Introduction: Powerful Launcher With Household Items

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this little thing will shoot projectiles over 100 feet!!!

water bottle
rubber band


Step 1: Make Frame

cut the nozzle off of the water bottle

Step 2: Shape Balloon

cut the top part of the balloon off so it looks somewhat like this

Step 3: Put Everything Together

put balloon on rim of the bottle

put rubber band on to secure it

Step 4: HAVE FUN!!!

I found that metal bbs work the best but other things such as skittles work good too. airsoft bbs are too light and don't work as well

the bbs didn't go through the aluminum can but sure did make dents in it

I forgot to mention that to shoot all you do is drop projectile in balloon and pull back while holding the projectile with one hand while the other is holding on to the water bottle rim. simply let go and watch how far it will go but please don't shoot any person or animal as it can cause serious damage or injury