camping. no generator but you want to run a fan all night . how would create the power to do it ? Answered

Wondering if it is possible to create a power source . I camp alot and cant stand the sound of a generator. wondered if steam power would be enough to recharge a battery ( 12 volt) that runs all night hooked up to a fan . ( probably a Usb sized ) just enough to move the air around the tent .  just thinking aloud here but is there a way to make a home made steam generator? boiling water causes fans to rotate, in turn this causes a electric charge .  I am also looking into wind powered. most the places i camp can be a tiny bit drafty.  during the day solar power could be used. also 

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How do I make a cheap, easy power kite? Answered

I don't live in a very windy place, but I have a weeklong yearly trip to the ocean and would like to try power kiting. I have never used a power kite, but have done a fair bit of stunt kiting and target practice on stationary kites. I want to build some thing quick that I wouldn't spend a ton of time on that I would only use for a week out of the year, that could pull possibly a sandboard or buggy, etc. Any advice is appreciated. Thanks!

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Will this water pump work? Answered

 It is tought to be a wind-powered water pump and i wonder if the desing would work. I hope the picture is understandable.

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Can I convert a table saw motor to be used in a wind turbine?

I actually have 2 motors. One runs @ 4000rpm, 120 volt, 15 amp, 60 hz approximately 1800 watts and 2.2hp. The other is smaller @ 3600rpm, 7.5 amps, 120 volts, 60hz, 900 watts and approximately 1.2 hp. Can I use either of them to make a wind turbine and how much power will each generate? What would I need to convert them to generate power? I'm a novice so please keep the technical language to a minimum. Thanks.

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Wind energy to light up a car top sign?

Any help here would greatly be appreciated. I work at a pizza delievery place where we use car top signs. In order to light up the signs we must plug it into the cig.lighter. I was thinking that it might be a good idea to use the wind from the car moving down the road to power the light in the sign to free up the cig. ligher for other things( Sirius radio). I have absolutely no idea on how to go about this. Anyone have any ideas? I would greatly appreciate it.

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I'm trying to do a light system with LED's and the savonius Wind Turbine.any help? Answered

I want to do it for this winter, but i have no idea what to do...i wanna power tree LED's here. I need a switch to power on/off, a battery to store the wind power and and Anti-Over Charge barrier (i thinks that big talk for a Resistor, right?)i'm thinking of doing an instructable on it after i"m done,i will give you proper credits in it. Help, Jean-Michel Baribault

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DIY: Garden project((Generating curent etc...)) How to? Answered

Greetings from sunny Croatia! I want to use some generic DC engines to produce electricity using wind. I'll connect DC engine to windmill thing, when it spins it generates about 0.25-0.35V. And while it spins it charges batteries during the day, when night falls down the LED strip/strips turn on and use power from batteries that were charched during the day. Is it possible to make? Could I use dynamo from old bycicle? Thanks again, and sorry for bad English!

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Electricity Free, wind powered Air Conditioning system from an old fridge

Has anyone ever thought of connecting a compressor from a refrigerator to a wind turbine and making an electricity free AC system for their house? It could be made from all free parts - turbine from barrel (vawt), dead fridge, etc. Please comment

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What strong material could i use for making fan blades?

i'm trying to make this fan that is powered by a drill. the only problem is... i don't know what to use for the blades. i thought about using strips of plastic from a bottle, but i accidentally made something else ( which is still cool. i made an instructable of it, you guys should check it out!)  would the plastic be good, or should i use something else?

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How to make a giant collapsible Frisbee... for a canoe?

Y'know those cheap collapsible Frisbees everywhere? Well, I want to make a sturdy (but still collapsible) version about three feet in diameter, and attach it to an oar/paddle to go sailing on a canoe. Any suggestions?

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how would I go about charging a car battery with a bike without making the bike unusable for transport?

I am trying to build a non-Gas powered motorized bicycle, and I realized that it may be possible to have multiple power inputs like wind and solar feeding the charge. however, as a jobless 16 year old, I can't test my ideas. I am attempting to create a bicycle that charges while you pedal, storing energy in the car battery. then, the car battery can be used to power a motor powerful enough to keep the bike in motion. Also, yes I know that this would likely be VERY bulky, but I can come up with a solution for that. please help me if you can.

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i wish to change my screen name to one that will make everyone slobber all over themselves with envy how do i do this? Answered

Ive tried to change my screen name to not be my god given one but i cannot get it to reach a spot that allows me to do so in instructables

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Off-Grid Stealth Cabin Plans

Hi everyone, I just entered my off-grid cabin design in the outdoors contest and I would like to invite you to view it, leave feedback and vote if you like the cabin and off-grid systems. I am a long time off-grid homesteader and I live in a 14x14 solar and wind powered cabin with many off-grid systems of my own design. My contest entry: Thanks LaMar

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Joule robber - a better joule thief....

I had a look at some of our 'ibles for the famous Joule Thief circuit. While checking a few of the creations and checking their performance I noticed a massive flaw: Only LED's with very low power consumptions can be used. After some trial and error I was able to create a slightly modified version that not only lights white and blue 5mm LED's but also the very powerful Cree Led's - the later would require a suitable transistor to handle the load. I only used a salvaged BC556 transistor, so the LED starts working at around 0.5V, brightness is adjustable within certain limits to cater for the battery state. So instead of using a limited circuit that basically just doubles the input voltage with the focus of extreme low power consumption, my circuit is aimed on single cell battery lamps that might need more power. Using a very low voltage transistor with minimal losses would still provide a power source for batteries that are under 0.5V, while using a bigger transistor like Tip142 or 2N3055 and a modified transformer can drive a CFL lamp from two AA batteries, single cell if you don't mind a warm transistor. Biggest improvement however is that I don't use a toroid core, which makes winding so much easier :) I am not too good in drawing circuits and prefer the direct solder method for my prototypes but if there interest I would take the time to make some pics and draw a circuit for an Instructable. But with so many similar circuits already out there I wanted to get some feedback first.

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Is this idea for a skateboard kite attachment practical or even a good idea? Answered

I was looking at some of the kite Ible's and had this random idea pop into my head about a way to attach a sail to a longboard to reduce arm fatigue and put more of the force directly on the board. I really don't know much about the physics or anything involved, but i would like to try this.  the image is a two minute MS paint picture to get my point across. shown is a two-tether design, but i assume this could easily be done with a multiple tether set up, and that might be better. Just throwing this out for ideas/comments/criticism.

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How to Generate low pressure air 0.8 psi for pallet gardens? Stirlinge engines, fluidyne? How?

My pallet garden project is a big success. It works great and it is becoming simpler and cheaper to do over time. It uses aquarium bubble pumps to produce low pressure air and this air is used to airlift pump water that circulates to the plants in the garden  in an endless loop.   I measured a few days ago and my bubble pump is producing 22 inches water pressure (0.8 psi) at the pump and 60 litres per hour of air at this pressure and this drives all the pallet gardens at a great distance (100 ft ) from the pump. I use a 3.5 watt air pump. I would just  love it if it could be off grid, and driven by solar heat in a low tech way.    Anyone want to try to do this?  Because then it is of great value in poor countries.   Just to give you an idea of how little heat you need to make this pressure.  If you heat air from 20 degrees C to 36 degrees C  (68 F to 97 F)  in a closed container, you get 0.8 psi pressure increase in the container!  That is the bar, and it would be really hard to set it lower than that!    I do not yet understand stirling engines or fluidyne pumps but I think they could do this.  If I try it, I will have cylinders of air alternatively heating and cooling  in the sun and valved to pump the air in one direction.  But if you are clever, I am sure you can do better than that with fluidyne or flutterwing wind power. I would love to see some comments and interest in this.   It IS working and people are going to be very interested as gardening season gets into full swing.    Playlists are for the pallet gardening and for some amazing alternative wind, water and solar machines. Thanks Brian

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Recycled Regatta

Saluda Shoals Park in Columbia SC is hosting its First Annual Recycled Regatta! Its a build your own boat contest. All you have to do is collect recyclables, trash or anything that would normally wind up in a landfill. Build a boat with the items and bring it to the Park May 10th! You must register no later than May 1 2008. Boats will be judged on creativity, best use of materials, best sinker and speed/agility! There will be some really sweet prizes - so start making your boat today! Boats must hold at least one person! Boats also must be human powered! No motors or trained dolphins! This is a new activity for the 2008 Earth Fair event (5th year running) We will continue to have all the normal environmental educational booths, canoe and kayak demos, mountain bike demos, fly fishing classes, bird walks and more! This is an awesome event! We hope to see you there! Email me for more info!

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