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Best type of airsoft weapon Answered

Which type of airsoft gun is the best for a forest terrain: rifle, assault rifle, shotgun, heavy machine gun, or sniper rifle?




6 years ago

Building on what Lemonie said, it's not the weapon, it's how good you are with it and the general quality of your gun.

It really depends on the density of your forest. I have used all of the above weapons in heavy forest to mixed results.

My basic recommendation is a good AEG, that is customized to your play style and the terrain. If you are down in the leafy canyons with lots of brush, then use a good SMG like an MP5 or CQB AKM. If you are up on the hills abuve most of the brush use a more long range weapon like an ACR or an M4.

The type of weapon really depends on what your role is in your team, or how you prefer to play on your own, depending on the game type.

My personal recommendation for average forest is this, based on my play style and the guns that you would probably be able to get: Get a good standard size M4 or AK47 with collapsible or folding stock. Use that as your main gun for medium to long range assault, or through heavy brush. Then, get either two gas or CO2 pistols in holsters as your backup for close range and run-and-gun. You could conceivably replace the pistols with an MP7 or Uzi of some sort if you favor rate of fire over accuracy and power.

Forests vary, so if you could give me a picture of what the forest you want to play in looks like, then I can help more. I dunno, I just feel super helpful and advice-y tonight.


6 years ago

If you don't shoot at the trees then it doesn't matter.