Introduction: Rainbow Loom Quad Bang Theory

About: I'm a boy scout and I have a older brother who helped me make my first instructable and account and i like making rainbow loom bracelets. I will be posting rainbow loom tutorials I made up.

sorry if I'm late with the instructable but here it is no I'm not a fan of big bang theory but the bracelet looked like a explosion and was 4 pegs. This can be made on a rainbow loom or a monster tail or even a finger loom.

The amount of bands are unknown because everyone's size is different

I will be using red for the quad fish and green for the explosion part.

Step 1: Starting

first step is to do the four leaf clover.

Step 2: Adding Layers

step 2 take to bands and place them across then add another layer during only 1 band and have it on all pegs.

Step 3: Looping and Placeing

step 3 loop the bottom layer and add the next layer witch is crossing the band's. Now loop you loop it no picture available for looping a band the 2nd time.

Step 4: Finishing Touches

once you reached the preferred length of the bracelet loop the bottom layer again so there are only one layer then bring 3 corners to one peg. do an ending loop don't forget the c clip and your done. Sorry if it's not in the right order makeing this instructable was hard since I was rushed on it.