Introduction: Pop Can Survival Whistle

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here's a fun and simple project that you can do at home, all you need is a pop can. I learned how to make this from a survival book that I own, it explained that this whistle can become flat and can be stored any where. Let me just tell you that this whistle is extremely loud and works very well. The best part about this whistle is the fact that it is so easy to make and its super compact. I made this because I wanted to show people how to build an emergency whistle using things that can be found around the house.

Step 1: Materials Necessary

you make this you will need a few basic items:

  • A pop can
  • A pair of scissors

Step 2:

start by cutting a large rectangular piece of the can, I recommend using gloves for this because the edges of the can are very sharp.

Step 3:

this part is you will trim any excess aluminum that might have been damaged while you were cutting out your piece.

Step 4:

now cut the piece but tow thinner strips, roughly one inch wide. Be sure that the they are the same size and all the ends are the same.

Step 5:

take one of the strips and place it on top of the other one, then trim the sides sticking out so that it just barely sticks out.

Step 6:

this is what it looks after you bend the edges over

Step 7:

on the longer strip, bend the tip In towards where the other piece is folded in so that is just barely sticking out, then finish the fold.

Step 8:

next make an "L" shape by bending the the long strip where the short one ends.

Step 9:

take the part you just folded and bend it into a "U" shape.

Step 10:

to finish it up take the end you just bent and bring it to the short end, there will be a hole that was created by the gap between the two strips. Blow into the hole while you hold it in a "P"shape as shone

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