Introduction: Restoring a Coffee Grinder.

I hate electric coffee grinders and conversely love the reliable old mechanical ones. I found this one in an antique store and here restore it to functional.

Step 1: Take It Apart.

Bunch of old woodscrews needed to be removed.

Step 2: Dremel Clean All the Metal Internals

The dremel wire brush was definitely the big winner here. Got the rust out of the bean bowl, the grinding wheel, and the other moving parts. For some of the bowl i used a larger wire brush on an angle grinder.

Step 3: Sand the Wooden Components.

It was useful to lay 120 grit sand paper on a flat surface and sand the flat surfaces of the box.

Step 4: Paint Wooden Components.

I used two coats of polyurethane "SPAR VARNISH" - worked a treat.
Using the nail painting board (instructable project XX) makes it much easier.

I used the board from:
in order to do the painting.

Step 5: Reassemble

Here is the reassembled grinder. Looks good eh?

Step 6: Add Beans, Grind, and Test (drink)

Peet's (if you must know) beans for the first test run. Worked like a peach. A great cup of brew.