Introduction: Rubberband Airplane

how to build a rubberband plane

the plane is made of several plates of foamboard of 50 bij 70 cm 5mm thick and 1mm thick foamboard

Step 1: The Wing

the first step is building the wing

take a piece of foamboard 5mm and lay the side of 70 cm to you and draw lines on 10, 11, 12.5, 16, 18, 21, 21.5 and 23cm from the 70cm side

now cut the top layer of the paper on the 10 and 11 cm line

then pull of this piece of paper but the foam must still be there

then cut the 12.5, 16, 18, 21 and 21.5 cm lines but not completely through

the 12.5 and 16 cm you should carve with a toothpick

the paper between the 18 and 21.5 cm line must also be pulled of

then sand the foam between the 18 and 21 cm line to a flat surface and do this also between the 21 and 21.5 cm line like in the picture

the 23 cm line must be cut complete throughout

now cut of a piece of 2 by 70 cm and glue this between the 12.5 and 16 cm line

now like in the movie fold the wing and glue the piece of 2 by 70 on the lower half of the wing, after this you glue the chamfered edge to the bottom half of the wing and

for the second wing you can use the left over 25 cm of the foamboard

Step 2: The Fuselage

take a piece of foambord 5mm

draw of the 50 cm site a line on 5.5, 6, 11.5, 12, 17.5, 18, 23.5 and 24 cm

cut the 24 cm line completly through

now of this 24 cm site draw a line on 45 cm and cut this completely through

now cut through the 5.5, 6, 11.5, 12, 17.5, 18 and 23.5 cm line but only through the top paper and foam

remove the paper and foam between the 5.5 and 6 the 11.5 and 12 the 17.5 and 18 and after the 23.5 cm

fold the paper like on the picture, put glue between the 5.5 and 6 cm line and fold it back to the tube shape and do this also in the other 4 cuts but 1 at a time

now you have your fuselage

Step 3: The Nose

in my original plane the nose is made of wood because of testing but you can also make it out of foam bord

cut out a piece of 6 by 6 cm

on the back site you glue a piece of 5 by 5 cm in the middle

in this piece you cut a hole of 3 by 3 in the middle like in the picture

now you can make the nose

take a piece of 5 by 3 cm and round of 2 edges with a radius of 2 cm (make 2 pieces)

glue them like on the picture and make it symmetrical

now the outer shell of the cone is a bit difficult

take a piece of 6 by 11 cm

draw a line at 4.5 cm of the 6 cm side and 6.5 cm and cut the upper paper layer

peel of all the paper except the 2 cm in the middle, in the middle of this you have to drill a hole of

4 mm

now glue this piece on the nose foam to the inside and the hole must be in the middle of the nose cone

through this nose you can put the bolt for the propeller and attach it to the rubber band

let the rubber band through the fuselage and make sure you have a couple cm extra at the end

Step 4: End of the Rubber Band

make a piece of 6 by 6 cm

make 2 pieces of 5 by 5 cm

glue on each site of the 6 by 6 a 5 by 5

0.5 cm of each edge

in the middle of this drill a hole of 4mm and put a bold through this and make sure the bold doesn't move any more

attach this to the end of the fuselage and the rubber band now you can test if your proppellor works

Step 5: The Tale

take a piece of foam bord and draw this patern on it (picture1)

cut out the outher lines, from the 0.5 cm zones you must remove the top paper and the foam and fold it to the inside like the fuselage

use the part that you have now for the undersite of the tale

as stabelizers you can use pieces of 1 mm or 2 pieces of 1 mm glued together

the size and the angle you can chose

Step 6: The Finish

the endplates you can make of 1mm foambord or you can make your own form

you can glue the wings on the fuselage but for finding the best weight distribution you can try this with rubber bands crossed over the wings

you can also cover the plane in pvc tape for a cleaner finish

(first cover all parts in pvc tape before glueing together)

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