Will this work? Answered

My electric scooter batteries died and they are two twelve volt batteries, can i use three nine volts instead or will the batteries die to fast?  

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Will this water pump work? Answered

 It is tought to be a wind-powered water pump and i wonder if the desing would work. I hope the picture is understandable.

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How is this is going to work?

Well, I guess once we have enough members, we will go to every instructable once, and go through all comments to check for the right spelling. Any other things, we should know about?

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will this work? - pyrotechnical ideas

I was wondering - What would happen if I lit a book of paper matches on fire? wood matches? How could i use this to start off an explosive reaction? can fire launch a model rocket engine?

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type of cement for building concrete benches?

I recently bought a bench mold so I could build a cement garden bench   The mold has some delicate designs in it.   I tried using quikrite 5000 and other cements with basic aggregates already premixed, but it did not come out crisp. The designs were pitted by aggregates I think.   I am wondering if a simple Portland cement with only sand would work? I also incorporate rebar as well?

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How to Works your pecks? Answered

Can you tell me what exercises can work your pectorals?

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Working on full auto AK47

I'm working on a mechanism to make a bolt action rifle fully auto and also a good, curved, removable magazine. I just started yesterday so I'll have the pics up maybe 2 weeks-a month.

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Make the stream do the work !

I live 150' from a swift flowing stream (about 35 vertical feet from stream to house) and I am looking for a way to use the energy of the stream to pump water uphill to my garden and a "water feature" I'm building. My wife is more concerned about how the contraption will look in her yard, but I simply want something that will work. ANY advice would be appreciated ! Thanks

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Will this water pump work? 2.0

I have updated my design for a simple water pump with the comments on my last one (https://www.instructables.com/answers/Will-this-water-pump-work/) in mind. It's thought to be hand- or windpowered and lift water 30-50 cm (1-2 feet i suppose). The cylinder will be about 10 cm (4 inch) across and the piston head 2 cm (1 inch) thick. The outlet is far too small in the picture.

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would this bike idea work?

I have an idea for a bike, where you lay down to use it, sort of like a recumbent, except on your stomach instead. it would be motor powered, and have 2 back tires and one front tire, steered by two steel (or maybe some other material) cables directly attached to the handle bars via a smaller bar at the bottom of the handle bars. it would probably have 48v's worth of batteries, and the chassis would most likely be made out of PVC piping. (unless that isnt a good material for this) i would be designing the bike around me, there might be a camera display so i can see behind me, headlights and tail lights for at night, and most definitely some brakes, maybe disc brakes. i weigh about 100lbs, so the pvc piping should be able to support my weight, i was thinking of using 1.5" or 2" diameter pvc piping, should i use something with a wider diameter? the base of the chassis would be made from 4 pvc pipes arranged in a square, with the pipes about 2"-4" apart. does anyone think this design is totally impossible? or could it work out? i want to know before i buy anything. on the strength of pvc pipes, my friend once had a pvc bike trailer that was capable of supporting my weight, he has since taken it apart to use the pvc in other projects. it was 2" pvc pipes used on that trailer.

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What type of sled am I thinking of? Answered

Basically, I need plans for a sled that will be pulled by humans and should be about 2 feet wide, 8 feet long has triangle walls on the sides and then a rectangle in the front. It has skis on the bottom of it. If you just tell me the type of sled I am thinking of, that would help a lot. Have a site with plans for the sled I am thinking of? That would be even better. Thanks

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How do you nap flint I really want to know how to work flint but I don't know how to Answered

I have tried to bash one piece against the other but it always ends up splitting and a just cant find on the web how to do it. Please help me :2(

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How can i make a forge.? Answered

How can i make a small forge. Different materials, ideas, or structures. Oh and no gas forges. Well... mabye.

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How do you make a pressure flaker so you can knap flint? Answered

I really want to know how to make a pressure flaker so that i can knap flint but i don't know how to. Please help :2(

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what is the best fishing bait that works ?

What is the best fishing bait that works.

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will a magnesium flint stick work if it is wet? Answered

Will a magnesium flint stick work if it is wet?

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how does a blow torch work

i was thinking of making a mini blow torch. but i have no idea how it works or hot to make on. my bro has this mini torch that give out a blue flame. it just uses a simple refeulable cartridge. it uses butane. i have a barbecue lighter i dissected and i want to make one. but does anyone know how it works or how to make one?

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How does a hovercraft skirt work? Answered

I know that it traps the air underneath until the pressure is enough to lift. But does the lift engine push air into the skirt? and are there holes in the skirt on the inside for the air to be pushed out?

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selling feed to ffa?

What do you think about hauling feed to sell to my ffa chapter for a profit

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Summer Camp Staff?

This Summer I will be a handicraft counselor at my local BSA summer camp. I am excited for the experience, but absolutely clueless as  to what to pack. Would it be the same as packing to attend summer camp?  I am a backpacker, and that is how I know how to pack, I've never staffed at a camp before! Any advice would be appreciated.

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How to make ram pump work inriver?

I need to use it in a river without a water fall and I don't know how to get rid of extra water which pump pumps out... Can pump maybe work in water?

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how do mountain board brakes work?

I want to get a mountain board, and make a new type of long board. I would like to put brakes from a mountain board onto the new long board. Do they work just like bike brakes? Help?

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how dose a magnesium flint stick work? Answered

So I just bought one lol. questions are why dose magnesium burn? and is the steel on the stick a special kind?

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how do i get the pump to work?

I bought a older home a few years back with a pump thing in the back. I was told there was an artestian spring under all the properties in this neighborhood. Anyway, my mother told me to just keep moving the handle up and down and eventually it would work. I pumped to long and hard that not only did I look foolish, but I woke the next morning with sore arms. I just can't do that again this year. How can I get that thing to work? Also, I had to put a sump pump in my basement because the springs are awful. My basement floods, but it's not sewer water, it's clear. I had to have my water heater replaced because of the flood in my basement.

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Here's an Awesome Project - Will Require Composites Work :)

This armor, looks AMAZING! And using some life casting techniques (or even sculpting a mold from foam and test fitting) - you can make your very own with a bit of fiber glass and resin and flat black paint :) Maybe an early start for Halloween? I'd personally just go for the chest and back plate and substitute the rest with football pads. In any case, just thought I'd share :)Caption that goes with image:These happy characters are Peruvian anti-riot police, who are seen here parading in celebration of Peru's independence day yesterday. Yes, they are terrifying. This makes Peru the latest entry in a long list of countries I will try to avoid rioting in. I'm still all about rioting in Canada and Sweden, however. From Gizmodo

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Carbon Monoixide Danger, Camping Heater?

Hello, I have recently bought a camping heater however i'm now unsure if i can use it. i bought it for my garden shed, i work in there building and fixing things. it gets cold in there some nights and i just use the heater for 30 mins or so. I installed a carbon monoxide alarm thought it was safe but im not so sure now.

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How does this thinkgeek air conditioning device work? Answered

I was wondering, how does this device work? http://www.thinkgeek.com/gadgets/travel-outdoors/c400/ I tried to understand it, but if it does work filtering water, wouldn't the water have to steal heat from the device, and than the vapor would be blowed to my face, giving it heat to return to liquid state?

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would a clutch bell work as a spindle for a motor bike?

I have a weedeater with a clutch on it and i want to make a motor bike as simple as possible and i am asking if you could use the clutch bell itself as a spindle for a friction drive motor bike if so i could probably build one in about an hour and also if so, where on the clutch bell would be best for contact with the wheel, the bigest part closest to the motor, or the smaller part of it farter away from the motor

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Is there a way to get detailed public works maps online for free? Answered

I am located in California, and need detailed survey maps of towns in my area, to scout out urban exploration spots. Is there a free website that supplies detailed and current maps of US towns? or should i just go and try to get maps at the county records?

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I have a 1986 Honda Rebel 250 and the speedometer and odometer are not working?

I recently got my bike and noticed that the speedometer and odometer are not working, where should i start to look for the problem?

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want 2 build a auto chicken door, will a rotisserie motor work?

The motor automatically reverses direction when power stops. run cable around shaft of motor (has 20lb weight limit),run on timer.  think this will work?

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Does spraying rubbing alchohol on your body work as mosquito repelent?

I live way out in the middle of no-where, and my driveway is at least a mile long. Because of the distance from civilization, and the densly packed woods all the way around my house, i like to take hikes in my woods in only socks and shoes. But lately the mosquitos are getting reallly bad, to the point where i take the mosquito repelent with me so i can apply it every two minutes or less. I heard somewhere that rubbing alchohol works as a mosquito repelent and i wanted to hear from someone who was tried it. Do you have any other suggestions for repelent? With that much skin exposed, i can't risk too many mosquito bites.

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is there a way to kill oleanders? salt, fire, acid ... none have worked ?

I need to kill an oleander planted by the homeowners before us. It's going to break our fence so I can't pull the root ball out, which also doesn't work since microscopic rhizomes continue to grow. I've dug a pit around it, burned it, drilled holes in it and soaked it with salt water, even drizzled pool acid and this thing os growing beautifully.  anyone? Should I consider small scale nukes? I think it would just be a gilligans island oleander if I did that.  pb

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I have a design for night vision IR goggles, should it work?

I am wanting to make night vision goggles and plan on using infra red light to see. I plan on having el cheapo cellphon cameras or other camera mounted on the lense and having IR LEDs mounted on to to provide the light. I have a picture created in photoshop to show my idea. I did not include wiring, batteries, or switches in the picture.

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Does anyone know how to hack a motion sensor to work during the day?

I have a HEATH-ZENITH motion detector that I wired to an outlet for my shipwheel prop. Everything works great except it only works at night. Is there a way so that it will work round the clock?

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can a front derailleur for a 12-21 speed bike work on a 10 speed?

My front derailleur broke today(SO LAME!!) but i found a new one on amazon pretty cheap, but it says it's for 12-21 speed bikes

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Where can I find something like this or similar thaat could work ?

Hello,  My CCM trailer front wheel pin is broken and I can't find anywhere this part or something similar.  Can somebody tell me where I can find a part like this or something that could work? Thank you.  daniela 

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Would layers of microfiber cloth work as an effective N95 air filter substitute?

Hello, as many of you know, there are some devastating fires in California right now. My family and friends live nearby to these fires, and are being exposed to toxic levels of smoke and air pollution. Due to the disaster situation, many stores that sell n95 masks have sold out or are price gouging people who need them. I have been trying to figure out an effective solution where they could use household materials to approximate the particulate filtering properties of the n95 filter. I was thinking they could make some kind of respirator style mask with the main face mask made of cardboard and duct tape, ad make a "cartridge" for the mask out of a cardboard cylinder stuffed with layers of microfiber cleaning cloth, or potentially other air filtering material, or even activated charcoal if it is available.I understand that such filters are not an ideal substitute but when the air is completely off the scale for toxicity, anything is better than nothing. Does anyone have any input on this? Is this worthwhile at all? Is there another commonly available material that you would reccomend other than microfiber cleaning cloths? -ilpug

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Why isn't 91% isopropyl alcohol working in any can/survival stove except mine ?

Every time I try to make a can stove, the 91 % alcohol isn't working in any. It only works in my stove. can you help

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What kind of Airsoft gun works the best for backyard airsofting? Spring,Electric, or Co2? Answered

I'm thinking of sticking with spring powered for the simplicity, but I might get an Electric.(I don't trust Co2, to powerful for me)

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i wanted to know how does starting fire with a water bottle really works Answered

I have pick "starting fire with water bottle" for a science fair and i need to know how does it really work? like does it matter what bottle or angle whats the reason for the fire to start

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hi all looking at the moss graffiti for a project but the wall is south facing and not shady will this work

Moss graffiti on a south facing wall is this possible thanks

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Anyone seen this POV? looks simple but for the life of me i cant work it out !? Answered


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Lawn mower starts but dies right away did some carb work on it help?

this lawn mower is a American yard Power Pro 5 hp Quantum the mower starts fine but dies right away I did have the carb off and it looked fine I checked all the holes in it and they seemed open and fine,            I put it back together and still it does the same thing,  Help please this is my first time getting in to it to this degree. I am a electricain soI'm  not completely  unknolageable thank you

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how do I test my hub motor, it dosn't work a tall, there was a short crcuit?

I replaced the controller but this had no afect

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