Introduction: Portable Work Station for Instuctables

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After the extreme popularity for my paracord snow shoes that I published a week ago I'm back with my 4th instructable, but first a little back story, so my friend and I are obsessed with 3d printers and we decided to enter the first contest we came across where the prize is a 3d printer, regardless of the contest. Then one day instructables added some new ones 2 of them had 3d printers as the prize we were so excited that we had to enter both of them. Since then we have been designing the perfect thing to enter. After hours of discussion, collaboration, and wrinkled papers throne out, we agreed on the perfect design. What we built was an ultra compact and portable work station designed for building instructables. Some of the features include a light stand that folds down, a decent sized work table, a sliding compartment to hold all your tools and supplies for your next project, and printed on the top are 1'' by 1'' squares for small fabric projects. So here it is please vote for this instructable so that my friend and I can stop drooling every time we look at the prizes. 

Step 1:

First to make this you will need the following items ply wood, a jig saw, a rotary saw, a hack saw a round file, a marker, an empty pop can ( for corners (optional)), a glue gun, a large nail, 4 smaller nails, an ice cream lid, a 1'' by 1'' by 1' piece of oak wood, 2, 3'' piece of the same wood (oak), and an old Clementine box.

Step 2:

Start by measuring out the pieces for the box it's self this should include the bottom and the top both a centimeter bigger all the way around, the 2 short sides having 3 of the four sides a centimeter longer to compensate for the back piece which is the last you cut out.

Step 3:

Now you cut out the the pieces using either the jig saw or the rotary saw, I used the jig saw first to cut around the lines I drew then I used the rotary saw to really fine tune the cut.

Step 4:

After cutting I glued the pieces together using hot glue. I also put two wooden supports in the back corners.

Step 5:

Now you need to I cut out two strips of plastic from your ice cream lid to glue on the bottom of you Clementine box to help it slide in and out easier.

Step 6:

Now for the light stand take the long piece of 1'' by 1'' by 1' oak wood and drill a hole in one end of it. The hole needs to be the same diameter as the screw or nail whichever one your using to secure it. Next you need to drill a hole the same size on one of the sides after that you attach the piece of oak to the side of the box and find some way to attach the light on the post. I used a file to make a divit in the wood so I could wrap around a light.

Step 7:

To finish it off I drew 1'' by 1'' squares on the table for fabric. I also took some scrap wood and glued it on the compartment to make it easier to open. Please vote for me in the portable work station contest thank you

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