Ps3 Move Holder

Introduction: Ps3 Move Holder

here is a holder i made for the ps3 move. i made it with the thought that it could join onto the knex ps3 controller stand by whitestorm1000 . it isnt very stable unfortunately - it twists in the centre of the riser, so i would gladly appreciate any tips or advice on how to strengthen it. 

Step 1:

bits you will need: for the connector you will need:
6X yellow rods 2X blue rods
6X black clips ---[ 2X yellow double ended clips
4X grey clips
5X red corner clips
2X green angle clips
3X red rods
2X half junctions (2X purple clips put together)
3X blue rods
2X orange double ended clips

Step 2:

the connecting method

Step 3:

finished thing

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    10 years ago on Introduction

    I made my own that holds the controller pretty well. When I get on a computer again I'll post what I did. It looks really similar to yours but I built it on my own time.