Up for a challenge..?

So... I was wondering, would anyone be up for a challenge? Here it is: USB powered strobe lights, sound reactive. We got lots of geniuses here, but no one makes this little gadget. They have them on the back of the DS's X3, four lights in each side of the cartridge that react to the music that plays through the DS speakers. But, of course, not outside of a DS cartridge, apparently. Could you do it? Are you brave enough, smart enough, quick enough to be the first? Hm. Lets see it. If you do, post ideas and progress here. Seems like an interesting little project.

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HDPE or UPE beehive

I want to make a beehive but not wood, not sure should i go for HDPE or UPE, any suggestion? which is cheaper?

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when is the results up?

When will the results be posted? it has been past noon. so could someone tell me?

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liven up peopple...

Hello peoples. Ive been away for some time now, and i come back and not a single person has posted anything here. i know its pretty dead, but if you dont all contribute, this won't work. theres plenty of free stuff out there for the taking, and i know EVERYONE on this site has an excess of junk. so post some paper clips, cd spindles, computers or particle accelerators, and if you need something, just ask...

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Best Pick Up Lines

Hi, Please share your funny/corny pick up lines on this forum. Thanks Joe 1.If I could rearrange the alphabet, I would put U and I together. That one was lame but i want to here yours.

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Taskings S PAB Support for OrigamiAirEnforcer's Paper Airport

Well, OrigamiAirEnforcer's Paper Airport group is just new...

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Light up skateboard risers

So i found this instructable on making light up skateboard risers : https://www.instructables.com/id/DIY-skateboard-longboard-riser-lights-angled-riser/ and i have a slight issue with following it to the letter. My risers are not slim hard plastic wedges but instead are 1/2" solid rubber flats, so i want to know if anyone thinks there could be an issue with 'dremeling' a bit deeper than is neccessary for the electronics and taking advantage of the soft rubber by letting the exposed side seal itself against the bottom of my board when i bolt it into place so i dont have to glue the batteries as well as the electronics to weatherproof it? To clarify, i intend to hot glue the LEDs, wiring and switch but not the batteries so that they're easy to replace...

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Knife's Edge- Sketch Up

This is a design I came up with and drew (i guess is the term) into sketch up. The Wings swivel up (shown in second Set of pics). This took about 10-15 hrs of drawing and about 2 hrs of rendering. The wings swivel to maneuver and when landing inside atmosphere. I haven't added weaponry and such so it's still a WIP. But suggestions are welcomed. Tech Specs: - Engines:             10 engines (4 small  large) -Take Off type:       VTOL - Class:                  Frigate - Operation zone: Space/ Atmosphere And for you sketch Up and rendering junkies...  used 40 passes in each render.

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Is There Any Easy Way To Dig up Massive amounts of Dirt? Answered

I Have a Budget of 0 Dollars,I Have Wood,And a Tiny Shovel That i am Using Right now,IT takes Pretty Much Forever to Dig up a Small Bucket,Any Ideas For a Quick Way to do it,By the Way,I Need This Today,So Reply As soon as Possible;) Some Thing That i Can Do To Get the Dirt To come apart Easily?

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How can I make a cart that lowers to slide heavy bags on and also slide them into the bed of a tall pickup truck?

Background: My yard has an incredible ability to create a forest's worth of leaves and branches despite having only a small number of trees. This has led to me developing an irrational dislike of Autumn. To make matters worse, I have no place to put the leaves and my town doesn't provide curbside pickup - I have to bring them to a recycling center. I fight this battle with a lawn suck device (leaf vacuum for those uncomfortable with technical terms) and these huge bags made of tarp material. My back is performing sub-optimally lately so I need to get creative. Issue: I'd like to build a cart that will allow me to slide these giant and often heavy bags on without lifting and roll them over to where the truck is. I'd also like to be able to slide them into the bed of a tall pickup truck. I've thought about a cart that see-saws on large wheels but the angles would be too steep. Now for the degree of difficulty...I don't have a budget for a fancy solution. Can anyone help?

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how to sharpen up a ferro rod?

How do u sharpen up a ferro rod thiny magig that u use to hit against the rod

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My Instructable Isn't showing up...

I added my instructable to the group (here) but its not showing up in the list of projects under the contest... help please!

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Fixing up a old wooden opti?

Me and a friend were given a free wooden optimist but, it was beat up with chipping paint and pealing wood. We want to fixit up and repair it to working condition, it also has a bunch of broken straps for the air bag any help or advice fixing it and repainting it. 

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.2g airsoft bbs curving up

I'm using .2g bbs with my UTG MK23 airsoft pistol, which I have been told are better than the .12g because they will not curve up. Yet when I shoot with the .2g bbs, they still curve way up and I have to aim below my target to hit it. Does anyone know why this might happen and/or how to fix?

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Anyone up for a bit of Dragon feeding?

  I've got a few patches to give away so help me FEED MY DRAGONS.

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How do you back up a trailer?

I absolutely can not back up a trailer.  We use trailers all of the time, from hauling rocks after rock hunting to setting up for a craft show.  I'm doing great going forward.  However, I can not back up on my own.  Sometimes it is impossible to "pre-plan" my path so that it includes no backing up. Gloflyer

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How to make a wind up hose reel?

I need a wall mounted hose reel that has a handle that I can wind up.

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Ideas for setting up a stand in a little event? Answered

So i am getting a chance to set up a stand in a 'Carnival'. so any ideas? the audience is 10 to 16 year olds.

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Art film of close-up zit-popping

Be warned, this is rather gross. But in that can't-look-away train-wreck kind of way.

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anyone come up with a diy solar blanket for a pool?

Anyone come up with a diy solar blanket for a pool?

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Wallace & Gromit/ Saw 3 Trailer Mash-Up

This is... concerning.

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can i hook up an engine to a razor scooter? Answered

I have an old scooter that i want to do something cool with. is there any way i can do something like hook up a leaf blower to it or something? thanks

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Wind energy to light up a car top sign?

Any help here would greatly be appreciated. I work at a pizza delievery place where we use car top signs. In order to light up the signs we must plug it into the cig.lighter. I was thinking that it might be a good idea to use the wind from the car moving down the road to power the light in the sign to free up the cig. ligher for other things( Sirius radio). I have absolutely no idea on how to go about this. Anyone have any ideas? I would greatly appreciate it.

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Any quick and easy set ups for cooking over a campfire?

Thinking particularly about a tripod set up.... or just what works best for you rustic campers out there. Please and thank you...

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Do we have any new contests coming up? Answered

I couldn't find any.

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looking to hook up pvc pipe to intex pool pump?

Having problems with water leaks from a intex pool pump.would like to go to an all pfc pipe system ,rather then those weak hoses.Fitting seem to be the problem.Would love to hear from those who have solved this problem.I have tried solving this problem by buying plumbing parts but does not work very well.Thanks

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My arms wont/haven't buff up, and eating problems

               So I have been working out since 3rd week of December last year and maintained regular workouts and exercises weekly , I've done dozens of reps of push-ups, Pull-ups, barbell curls and other barbell exercise, some face pull, squats, Pumpings, curl-ups and couple of abdominal Muscle Exercise. I know im a bit too young for a 15 year old, but I've been skinny and thin since grade school, so i've decided to get on the muscular exercises.                                I started it last year's summer but i wasn't able to do it regularly and mostly busy on my studies and some school activities. I noticed my biceps, shoulder muscles, abdominal muscle (it seems the upper muscle is in pretty good shape, the ones below the ribs except the lower ones), my calf muscle, thighs seemed to improved but it seems they just getting harder or something like that but it is not growing bigger and I still look Skinny. I know good body shape take months and years of hard work but it just seems like nothing is happening to me.                 Also, I think i got a problem on my eating habit, I dont always feel full or satisfied, that when I eat Im still hungry but i can't take any more food. And I also noticed I mostly cant swallow my food even if it's grinned in my mouth, that I need to drink any beverages to swallow it, the problem when i drink to swallow my food is that i always feel full because of the water, but even if i eat without drinking much water, I still cant finish my food.               Im still skinny as hell

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what to do when you find a whale washed up on the beech??? Answered

I want to know what to do if i find a whale on the beech if i ever do??? Please help :2)

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my 1984 honda spree shuts off when it warms up!

It has a new cylinder, piston and rings, installed properly. autobystarter works fine, reed valve is clean, has all new gaskets. I am mixing the fuel instead of putting it in separatly, to avoid burnign up the engine if the oil injector wears out. What do i do? i am monetarily invested up to its value!

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A topic addressing the thousands of "Published instructable doesn't show up on site" Topics

We have all seen this topic many, many times. No matter how many people we explain this too, more come back the next day with the same problem. Perhaps it would be best to add an obvious message following publishing explaining that instructables will not show up straight away. All other ideas welcome, please discuss.

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How do i build one of those new light up skateboards?

Mmk so i've been seeing these skateboard with LED lights around the bottom rim of the deck and i know for a fact that it would cost less than what they charge to make one. anyone have any ideas?

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Can LEDs be wired up to replace 12 VAC garden light bulbs?

How do I put them together? Some are wedge base and others are bi-pins. Can they be made water proof? Because they use less energy, can I string more of them using the same 300w transformer?

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I have submitted some entry's for a contest but they are not showing up in the contest entry's. Answered

I have submitted some entry's for a contest but they are not showing up in the contest entry's. They say they are waiting and pending moderator approval, but one has been submitted since Saturday and is now listed as a featured instructable but is still not listed in the contest.  All of the other ones I have submitted in the past have gone right through but I have the Paracord bottle wrap and a few cupcake entry's not going through, but you can find them when doing a search.  Any information would be greatly appreciated.

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More Human vs. Monkey: Monkeys add up like we do

In the continuing saga of monkeys versus college students in the field of arithmetics, researchers at Duke University have determined that students are only a mere fraction better than trained rhesus macaques in basic addition. With the continuing decline in college student's cognitive abilities, I expect monkeys to soon be entering - and out competing humans - in the workforce.http://www.nature.com/news/2007/071218/full/news.2007.381.htmlMonkeys add up like we doRhesus monkeys master basic addition in a similar way to humans.A mathematical competition between two rhesus macaques and fourteen undergraduates has revealed a new similarity between monkeys and college students: their ability to handle basic addition.In the battle of man versus macaque, students bested the monkeys for overall accuracy at 94% to 76%. But response times during a computerized test of addition were approximately the same in the two groups. Both groups were more likely to stumble as the magnitude of the sums increased.Such similarities, researchers say, suggest an evolutionary continuity between basic mathematical skills in humans and other primates. The results are published this week in PLoS Biology 1.The fact that monkeys can handle basic arithmetic is not in itself new, as it had been suggested by previous work. If monkeys watch as lemons are placed behind a screen, for example, they will stare longer at the fruit if the screen is lifted to reveal an incorrect sum of lemons2. Their apparent surprise when the number of lemons revealed isn't what was expected suggests the presence of rudimentary mathematical ability, says Jessica Cantlon of Duke University in Durham, North Carolina."It's not math in the sense of a symbolic procedure, the way that humans typically think of math," says Cantlon. Monkeys won't be doing full-blown algebra anytime soon. "It's a more primitive form."More monkey versus human news here:Chimp beats students at computer game

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Can a front loader be used to pick up and move an 8 X 12 shed??

Can a front loader pick up a storage shed and move it across the yard?

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On a 94 Coleman Sequoia pop up camper,where is the manuel crank to lift the top up located?

WE have a malfunction with the hydralic drive itself so want to use the hand crank to lift it up. We were told it was there and to use the same crank as for the four wheel lifts. But we cannot locate where to crank it so the top lifts manually . Please advise.

Question by waterhorse 


Here are the last updates for the gun until I post, I have came up with a name, but it is secret. I will let anyone know if their idea for a name is better. This is really only new extras for the gun, but I did include a few more things to strengthen the gun. Look at the last few pictures to see my motorbike, please comment constructively too. Thank you! =~) P.S. the video is the motorbike. P.P.S Join my group, everything k'nex is accepted, from guns to cars! https://www.instructables.com/group/knexeverything/

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Help with getting a car on a trailer (More difficult then it sounds)? Answered

I recently purchased another car to restore, a 1962 Ford Fairlane, for $200.  Its in great shape, however, the brakes have locked up and none of the wheels turn, other then that I would drive it the 300km to my home.  However, I can't drive out there continually to work on it until it is road worthy, and because snow is coming I planned on hauling it home on a trailer.  The problem lies in getting the car on the trailer.  We tried winching it up the ramps onto the Low-boy trailer, however, because the wheels don't turn, it pulled the trailer and my friends 1 ton truck around.  So my question is; How can I get the car onto the trailer, which are both on a level surface (The trailer is about a foot off the ground) using a winch?  It does have to be readily and cheaply available fix, but anything will do (Jacks, winches, anything!  If you can think of a way to get it on there with dog sh1t then I will use dog sh1t!) I need a good, solid, well though out/engineered plan preferably by the end of the week!  And I thank everyone ahead of time for anything you may post, because it may not be the solution, but it may pave the road to a solution! ***I have included a very detailed sketch of the situation, done by a professional artist, and the scene is very accurate to the circumstances.  Level ground, accurate representation of the type of trailer I am using and the car I intend to put on the trailer.***

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Hey, does anyone know how to make a good tripwire trap/ rig up?

Does anybody know how to make a good tripwire trap, or like how to rig one up?

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Can i install (rig up) a pull start on my 18hp riding mower?

I know that they dont make pull starters for large hp motors because you would have to pull really hard, BUT i am willing to pull really hard. :) My starter is messed up and i dont want to spend a fat stack of cash to fix my 18 hp murray rider. I know i will be able to rig up a connection between any pull starter and my mower, but the question is "is this a bad idea, and will it work?" I have also heard of using a drill and socket to start your engine, but i dont want to do this because when the engine does start, it will turn faster than your drill and mess you up! i have been having problems with burning out the switch that is wired to the starter. SO finally i removed the switch entirely and tried to start it by touching the wires together and it made a "snap" inside the machine (not around the starter) and now it doesnt try to start anymore. The battery currently reads 12v and the switch wires also show 12v. There are no fuses inside the mower. I dont know what to do!

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I have a plant that has come up in my yard. I didn't plant it.

It has small round leaves that are dark green, and seem to be in "bunches". In the evening they fold in half. It's been there all summer and seems to get bigger every day. It is now about 3 to 4 feet tall. It dosn't look quite like a bush..it has a more of a tree look to it's branches. I don't know if it matters...but it has come up under a bird feeder. I can't find a picture of what it might be anywhere, or I just don't know where to look. It's really nice looking, and I like it, but I don't know if it's worth keeping. Also I live in southern Delaware...anything you might think it is will be helpful. Thank you

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How do I "un-gum" a gummed up assisted opening pocket knife? Answered

I own a Kershaw Ken Onion assisted opening knife.  The blade had been oiled by an over-zealous individual (me) to keep rust at bay.  Now, however, the assisted opening is sluggish.  I am wondering if I should use mineral spirits to break down the oil and then wash if thoroughly to get the assisted open to be smooth again.  I don't want to make it worse, though.  Any thoughts?

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