Introduction: Rc Drone Step by Step Build

this is a step by step build of my plane i built a while ago. it has good flight characteristics for basic acrobatics and i put my hobbyking wing camera on it for on board videos .i hope this helps others to injoy hobby of building and flying your own model aero plane on a budget.

Step 1:

materials. these products i have got from ether hobby king, foamworks or my  local hobby store for less than $100 nz not including the tx and rx. gluegun, sharp knife, hacksaw and scroll saw plyers wire snips

Step 2: Building the Wing

to build the wing i used one sheet of depron foam 750mm x 350mm x6mm thick. first you will need to cover it with your choice of coloured tape or see through for coloured foam. the best way i found is to attach one end and work your way down using a credit card or hard plastic to flatten the tape. you need to do this across one whole side and one third of the other. now you need to come in 70mm and cut a v on the side not fully covered with tape and the oposite side to the one third strip of tape .you need to cut the v the hole length of the wing because this is were your going to fold it over to form the leading edge. when you fold it its best to go slow and use a long ruler to help fold it all at once making sure the v is on the inside so it forms a nice curved leading edge. now cut a 65mm strip off the triling edge for the second step on our kf 3 style aerofoil .this is now glued on just anough for the folded pice to overlap by 5mm making sure that it will fit by dry fitting it and when gluing making sure it is parallel with the trailing edge. hold  it ferm till glue is fully set. now go over eny exposed edges. lastly is to cut the ailerons. score a line not going right through on the underside of the wing 25mm in and 255mm across on each side on the trailing edge. now braking the foam and folding them over and using sand paper sanding a bevel on the ailerons so they can move in both directions freely and using the tape as the hinge. the wing is now done for now .   

Step 3: The Tail

cut out a rectangle 230x120mm and cover fully in tape on both sides. come in 20mm from each end and cut in 25mm on each end and score a line from each point and brake open and fold over and sand a bevel lke on the ailerons. this is the elevator. you might have to cut a tiny bit of foam out so the elevator moves freely . now cut two 385 mm lenths of carbon fiber tube with a hacksaw watching out for not breathing the dust. glue the tubes on top of the horizontal staberlizer as showen in the picture. now the two end plates are 120mm long and 80mm high and the angle cut from 35mm down and 80 mm in. this dosent need to be asactly to my dimentions like tey can be bigger making it track straighter and cover them in tape.glue them on 35mm from the top  ataching to the foam and the carbon fiber tube. now glue the two cabon tubes 100mm in on to the underside of the wing making sure they dont get in the way of the ailerons. put tape over them for more strenth.

Step 4: The Body

cut a 205mmx410mm piece of foam from another sheet and cover foam and using the same technique as the wing with the credit card. come in 70mm from each side an cut a v down the whole lenth and fold the two side pices together forming a triangle . using sand paper sand a angle on each outer edge to make a nice fit/ point. now open it up and  fill the vs with hot glue and the sanded edges and fold to gether and hold ferm till it is dry, making sure the triangle is straight. chose whitch end is going to be the front and the back. from the back come in 40mm and cut a 40 degree angle back up and fill with a piece  of foam and piece on the back were the moto mount is going. glue and cover in tape. using the rest of the carbon tube cut a 370mm piece and glue to the point of the triangle and put tape over it. cut a piece of foam to form a shelf to hold the battery and attach a piece of velcro as far fawerd a posible. cut a window in the side to get the battery in and out and same for speed control.

Step 5: Electronics/ Radio Gear

cut a slot  in the front of the wing to fit a servo feed the wire down in to the body and lightl glue the servo in. attach your control horns to the ailerons facing them towards the servo. depending on what control rods you have. ether with clips or plane wire. if you have a wire with a clip on one end and just wire on the other, clip it on to control horn and mark out the lenth you need including unough for the z bend. CHECK AND  CHECK AGAIN.before you cut it and then make a small z bend using pliers. now unclip it and thred it on to the servo arm and then cliing it back on winding the clip in and out to keep the aileron flat.the elevator . it is basicly the same as the aileron just using one ar not two . glue the servo upside down on one of the carbon tubes and the wire facing the front. atach the control horn to the underside of the elevator and mount the control rod . motor mount cut out a piece of  plywood the shape of the aft end./ trapezoid.mark out and rill the holes and bolt your motor on with small bolts. i used ones from my micro quad witch is from hobby king ,so you probly get some from them. glue your motor on and hold till dry. cut out a slot and feed wires from motor and servo is a video from flite test whitch should help you conect your electronics.

Step 6: Time to Fly

first you need to fined a big open area to fly that is calm and all your batterys are charged including your remote. before you fy you need to find the cg or centre of gravity whitch is about on third back from the leading edge if the the cg is to far back hee plane will pitch up and be uncontrolable and if it is to far faward it will pitch down and fly faster so move  the battery till it is flying straight. it is best to have it faward more at  the start then back. if you put a camera on it remember the cg will change.
i hope this is help you build and succesfully fly a fun rc plane.
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