions. A few years we purchased a portable massage table. However, it is not wide enough to accommodate some of our participants with being turned safely. About Tetra Tetra is a non-profit organization that recruits skilled volunteers to create customized assistive devices for people with physical disabilities. See our instructables group at: https://www.instructables.com/group/tetra/

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Portable Pitchers Mound Plans?


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Portable worksite air conditioner

I want to build an evaporative cooler, that I can take with me to my job sites.My tool brand is Makita, so I want to use a Makita leaf blower mounted to a portable cooler. What I think I need your help with is, the small liquid pump for drawing water out of the cooler and sending to a misting nozzle should be DC, so I can draw power from the Makita blower battery.Suggestions are welcome,Ralph

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I want to make a cheap Lifting Gantry

G'day, I am getting old and need help to make a cheap lifting Gantry. I have a lifting device to lift 1/2 ton.  I want to be able to place the device on or near the car trailer.  To be able to lift something like a half full 44 gal drum of rubbish, rocks, sand and tip in into my trailer to take to the dump.  Something simular to this.  Just two uprights and a cross piece that I can hang my lifter on. Cheers Perry

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please help with airsoft bbmg portability

My little brother and his friend always beat me at airsoft not because they are actually better than me but because they have 2 echo 1 m16s and unlimited rounds while I have 2 spring pistols and 500 rounds not playing is not an option because my parents are the kind that always say (insert random phrase) will build character also, I have virtually no $$$$ which means getting a good airsoft gun is out of the question. well I am frankly tired of the slaughter and want to get them back (preferably with quarter sized welts) now I do have a bbmg made of pvc pipe but the only problem is that it is attached to an air compressor I am currently researching ways to make my bbmg portable and still leave welts I really need help with this one so please help me Instructable-wan-konobi you are literally my only hope.

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Should I build a portable livewell or a permanent one?

What is the best way to build a portable or permanent one?

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Portable debris hut frame possibility

I came up with this idea the other night for a portable frame for a debris hut. I was wonder what others thought of it's possibilities. I won't be able to build something like this for a while due to medical issues. If somebody builds this tell me how it worked please.

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How can I make my own Denatured Ethanol Fireplace. I think I could do it, if someone showed me how. Please show me?

Http://www.fireplacesandwoodstoves.com/product-directory/ecosmart.aspxYou can see exactly what it is here. I burns with a spirit, called Methylated Spitirts in Australia or Ethanol, is also known as ‘grain alcohol' or ‘ethyl alcohol'. Dimensionsh 110mm x w 290mm x d 290mm roughly, would suit me fine.Hope to hear from someone soonCheryl

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how to convert a portable circular saw into a table saw

Wondering if anyone has any idea how to build a platform that will turn a portable circular saw into a table saw.

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how can u make a good electric portable air conditioner

I wanted to make a portable air conditioner for camping and stuff like that. I kind of wanted an electric one because all of the ones that i see use ice and would melt during the day up hear in north queensland. i wanted to use two pc fans pushing air into an esky full of cold copper tubing and coming out of three exits of pvc pipe and  ducts running into a tent or my swag do any of u have an idea for my air con thanks

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what can i use as a portable compressed air source for my homemade pvc paintballgun?

I saw lots of instructables and decided to make 1.... but was limited to non portable air compresser so cant play a paintball fight or something:S

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how can i make a methanol fuel cell?

Is there any way in wich I could build a portable lightweight methanol fuel cell?

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making a bridge on a sledge ?

I know thats a wierd title but i have an explanation. i reckon its going to snow soon and to get to the best hill me and my freinds have to cross a frozen stream about a foot wide but 6 foot at the top of the v shape its in  we cant jump like we would any other time of year because of the sledges weight we couldnt get far enough and we`d land on the stream and get very cold. so is there any way that anyone can suggest of atatching a bridge to my sledge (a bit like the mt 72 tank principle). four main criteria are:lightweight ,removable,cheap and 3 foot long(the sledge is already three of the six foot) i have an idea but its heavy.the sledge is wooden and has an 8inch by 3 foot space underneath and is about a foot off the ground.all ideas are welcome! please help.thanks ,wood wizard. UPDATE i have limited wood can anyone suggest a design where the bit of the sledge where you sit becomes part of the walkway. also im getting two of the desgns ive thought of on my site : http://my-site-me.webs.com/

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How do you make an millbank bag?

A millbank bag is a portable gravity powered filter bag.I want to know how to construct one.i have proceded to do this but i need more ideas.

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back packing sauna problem. i want to make a portable heat and steam source for a small 2 man tent sized sauna?

I am trying to design a lightweight portable steamer for a back packing sauna. i do not want to use hot rocks as this is time consuming an the rocks are not always available. idealy the heat source would be outside of the sauna and the steam piped in. i am not sure how much water it is going to take, which means i may have to have some way keeping the boiler etc topped up from a plastic container. i have considered using a conventional wood burning stove with a coil of copper pipe within but cannot get my head around how this would work with out a  kettle type reservoir to hear the water, if the water was just heated in the copper pipe coil fed from a lightweight water container i would imagine i would then need much less heat, help please.

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backpacking sauna how to heat it without using hot rocks, ie perhaps with a portable steam generator or boiler ?

Hi all i am building a back packing sauna which is essentialy a old two man tent converted.  my problem is the heat source for the steam.tradionally people would heat rocks in an open fire. this i feel is time consuming building a fire and then heating rocks for 2 hours or so. i am now thinking of trying to generate steam direct from a wood gas stove and piping it in to the tent anyone with ideas or sugestions please post here. whatever i use needs to be suitable for back packing. thanks Robert

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Geodesic Dome Materials

My friends and I plan on building a geodesic dome at a small park, but we're not sure what materials to use. Our criteria are:it needs to go up fastit would be nice if it was semi-portableit needs to be cheapit needs to be secure enough that it can't be vandalized/removedSuggestions, please? Thank you!

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How do you make a Medieval Pavilion out of an 11 x 11 foot Portable Canopy?

I would like to know how to build a Medieval Canopy out of a Sun Canopy. What I mean by Sun Canopy is it does not have a solid roof and I would like to make a cover that would cover the roof that I could tie off and make removable walls that don't cost alot of money. The people who made the canopy I have no longer make them. Ive seen walls for canopies, but they are always too short or not wide enough. Also I would like for the walls and the roof to be water proof. Thank You for Your Help in this.

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What is the smallest helium balloon that could lift an average human?

I am trying to figure out a way to lighten a load with helium balloons. I am looking for a way to make them portable too, i.e. to be carried in a backpack. Is there a more readily available gas that will do the same job without blowing up, or is helium the current best bet?

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Does anyone know where I could find a 3-4' tall expandable collapsible &quot;yurt wall-type&quot; fence?

Yurt wall-type3-4 ft tall fence, expandable fence that collapses into a tight circle, portable expandable fence that opens to a 10-15 ft circle built like a yurt wall

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How to build a super-thrust blower out of electric blowers to drive a paraglider ?

I want to build a paramotor which is electric and not propeller driven. Therefore, I want 'hand dryer' type blowing technology to provide sufficient thrust. Does anyone know if large super blowers are available in portable electric form ? Could this work ? How much thrust does the propeller create ?

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Operate a 12v/6Amps air pump, with DIY battery pack? Answered

Hello guys... I have an electric air pump and i want to operate it with a battery pack (for camping purposes, away from any kind of electricity source). Its a 12V/72W pump (works with car lighter connector) so by my poor calculations, i need something that can give me 6Amps for at least 5-10 minutes. I have a lot of 18650 batteries in my disposal, so i thought that i maybe can put together a portable battery pack, so when i go camping for example i can carry it with me. My circuits design skills are... nonexistent... My DIY skills are reasonable... so my questions are: 1) Is it possible to create something that can provide at least 5-10 minutes operation, once per every charge? 2) If yes... can you please tell me or point me at the right direction so i can accurately calculate the amount of batteries that i need and the proper way to connect them? 3) or... any other easier "portable" solution? for example something lighter and cheaper than a motorcycle battery...? Thank you for your time! :)

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I have an iphone 4 with a mophie juice pack air case, whats the best way to mount it to my handlebars on my bicycle?

I'd like to be able to see my GPS app and be able to change the music playing through my portable speaker so id like to have it centered or close to center on the handlebars. I also have a mini speaker that id likely just velcro to the bars next to the phone. Any ideas?

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How can I make a simple ultrasonic dog repeller?

I have been chased by some neighborhood dogs while biking in the last few months, and I need some defense. I don't like the mace or whatever sprays, and I certainly don't want to hit them with anything. I know there are some ultrasonic gizmos but they are awfully expensive. I have found some ultrasonic (25KHZ and above) transmitters at Mouser, and I was wondering if anyone could help with how to make my own portable dog stopper. Please Save My Ankles!

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invasion of "creeping charley ground ivy. with High Voltage

I am experimenting with voltages to destroy unwanted vines and other weeds in my grass and garden. I have an idea that  a high voltage may be the answer.  However I don"t  relish using a 120 vac line  out to the grass. So I would like  to make a portable  bat. operated one that  can generate at least 5 kilovolts . The tip of the killing rod  in my hand would be well insulated I presume. Is  this type  of high voltage available?      How about use of a FASER gun? Is it legal? Ground  Ivy is a pest weed. Hard to kill with  chemicals.

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I got another question.

Guys..i got another question. I'm interested in this one project. Here's the link (http://www.tuvie.com/portable-parabolic-cooker-collects-solar-energy-to-cook-your-food/comment-page-1/#comment-19374) It heat up oil using the solar and the oil is the one which produce heat to the coil which will be use for cooking. My question is do you guys have any idea what oil is being used? I'm trying to find out about the oil because that solar cooker is much more easier than what I'm planning to built. That's the only problem about the solar cooker, I don't know what type of oil is used.

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Building a TARDIS... Doctor Who.

My friend George and I suddenly decided yesterday that we'd really love to build a TARDIS.Considering this thing is 8+ feet tall, and we'd like it to be portable... does anyone have any suggestions for materials? I think more than anything I just need to go to Home Depot and look for supplies. Any brainstorming help will be appreciated. :DOh, and if you don't know what a TARDIS is... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/TARDISOr, see below. The TARDIS pictured with the ever lovely David Tennant. :DP.S. I'm not starting on this until the Robot Plushie instructables is up, which will be by Saturday night, if not sooner. :)

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Jak Pak

The worlds first jacket that combines a jacket with a sleeping bag and a tent.From the JakPAk site:(Jakpak) Active Engineering LLC proudly introduces the JakPak, the world's first all-in-one waterproof jacket, sleeping bag and tent. Created by Active Engineering to provide safety and comfort in an unpredictable world, JakPak is the only portable personal sleeping system on the market designed for outdoors and sports enthusiasts, as well as emergency preparedness.The patent pending JakPak design incorporates a waterproof sleeping bag, minimally-structured tent and insect netting into a comfortable jacket, creating an instant dry habitat that is ideal for outdoor sports enthusiasts, people living in areas prone to natural disaster, sports fans who will not be held back by a little rain, and anyone else in need of shelter.

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Large-caliber Sundial

I was wandering the web, looking for information for a future Instructable, when I got ever-so-slightly side-tracked.I came across this blog entry about a bunch of people who made their own, rather unique, sundial:Our friends in the village are building a garden from scratch, to go with their new house. A key part of garden planning is to get the major design "features" sorted out ahead of the planting. One of the things that the boys wanted was a sundial, so work has started there. The plan follows the traditional method of sundial construction, as you will see from the pictures:1. Buy a World War II anti-aircraft gun (preferable the portable kind)2. Put it in the garden.3. Make sure the safety catch is on.4. Invite some like-minded nutters round for a barbecue and get them working the elevation controls.5. Set the barrel to exactly 52 and a bit degrees elevation (to match the latitude of the garden).6. Do some nifty work with a calculator and a compass to figure out where the hour markers go for precise "Northmoor Time".7. Unilaterally declare independence - and if anyone argues....:lol:Link to Blog

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This may be a real puzzler How do I build a tent around a suburban hatchback attached to a bumper pull horse trailer.

 I camp with horses for competitive weekend rides.  I have a 2 horse bumper pull that I pull with a large Suburban. Because the horse or horses usually  have to be tied to the trailer(competition rules)  it is safer to leave the bumper pull attached to the suburban. I have been living and sleeping out of the back of the suburban and I need more room and privacy when we finally get back to camp from riding all day.   The bumper pull has a tack room located on the same side as the passenger  side of the suburban.  That tack room is loaded with tack, feed, hay and water as well and depending on the campsite a  portable potty.  I would like to find a way to run a tent from the suburban back hatch,.over the trailer hookup to the trailer and encompass the tack room. So basically the tent would come off the back of the hatchback which I would leave open of course and most of the living walking and storage area would be on the passenger and tack room side.   this way I can enter from the side ....be able to insure my tack stays dry ..keep coolers and other equipment contained and still sleep in the suburban. One little thought is that I may need to close the hatchback and lock the suburban when we are all away from camp.  although there is usually a camp steward who stays in camp. Oh...Did I mention this has to be fairly easy because...1.  I am pretty builder DIY limited even though I do give it my best shot and 2.  During competitive events there is not a lot of time to set up for human needs as we are judged 24/7 those weekends on how we tend to the horse's needs.  THANK YOU SO MUCH

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What Should I Do With This?

Hi Folks!I would like to propose a new topic, please let me know if it's already hiding somewhere on the site and I've missed it. This might require a whole section to handle all of the possible separate threads, not sure...It's called "What Should I Do With This?"...I have several weird items in my possession that I KNOW have greatness lurking within them, but I'm at a loss about how best to unlock their potential. I'm sure lots of other folks are in the same boat. So here's the idea:We post a photo and/or description of the item, and ask what to do with it. Readers can offer suggestions (hopefully something besides "give it to me!"), advice, etc. Then when/if the advice is taken, we make an instructable, or at least reply to the thread with the results.For example (I'll post pix if I can), I have an ancient external, ~5 lb serial-port CD player in a serious metal housing about a foot long with a power supply built in. What's especially nice is the huge sticker along the side of the silly beast that says "PORTABLE" in huge block letters. It's crying out to be the platform for some device, just not sure what.Another item is a big Fostex 1/2" 8-track reel-to reel with a bad (and I'm told, prohibitively expensive to replace) tape head. So it's got a smooth, quiet & powerful motor (or two), eight analog meters, lots of RCA in & out ports, plus switches, leds, and pulleys for aligning and running the tape. I'm thinking a belt drive for a Van De Graaf, maybe some random dancing needle meters for various projects...See what I mean? I'm sure somebody has some ideas for the bits and pieces I haven't even mentioned, or a better way to re-purpose the entire apparatus without reducing it to it's components.Maybe if somebody was looking for input and got a suggestion that they thought was amazing but outside the realm of possibility for them, they could offer to send the item to the person who made the suggestion (if the recipient paid shipping, of course). But for the most part, I think sharing ideas would be most valuable.What do you think? And, perhaps even more importantly, what should I do with the stuff described above?Thanks!!Mike

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