Real Looking Cat Climbing Tree



Introduction: Real Looking Cat Climbing Tree

I made the tree shape out of 2 plastic rubbish bins (the swing top ones) plus a large plastic flower pot. various different sized cardboard rolls ( toilet rolls, poster tubes, Covered the whole lot in paper mache paste (added polifilla to the paper mache for strength) Glued them all together with industrial tube glue (for more added strength) Then added various twigs and thick pieces of tree logs all over.

Made a bed for the top out of a piece of wood.and put cardboard tubing all around it so the cats would feel secure.

Painted the whole thing brown ( painted some whilst still wet to get a different effect in places) Added various homemade bugs (butterfly's ladybirds, caterpillars, Big spider, and some glow in the dark lizards. Plus 4 solar hanging lamps, Painted and varnished fir cones.

Lined the cubby holes with green towel (liked the texture. Almost looked like grass :0) and added various cushions for sleeping on.

Now comes the fun part. Stayed up all night last night and drilled tiny holes to poke all the plastic flowers and leaves into, held on with superglue.

Really enjoyed making this but have to say both cats are spread eagled on the floor this very minute lol

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