Introduction: Paracord Lace Ends From Leftovers

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I needed some lace ends for my boots. After I put some 550 paracord in my boots I thought they needed a finishing touch. I used leftover hardware from a flat pack kitchen i assembled a few years ago. This hardware has a female stud and a screw to bolt cabinets together. I also did not use a lathe or drill press for this. Although I have access to both I wanted to share this idea in case you do not have this equipment.

Step 1: Tools and Supplies

tools and supplies:
emery cloth
3M pad
corded drill with trigger lock
large vice

Step 2: Cut the Head Off Stud and Put in Drill Chuck

So now we cut the head off the stud ( the half that has female threads ). Put your drill in the vice and secure. Install the stud in the drill chuck with the solid end out. This is the end you will be filing to shape.

Step 3: Rough Out With File

Using a single cut file rough out the shape you would like on the end. Remember that the part is hollow. Do not take too much off of the end!!!!

Step 4: Sand Part

Now use your emery and sand the part down. This should take off all the rough marks left by the file.

Step 5: 3M Polish

Now take your fine 3M pad and polish to taste.

Step 6: Half Good Half Ugly

So now it looks half good. Re-install in drill chuck with female threaded end out. Use your 3M pad and blend polish to make all nice and shiny

Step 7: Conclusion

Now you are done. Melt the ends of your laces and thread your ends on. I did a couple different profiles just to see what could be done. I think these will be great for a number of paracod projects that need a finished end.
This procedure will also work if you wanted to make a paracord fid or paracord needle.
Hope this helps those who dont have a lathe or drill press.