I was just wondering do video codes show up in sinstrucables? like myspace and codes from youtube?

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Funny videos

Post any videos you find or make such as:

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How to add a video?

I have been making a instructables but when i upload a video it turns into picture what should i do??

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Sweet parkour video

Damien Walters shows off once again that he can run and jump over and above practically anything. If you have any interest in watching someone showing off some gymnastic skills both on the mat and off, check it out. via Neatorama

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People are awesome videos

Hi everyone, i would like to ask you if you like people are awesome videos? I recently made one and i would be glad to tell me your opinion about it. If you like the video join us on facebook and subscribe. thanks!! Here is the link of the video

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videos and slide shows

Do they need to include instrucions. most slide shows and videos do not but it is suposted to be a instructable. i am plaining tom post my newest creation as one of there but i am not sure if it will have instructions. does it need instructions?

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ATV GoPro videos

Hello. I've recently been into filming and editing, and I threw this together. A bunch of clips of me and some friends riding our ATVs and dirtbikes around! Let me know what you guys think. Any tips on filming and stuff would be awesome as well!

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New Video - Urine Nation

A video guide for stress-free public urination.

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How to Kill a Pleo (video)

Some amusing video of folks from the Sci-Fi network mildly abusing a Pleo. (This is the next toy from the people who brought you the Furby.)It's amazingly easy to kill off the little dinosaur, really. Thankfully you can always reboot.My favorite part was probably Stuart P. Bentley's comment:I can't believe you guys work for the Sci-Fi Channel and passed up the opportunity to choke a robot dinosaur while saying "IF THIS IS A CONSULAR SHIP, WHERE IS THE AMBASSADOR?"

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Video bombing.

Unless i constrain myself this will sound like one of Gordon Ramsays shows... ;-) Fu blo he. It's fung time to do something about those bloo videos that stu people are carpet bombing Instructables with. ! Please limit the possibility of posting an unlimited amount of instructables/slideshows/videos per 24 hour period. One (1) per 24 hours are quite enough for anyone that are actually doing something good and not just carpet bombing/spamming crappy videos from Metacafe to get some money. As a temporary solution maybe just banning Metacafe-videos would help remove those obnoxious spammers. Or can you also get payed by videos on Youtube/Google? Talking in friendly manner to these guys doesn't really help. It only fixes (possibly) the problem with one guy, but there will just come more and more of them all the time. (The image of Gordon is stolen from - sorry about that...)

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Top 5 Video Games?

What are your top 5 video games? Mine are: 1:Freelancer 2.Battlefield 2 3.Battlefield 1942 4.STO 5.Cod4

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Interesting Video on Global Warming

Here is a video of a show on global warming. I found it very interesting, and wanted to know what others though of it.

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Mountain Wingsuit Flying Videos

Who wants to learn how to fly in a wingsuit with me? Shall we learn to paraglide first? Man, Mountain, Wingsuit - Click here for this week’s top video clips Another video I couldn't embed:

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Invisible Comments, now with video.

I've just noticed - if you enclose a comment in , they don't show up on your "comments" page.  You just get an empty space with the name of the person who posted it. I guess the system thinks that the contents of are supposed to be code of some sort, but it's an odd effect anyway. As an aside - what is the best you can do with the image below? (The second version is a PNG file, just in case you'd prefer.) Lemonie's video...

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interesting video(not something stupid, its serious)

This is the video, around 20 minutes long. but worth every secondshe even pwns radio shack!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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MITERS Video Tour with Tim Anderson

Here's another old video I found starring Tim. It's from the same set mentioned here. Enjoy!

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Which music should go with this video?

So the servers are wonky and I can't put up my instructable.  But here is the video that goes with the instructable for your previewing pleasure.  It is the same video with different songs selected to go with it.  Please tell me what you think( no, this is not an IQ test). or this:  

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The best yoyo video so far

Whether you've been following the entries in the Anti-Yo contest or not, check this one out.Seriously. nostalgia

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how do you make a ski jump ?

Can somebody give me an instructable or video on how to make an awesome ski jump????

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Favorite "Annoying Orange" quotes

Favorite "Annoying Orange" quotes! If you are an "Annoying Orange" fan join my group!

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AirDog: World's First Auto-Follow Drone for GoPro

Hey everyone! I wanted to tell you about this new awesome thing called AirDog. AirDog is the world's first auto-follow drone for GoPro camera that follows and films you autonomously, so you don’t need to rely on filmmaking crew to get breathtaking views. Forget about remote control operation – Airdog is a unique solution for action sports or anything else you wish to film without actually holding your GoPro. Here you can see our AirDog in action: Have a look at our Kickstarter page: It would mean a world to us if you could support it or spread the word on your websites. Let’s make a revolution in drone-made photos and videos together! There are four major AirDog advantages: 1. It is tested and working prototype ready for production. 2. It will be the first commercial product of its kind in the market from November 2014. 3. It has AirLeash - waterproof GPS device tracking your movement with a significantly better signal than smartphones. 4. Two years of R&D; invested into the creation of a working prototype to get the best possible solution. We'll be thrilled to hear from you! If you want to know more, don't hesitate to ask us anything - Best regards, Dita Team Airdog

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is it possible to make video come through as a radio frequencey?

I was wondering if anyone has managed to figure out how to send video through a radio frequency? i need for an rc project to make a video signal come through a radio frequency, then onto a pc/laptop and can be viewed in / as close to real time as possible.  

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20 alternative uses for a Maxi-Pad - w/Video!

A flight attendant came up with 20 alternative uses for a Maxi Pad, then made a video to illustrate.Some of the uses are quite brilliant.

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Burning Man 2007 Time Lapse

Check out this awesome time-lapse of Burning Man 2007! Video by peef from the Shipyard -- thanks to Star for the link.From peef's notes: The images were captured by a Canon G3 mounted in a weatherproof housing of my own design up on a 20 foot pole next to the Powertainer. There were 18,486 images shot at 2272x1704 which is almost 4 megapixels each. Some of the full-size stills are stunning! The camera was controlled by a custom Daemon I wrote using the Gphoto library, which ran on the Powertainer's Slackware linux system and the images were stored full-size on a hard drive. After the event, I ran another piece of code that downsampled the images to 640x480 then composed them at 30fps into a MPEG-4 video. My friend Tom Sepe added the Music and Titles for me and Voila!The Man burns ( prematurely! ) around 3:55, then is temporarily removed by crane for repairs. The actual burn happens around 8:00. In between you'll catch lots of neon, dust storms, and some beautiful shadows crawling across the playa.Gorgeous still photo taken by Scott Beale of Laughing Squid.

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Gaming is Changing

I used to like console gaming because systems rarely/never costed more than $300, it was simple, and everybody had the same stuff. There were no expensive HDTVs, broadband-requiring/expensive online play, the fanciest peripheral was the rumble pack, and your console didn't do anything except light up a power light if there was no game in it.I'm not rich, my parents have never owned a house, and with all the fancy crap that consoles require and do today, I can't afford even a Wii (not that I'd want one, the novelty has worn off). I'm not saying all these improvements in gaming are bad, but for someone like me, I just don't have the money for a shiny new 360, or even high-speed internet (I live on an acerage and there's no cable in the country) for online muiltiplayer/communication.For now, I'll just have to fondly remember having home tournaments playing Star Wars Episode 1 Pod-Racer on N64 with my friends.What do YOU think about gaming today?

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Where can I find football/soccer videos of the World Cup, Champions League, Premiere League and Bundesliga? Answered

Hello guys, If you like to watch  football/soocer videos online could you also maybe tell me where can I find football/soccer videos of the World Cup, Champions League, Premiere League and Bundesliga? I'd love to be able to watch all the football/soccer videos I like  in one place in some dedicated football video streaming websites. So if you have any suggestions on good places where to go online and watch World Cup, Champions League, Premiere League and Bundesliga football/soccer videos do share them with me.

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Sometimes you have to throw out the wheat with the chaff

I like slideshows, I know not everyone does, meh. I love instructables, with text and pictures, and the occasional video demonstrating the item. But the videos, oh dear Ghod, the videos. I don't really like the videos, but when these metacafe people carpet bomb the front page with a dozen videos, I want to punch them in the groin. So, nope, never, ever gonna look at another video again, don't care if you invented a space drive, and brought back a freaking green skinned alien babe with two navels, not gonna watch it. That's all, I feel better.

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Good sites to watch Premier League, World Cup and Champions League football videos and highlights? Answered

Do you guys know any good  football sites to go to and watch Premier League, World Cup and Champions League football videos and  football games highlights? I wanna watch some football videos of  Premier League and Champions League and  football videos compilations and, since the World Cup starts this week, I 'll probably also want to watch World Cup football videos with the latest games and highlights. So if you have some suggestions on good sites to watch Premier League, World Cup and Champions League football videos that you also use, do share them with me.

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Instructables just to promote other websites?

I noticed that the amount of so called "video only" Instructables has reached annoying numbers. Might be alone with my opinion but when I check some of those Ibles just containing a single line of text and a video I fail to see the point. Further checking usually shows the video is advertised on many other sites in a similar way. Only goal is to get as much hits on Youtube and such, making money. IMHO Instructables is about making things but not about dumping single video files. If that is a goal for this website than at least these Instructables should be moved out of the normal area and into a video only section. And if someone simply posts videos only to promote his channel than it should be considered to remove those Instructables as I consider them advertising but not a real Instructable. What do you guys think?

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How do you Parkour roll?

I've had an older traceur try to teach me, but he only showed me twice, so I couldnt pick it up very well. A video?

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Hilarious: Altered-Perception Sports

I saw this video of a Japanese game show where players try to play a game of soccer with binoculars strapped to their heads: It made me think: what other kinds of games could you have, where your own perceptions were the challenge? Fisheye lenses over each eye? Periscopes? Let's hear some ideas; maybe we can come up with some cool, brand-new Instructable ideas.

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Is this a good psp security idea or what!!!!

Is this a good idea for psp security or am I just hallucinating.

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any ideas for a live-feed video camera for a R/C plane?

I am going to get a Super Cub trainer and I want to know how to mount a live feed camera and what type of camera

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Best of MetaCafe Group!

I know some people have been complaining about the stupid Metacafe videos that are just on here to make money, so i created a group for only the BEST videos with good instructions, and actually teach you something. here it is: BestofMetacafe

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Building a Slinky Man Dance Outfit

Http:// ^ dancing rainbow slinky costume This is a video of what I'm hoping to create. Possible?

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Titanic: Adventure out of time

Titanic: Adventure out of time is the best computer game I have ever played. It was released in 1996 by cyberflix. The main plot begins on the titanic the night the ship hits the icberg. You have a mission with many sub missions, that inclueds finding many items and doing many other things. You mission all boils down to getting 4 items. Depending on what you get and what you dont, you alter the corse of history. The optimum ending stops WW 1 and 2 and the cold war from happening. Its a truley awesome game Anyway, the reason Im posting this forum is I would like to discuss it with other people. If you have this game or have played it, Post a comment and you will be bombarded with questions from me :-)Thanks!Wikipedia link about this game.

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How to make a rocket stove?

I've seen several sites on how to make a rocket stove, but they all seem to have video and my computer can't read video's until I change to many things. Is there a how to here? Thanks.

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Bacon and rocketry, in perfect harmony!

Watch this. Love this. Now. (Caution, some naughty words, so turn the volume down if you're at work.  If you're at school, wait until you get home to watch it.) I saw this originally on Rather Good. Beware, that link is definitely not safe for work. But, then, as I was posting the above video, I saw this video being tweeted by gmjhowe. It's nearly as good, but ten times longer... You know, I think both videos say exactly the same thing...?  

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New Mechanism!

I made a cool mechanism. I don't know what it can do, but maybe someone will find out. Here is a video. I also updated the pictures and video.

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Japanese tyre ski-jumping

Having seen a few good videos contributed by fungus I thought I'd add this one: happens when you roll tyres down a ski-jump?How fast do they go, how far do they get?L

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Musical Tesla Coils

Two tesla coils are being used to play the mario theme song. This is the first time i have ever tried embedding something, so im hoping this works. if there is no video there, here is the link: thanks to goodhart for telling me how to get the video in here.

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Tropical Storm Fay

This is a video of the flooding that we had at our house in Tallahassee, Fl.

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A swell trick with a nail in wood.

Originally via Boing Boing, original video by Stevin Marin:

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Youtube vs Metacafe and other things that have started to bug me

I have been a member for a while and have watched as more and more people begin to use metacafe. I don't know why I feel so strongly about this but I really don't like the metacafe users. It seems like when they could use either one (or better yet they could actually write out their instructions into an instructable) they choose to use metacafe just so they can get payed. (and they certainly do. Some recieve more than others, but all get a guaranteed number of hits by uploading it here with an interesting name.) They don't make full instructables. They sometimes now don't even make it an instructional video. They just make a video saying 'hey look what i made.' It is a valid use to make a genuinely good instructional video. (see: Kipkay's vids and a few others) It is also a valid use to make a video showing the project doing whatever it does. (see: Greg Madison's Tron Lamp) It is another thing entirely to make a quick video of you mumbling something incoherent while turning your project result over and over, or a video that has no instructional value and calling it an instructable. It seems just wrong when someone slaps up a bunch of metacafe vids that merely demonstrate old applications of old inventions to a site that is focused on new inventions or new uses for old ones. I don't know about you guys but these things just piss me off. -my two cents (now toss in yours)

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I need a good Sk8boarding camcorder

I am in desperate need of a good skateboarding camcorder that i could also purchase a fish eye lens for. It would probably have to be under $300. I am currently looking at the mini dv cameras. But any advice or info would be appreciated.

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Finished Soldering press! check it out

I finished my soldering press. it has a video too!

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Stig flies!

If you have heard of The Stig, then you will enjoy this video all the more...Link to Windows Media clip.Enjoy.

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Is There a Name For This Kind of Stuff?

Where you get audio clips from a video clip, (Like a McDonald's Commercial) and play them in some sort of order to get some sort of song.I totally want to try this: Does anyone know of any free/cheap audio editing programs that will allow me to do this? I can always try just edited the clips with Adobe Premiere, but that might be kinda hard.rgaqghgwyh6j8ukl7rku

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Zombies in Big Sur

I found a blog of a guy who just finished living a whole year in a simulated apocalypse scenario. He posted a video every couple of weeks in which he tries to learn a new skill. There's surprisingly little content about zombies in any of the videos, so even if you're not into that, you can still enjoy it.;=Df7UfYGn6lQ

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Converting a 55 gallons (200 liters) drum into an oven and grill

On the Chilean TV show Hagalo Usted Mismo (Do it yourself) it is showed how to make a combination of an oven and a grill using a 55 gallon (200 liters) steel drum. Although it is in Spanish, the video shows how to make it step by step. An important note mentioned in the video is that the drum must previously stored non toxic products.

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