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Introduction: Rustic Nail Art

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with just a scrap piece of wood a hammer some finishing nails and the yarn you have from that failed scarf or throw blanket you can make one too!

Step 1: Get a Scrap Piece of Wood

and distress it if you like a rustic look. basically scratch and mar the edges with a knife, saw or even scrape it up on the concrete add deep scores into the edge to mimic a crack or two then stain or paint it with whatever you have handy

Step 2: Make a Template of What You Want to Be on Your Board

start nailing!. you pick how far apart you want your nails. I chose to nail them a 1/4 inch apart but remember the closer they are the harder it is to wrap the yarn around each nail

Step 3:

make sure you don't nail into the paper template because it is a pain to remove it later if its nailed on. I chose a random pattern with the yarn. next I drew the world love and started all over again I didn't do the center of the letters until after I removed the template it is a lot easier to remove this way

Step 4: Voila

remember the closer the nails are the harder and more time consuming it is... but it looks a lot better in the long run

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    7 years ago

    Looks great! But it's very similar to KateMudge's DIY String Art posted only a few days ago.


    Reply 7 years ago

    thanks for the comment. there are probably millions of different renditions of Nail Art. A heart and lettering made from nails pounded into wood with yarn wrapped around it is simply called nail art its nothing new. its been done so many times and so many different types have been made im not surprised there are similarities. the first one I seen was 20 years ago of a huge sailboat which was far more advanced than a simple heart and lettering. katemudge did an awesome job


    7 years ago

    Love the randomness of the yarns. Great job on all of it!