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Need tips on starting Lantana from seed? Answered

I have tried starting seeds in paper towels dampened and directly in potting soil inside the house and no luck starting them. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thanks



10 months ago

Without pre-treatment, the percentage of germination is very low, and the germination takes place after five months, according to my experience


7 years ago

The Lantana seedpod is actually a berry, or a cluster of seeds that are very woody. In order to germinate the seeds you need to "nick" the outer shell in a process called "scarification" before soaking in water for 24 hours. After that, remove the seeds and lightly cover with soil, and ensure it is watered well for the duration. The Lantana is a winter propagator, and usually needs 180 days. (60-90 or more days just to germinate, and then another 90 to be large enough to plant). Due to the long cycle, most gardeners will start seeds in the Fall, so the process ends in the Spring, but you may still have luck if you keep them indoors (with a grow light) until they can be planted outside (based on your zone and climate).

(To "nick" the seed, you can use fine sandpaper to remove just the outer shell of the seed on one side).

Let me know if you need more help. ;)

You're welcome. ;)

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