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Picture of Trinity Assembly
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Hey dudes!! Lets build the Trinity synth!!!

You can find more informations at our website:

Before you start:

  • The board solders from both sides.
  • The components goes always above its printed sign, so it covers the printed sign!
  • You should know that there are some differences between some of the versions.
  • Please read the instructions CAREFULLY — especially for the power switch!

SQNCR has more buttons and 3 small LEDs instead of the RGB LED and therefore has different resistors too. Mozzi library development kit has no casing and the small buttons are not tall.

This instructable is now updated for both versions 1.0 and 1.1.

(1.2 is comming soon)

Step 1: Placing Resistors

First, lets solder all components on the component side of the PCB.

Different slots for resistors have different resistor values. Read the color stripes or measure the values with multimeter.

- 4x 220R – red red brown (on board v1.1 three of these 220R are labeled zOhm)

- 1x 4.9K – yellow white white brown (4.7k also works yellow violet red)

- 1x 39R – orange white black


-3x xOhm are 1K (brown black red)! Read the board carefully!

-3x yOhm are 15K (brown green orange) BUT on SQNCR they are 1K (brown black red)!

inblack4 years ago
Do you have any sound/video samples of this thing working?
bastl-instruments (author)  inblack4 years ago

Sorry for late reply!

out our playlist showcasing possibilities
of Trinity: